AoA 5v5 Ranked Team

Discussion in 'League of Legends' started by GrimmyGod, Jul 6, 2011.

AoA 5v5 Ranked Team

Discussion in 'League of Legends' started by GrimmyGod, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. GrimmyGod

    GrimmyGod Veteran Member

    Ok so I have been deciding how I wanted to make this ranked 5v5 team to make it successful and with less drama so here it is, sorry it took so long I got distracted :eek:
    AoA's 5v5 Ranked Team will be 5 main players subject to change at any time based on skill, team play, attitude, ect.
    The more players practice and that I see or hear of them practicing the more likely you will be on a primary team, I will be taking the primary team for ranked games (time decided by the Primary team) on a time at least once a week, hopefully for a few games or more depending on scheduled.

    Everyone will be welcome to practice and we will be doing 5v5 custom games if possible, This is very much meant for players to learn and become better LoL players, So if I say something as, "Grimmy you had a bad start and your outleved play more defensive." and Grimmy says "FUCK NO NOOB!" or "STFU!" I will be booting myself from ranked. I am not putting up with this attitude, if you are willing to learn then awesome lets do it, but please don't take the spot of someone who is willing to for you to complain and make it less productive.

    Primary Team (At this point I would like to see you play before I make you part of primary team)


    If you would like to be a member just talk to me in vent or post on forums
  2. MizukiAyu

    MizukiAyu Officer

    Grimmy, why are you making like 3 ranked team threads x.x
  3. GrimmyGod

    GrimmyGod Veteran Member

    All the rest are gone
  4. MizukiAyu

    MizukiAyu Officer

  5. grandhunter

    grandhunter Veteran Member

    uhh jacob told me to come here if i wanted to go into ranked has a group.

    put my name on the list woulda grimmy?
  6. GrimmyGod

    GrimmyGod Veteran Member

    No problem =)
  7. Jacob

    Jacob Division Leader

    See juan!
  8. Blackchaos

    Blackchaos Veteran Member

    Im always interested in playing some ranked games.

    Currently running support sona in ranked. But stopped doing ranked cause of all the really sucky people in solo que ranked games.
  9. Andsig

    Andsig Officer

    Hey Grimmy,

    I may need a few more years before i am pro like the rest of these guys, i've only been playing for just under 2 weeks! However, I like playing Garen and spinning all over the place is loadsa fun but i get dizzy quite quickly!!!

    If you're ever short, hit me up! :)
  10. BijuBlade

    BijuBlade Veteran Member

    Hey Grimmy, anyway i could be fixed into a 3s or 5s team. or be the officer of one? I prefer 3s but am plenty good in 5s too.
  11. spacemachine

    spacemachine Veteran Member

    I'd like to try out for a spot
  12. Jacob

    Jacob Division Leader

    Tryouts probably will be held soon... Grimmy has been moving to his new place. So no set date yet.
  13. Lazarus

    Lazarus Veteran Member

    Im up for playing some 5v5 ranked, im on most days as Roarwind so give me a bell

    Usually play Malzaha (primary) or Caitlyn or Ashe (secondary) and Mundo or Jungle Amumu(Tertiary) but looking to pick up maybe leona instead of amumu
  14. Flarefly

    Flarefly Veteran Member

    I'm down to play ranked once i have a comp in 2-3 weeks. Maybe put me down for a fill in spot till i see what my time is like at a school. GL with the ranked :)
  15. Blackchaos

    Blackchaos Veteran Member

    I want in on some Ranked games

  16. deejayhr

    deejayhr Veteran Member

    Ranked play is currently disabled for maintenance, and I haven't seem Grimmy around for a while. I'll try to get in touch with him and see if he's going to do this or not. If not, we'll probably set up a new ranked team.

    EDIT: I just checked, and ranked is enabled again on the EU servers, which means that it'll probably be enabled again on the US servers after maintenance. More info will be posted in this forum regarding a ranked team some time soon.
  17. Municiple

    Municiple Veteran Member

    Just a heads up for those still looking for some actual ranked play I will be reopening my ranked team as soon as season 2 launches just let me know with a pm or catch me on ts3 if you are interested -- as for grimmy's team that was supposed to get started quite a while ago; hes been caught up with women and rarely available even on skype, which is unfortunate because i was looking forward to playing with him but as it stands it looks like a new team is in order
  18. Jacob

    Jacob Division Leader

    Officer :) Darian! I may be getting internet with my friends here, because MW3 Is comin out and they're hardcore xbox gamers, haha... BUt if i'm paying im using my fucking PC. So I may just be back soon :)
  19. Blackchaos

    Blackchaos Veteran Member

    Ready and waiting
  20. Municiple

    Municiple Veteran Member

    Sounds good Deejay suggested that i actually make my own sticky to go ahead and recruit for season 2 to get a more accurate head count -- also jacob please for the love of 1-eyed jawn get interwebs D:

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