AoA in STO

Discussion in 'Star Trek Online' started by oleum, Jun 22, 2009.

AoA in STO

Discussion in 'Star Trek Online' started by oleum, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. oleum

    oleum Officer

    I am starting this thread for ideas and discussion on our division policies for Star Trek Online. I have a few ideas myself and I'll put them in here. I'm sure Warmy has some too. We'll post an interim version of how we'd like things to be when its done. Some topic headings to think about below. The second post is to reserve room for the policy as it develops.

    Fleet Command Structure and
    Positions of responsibility
    Recruitment Policy
    In-Fleet Economy
    Conduct in-game
    Conduct on official forums

    We don't have top have a bunch in each category, its just a few ideas. So comment away!
  2. oleum

    oleum Officer

    Fleet Command:

    Looks like it would be confusing to use Ster Fleet type designations for the guild
    Ensign, Captain, Admiral would get confusing so we should have

    Timezone Leaders US - Non-US
    Section Leaders Engineering (Construction) - Science and Exploration Diplomacy
  3. ScouseSandwich

    ScouseSandwich Veteran Member

    I want to be Emperor!! oh wait wrong one...
  4. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member

    1) Personally, I like when there is some distribution of power (multiple people vote or something), especially for major fleet decisions and decisions that could potentially not be in a single player or small group of members’ best interest. Further, I like when everyone is heard if they present an argument in a logical way in the appropriate arena (perhaps our forum).

    2) I think we should hold off on making firm decisions on making section responsibilities until we know exactly what each could do. But, laying a general structure is good.

    In general, 4-8 sections/leaders are good. Maybe have couple section leaders that would be voted upon by the members. If you had 2 of them, each would serve for 6 months, one to be voted upon every 3 months. A good responsibility for the voted members would be to help with intra fleet concerns.

    3) I tend to like less frequent promotions. It’s not a big deal to be a low ranking in the guild as long as your voice and opinions are heard. IMO the most important thing is to be cool to new members and listen to them. Too much emphasis on promotions seems to make unnecessary problems and send the wrong message about what’s important.

    4) Managing who gets what can be tricky, but I tend not to care. I’m more altruistic, so I don’t mind giving more than receiving. In fact, I feel odd if it’s the other way around. I'm not sure how well my RL skills will translate into a video game, but I'd be happy to take a look at or help with forming a general in-fleet economy.

    5) WooT! I love PvP :shareit: . Fleet policy: be awesome, have fun, but don’t be an arse? :p

    This isn’t just for PvP, but it would be nice if we had people volunteer to be available to anyone who wants to be trained an aspect of the game. Maybe a spot on the forums/wiki where people can ask Qs/give info, or maybe people with knowledge could set up times where they could train others. Nothing mandatory or anything, I just like when there is a support structure in place to help members, who want it, to get better at different aspects of a game.

    6) I like what Oleum has said for these.
    7) Basically easy going attitude but goal driven and
    8.) try to make others around you have a good time :D

    PS. I'm out to Tennessee for the weekend with my grandma to see my uncle. Take it easy everyone 8)
  5. glow

    glow AoA Emeritus

    Safe travels tam!
  6. hendo001

    hendo001 Division Leader

    I'd like to help out ruling the universe too i mean the fleet.

    I'm always up for killing people, endless hours of mining (done it on eve :) ), building stuff, did i mention killing people?

    Anyways, as for goals we should wait to see what we can actually do in the game then have a meeting and go from there.

    We should primaraly focus on supplies/ships, securing resources, getting advanced equpiment/ships asap, stations and shipyards.

    just a few ideas for everyone

    REDSHIRT Veteran Member

    I will do like Tam and try to take Oleum's general points one by one.

    1- Command structure:
    I am not sure we can use the starfleet rank system since each player may have their own rank in the game (although unknown at this point). We should stay with general terms like "Head of Engineering Department" or "ambassador" and so on.
    As far as the command structure, I think should keep the command structure small and simple, like a "supreme commander" and a college of department leaders. Without going into details (too early at this point), the head and his college of officers should be the sole governing body with equal votes. At some point, the head should be able to arbiter in stalled debates and bring up a decision. While it seems ideal and fair to wish to give every members a formal vote on most decisions, a full democracy rarely works for a guild system.

    2- Positions:
    I agree with Tam, too early in the game development to decide about who should be where when we don't know what departments we should create.

    3- Promotions/recruitment:
    A minimum set of "rules and standards" is the only way to be fair in handling promotion and show as little favoritism as possible. If handled well, promotion can be made "challenging" and fun for members to achieve.

    4- Econ:
    Hard to be specific here. If we assume the fleet can hold and manage a "vault" of resource and materials, we have to find a way to make it available to members relative to their rank and contribution. Beyond that, hard to comment when not knowing the game econ as a whole.

    5- PvP:
    It may come as personal choices. It will be wise to support the members who wish to endeavor in PvP maybe with a "special cell" within the fleet.

    6- Goals:
    It may be a question to ask later. Do we want to be a PvE fleet, PvP or a mix of both? As long the fleet feels united and a real group or people playing together, I am not picky.

    7,8- Conduct:
    Have fun, let others have fun...
  8. Arcfire

    Arcfire Guild Admin Staff Member

    yep I definitely want some hands on time before I decide what I want to focus on or even IF I want to focus on something.
  9. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member

    pfffff Tam talking about practice again?

    I was curious to hear more about an intra fleet economy. My main MMO guild experience was in AoC and we didn't have an economy. Are you talking about who deserves what, who needs to do what, how much of this and that the fleet needs? That kind of thing?
  10. TerryN

    TerryN Veteran Member

    I agree 100% with all that
  11. oleum

    oleum Officer

    I'm only gonna comment on 1. at the moment because I drafted something out already.

    Its pretty simple and heirarchical. As far as decisions are concerned The Division Leaders (oleum, Warmy) have the final say in how things are done. Think Military rather than democracy. If we are out of order obviously talk to glow and allomein as they are leader and second in the clan as a whole. So they can discipline or remove us as a safeguard.

    Decisions within departments e.g. Tactical - PvP and competitive PvE, will be taken day to day by the section leaders, again with referral to the Division Leaders. They will be able to draft Officers in (voluntarily) to help with specific objectives, maybe organising a group for a specific instance or raid into enemy space. For larger decisions a meeting of all section heads and leaders would take place and we would discuss things fully. The final decision may be voted on but at the end of the day the division leaders would have the final say. If we can't agree it is bumped to glow to help us decide.

    Officers may or may not have specific duties. They will organize members within loose day to day affiliations to voyage together or for grouping purposes. Fleet run groups will usually be expected to have an officer in charge.

    Members have the resources of this organizational structure to support them and may be asked to contribute in various ways at various times. However, members will not be compelled to take part in activities they are unwilling to do. Maybe you are working on Klingon factional standing and going out to hunt down Klingons in the neutral zone would mess that up, so no-one will force you to kill cheese-grater heads. Obviously we hope you will want to participate in group activities, or why would you seek out a fleet?

    Recruits can express their opinions, but generally are expected to do what officers ask of them. Officers abusing recruits are likely to be reprimanded.

    This is how I see it going, in more detail than I have sent to glow and warmy. So obviously its subject to confirmation. Comments welcome.
  12. ScouseSandwich

    ScouseSandwich Veteran Member

    That all sounds good to me, as a fleet and mmo virgin I wondered how it all worked. I would be happy following those rules, if that's the right word. When it comes to choosing officers and the like I have no interest.

    On a side note, my laptop is broken and I am confined to using my blackberry to check the forums, I downloaded an irc client for it but I cannot get it to work. Long story short, I will rarely be on the irc channel over the next couple of months but as soon as I start my job I will get myself a pc and you won't be able to get rid of me!
  13. oleum

    oleum Officer

    Keep in touch mate, remember I'm not so far from Lboro if you need help with that build. 2 months, hopefully we'll be close to beta by then. Thanks for letting us know how things are.
  14. BannedAccount

    BannedAccount Veteran Member

    RIght I should have thrown my 2 cents in earlier. But i'm a lazy bastard we already know this.

    From what i can see we can't really do much more till we see beta and get a clearer idea of how the game is set out. Although what we have got is a damn good base.

    I'd echo Oleum in saying it should be more military rather than voting people in to positions. Thought i'd like to think that say officers have a say in who they'd want to be an officer comming up from the members and recruits.

    and i'd personally like to be in the engineering stuff if we are drawing up tables i've got visio ready to fill out once we get a "finalised" fleet command layout.

  15. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Well some advice from our experience in current and past games that I think Ragter would echo:

    (1) Don't be shy about making people officers. Spreading the load, recognizing people that stand out, and making sure there are always a core of officers on.
    (2) Identify core positions and fill them - don't try to have single individuals be responsible for too much. Have two people that can perform key roles.
    (3) Always make sure you have a succession plan for key positions.
    (4) Identify good people to serve as a "voice" for the guild in the fansite forums and in dealings with other guilds. Someone good at recruiting, who visits them daily, and who can coordinate well with other guilds. Have some dedicated recruiters and alliance managers.
    (5) Create a position above member that recognizes long standing members who want to take on more responsibility but perhaps not as much as officers - or who are being considered as candidates for officers.
    (6) Make sure that key positions have both an EST and PST (and perhaps other time zones!) counterpart and presence in the game. Make sure that there are people ready to rally the troops for events in all active time zones for the guild.
  16. TerryN

    TerryN Veteran Member

    I agree with the military idea and as BA says it would be nice for other officers to have a say on who gets the promotion which I guess works in that case because recommendations go a long way.

    I'm still trying to decide if I'll go Tactical or Science but I'd be glad to help out in either
  17. si1foo

    si1foo Veteran Member

    1) Fleet Command Structure

    hmm should have like 4 leaders but in major decision should be a vote with all members

    2) Positions of responsibility

    hmm should mostly be the main guys and the section heads

    3) Recruitment Policy

    isn't the the fleet limit 40-50 and we are already over 50

    4) In-Fleet Economy

    hmm no idea maybe make it so the big players can help the small

    5) PvP

    hmm pvp should have a head of it like some one who keeps track of everyone doing it but anyone can do it sort of thing

    6) Goals

    victory sounds like a good goal

    7) Conduct in-game

    hmm nice too other players and guild mates and destroy the people who piss u off
  18. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member

    As far as I know there wont be fleet limits. In fact, I remember Zinc saying in the IGN Voon chat that there wouldn't be fleet limits. Where did you here that?

    We were thinking about waiting to see what kind of benefits there would be to having a large fleet, but generally plan on growning to 150-200.

    But, in general, I see us growing as we find awesome people or they find us. I think we really should only be limited/pushed by that, not some hard on what we want to get to or don't want to exceed.
  19. oleum

    oleum Officer

    Its looking like we know a bit more than we did now and I'll be taking a look at this thread along with Warmy to decide what we do from here in.

    The basic idea of having mirrored positions based on location is likely to stay so this gives 2 of each section leader. I just need to tidy up some of the positions, to do with Klingon content (high council) and probably something to do with Fed PvP side too.

    I'm gonna be busy again after this weekend so it may be a week or two. Rest assured those not having tasted beta, we are keeping what is seen there in mind when we decide on the structure. So you may just have to trust us on it for now.
  20. si1foo

    si1foo Veteran Member

    i swear i read it was 40-50

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