Meetup AoA North-West Meetup! July 26th to 28th.

Discussion in 'Guild News' started by Ragter, Jan 30, 2013.

Meetup AoA North-West Meetup! July 26th to 28th.

Discussion in 'Guild News' started by Ragter, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Ragter

    Ragter AoA Emeritus

    The Meet up will happen in July over the weekend of the 26th to the 28th.

    We will be meeting up in Eugene, Oregon.

    Please post here if you are planning on going and where you are coming from. If there is anything we can do to help reduce travel costs please ask.

    Here's some ideas to help reduce travel costs.
    • Car Pooling
    • Sharing a hotel room
    • Joining another AoA member on the drive up/down

    People that are going: (12)
    Ragter - Driving from Seattle.
    FjZilla, Dreadmaw, Isbah - Live in the Eugene Area.
    Pea'ches, Rivett - Driving from Corvallis
    Suu - Driving from Boise, Idaho.
    SfPuck - Driving from San Francisco.

    People that are a maybe: (2)
    Yarrg - driving down from Portland.
    Fellblade - flying into Portland.
  2. stat

    stat Division Leader

    Looking at buying plane tickets this week or next from here to Portland. I'll probably need a carpool down if I do go.
  3. rivett

    rivett Officer

    Stat, I can probably pick you (and anyone else who might be flying into PDX) up in Portland. As the date gets closer, I will know more about me schedule. If I can't Peaches can probably do it.
  4. Circe

    Circe Officer

    I'm in Portland & schedule-wise like Rivett. 95% likely to be there. Will know closer to date & can do airport pickups & carpool.

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  5. Ragter

    Ragter AoA Emeritus

    will you be coming down to eugene circe?
  6. mynameismonkey

    mynameismonkey AoA Admin Emeritus

    Mark me as a possible. I have some travel right around there, but if I'm free I'm in.
  7. Shain

    Shain Officer

    I'm about 75% sure. I'll know for sure a few weeks before the meet.

    If I do come, I'll be flying into PDX.

    By the way, what's the agenda during the meet? Nerd gaming the whole time? :D
  8. rivett

    rivett Officer

    Lol, we gonna need T1, a keg, and plenty of power strips for that Shain!

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  9. pea'ches

    pea'ches Veteran Member

    We're even planning for the grandparents to keep the spawn for the weekend...Rivett and I are pretty much for sure in. Unless there is a life changing move that takes priority.
  10. Circe

    Circe Officer

    Gonna plan on it - looks like good timing for me right now but lots of factors are always in the air.

    Probably won't stay overnight - I'm technically south of Portland proper & Eugene is a 90 minute drive to my own bed. Will have to weigh gas vs. lodging & ability to get the kid a sleepover or two.
  11. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member

    I have a busy summer, but I may be in.

    I'll be coming from Seattle and have space for one more in my car.
  12. rivett

    rivett Officer

    We have a great local brewery, Ninkasi, that I have some credit at from previous dealings. I can bring a keg of whatever draft people want. My suggestion would be Total Domination, Believer Double Red, or Radiant.
  13. Omnifox

    Omnifox Cylon - Toaster Model Staff Member

    My only question is... What is there to do in Eugene? Ive only ever driven through on the way to Coos Bay?

    What are our plans? Or do we have ideas for said plans?
  14. Ragter

    Ragter AoA Emeritus

    I wasn't worried about "plans" with this thread. If you wish i can create a "plans" thread to show what we can do.

    Based off the NE meet up i think they went to beach for a day and BBQ.

    I just wanted a central info thread where i could gather all info of people who are planning on going.
  15. Yarrg

    Yarrg Veteran Member

    I'm in Portland, so would drive down. I'm a "maybe" for now, with summers being super busy with the kids. Should be fun!
  16. Circe

    Circe Officer

    Do we really have to start a separate activity thread? I'm either lazy or a rebel.

    • Too late for the Country Fair that's close to Eugene & too early for a Trek in the Park day trip to PDX.
    • Portland has a Geek Calendar of interesting activities but haven't found anything like that for Eugene.
    • Coast is an hour-ish away & that part is very windy in summer but there are the dunes w/sandrail rides in Florence.
    • We try to stop for an amazing dinner at Ambrosia when we pass through Eugene.
  17. Gahd

    Gahd Member


    I'd go if I could... I like the woods.
  18. stat

    stat Division Leader

    I can not make it now.
  19. Ragter

    Ragter AoA Emeritus

  20. stat

    stat Division Leader

    May be able to go now. Still waiting on something, stay tuned.

    I am emphasizing the word "May".

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