Backup your Lastpass databases...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HittingSmoke, Oct 9, 2015.

Backup your Lastpass databases...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HittingSmoke, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. HittingSmoke

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  2. Fell

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    I don't know anything about them, i take it from your comments that they're all about trying to charge a premium for basic tech and fancy marketing slogans? I was just about to research lastpass again (finally getting around to taking care of some more security items on my list) but sounds like maybe i shouldn't bother with LastPass?
  3. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    Smoke may be overreacting. Then again, he may not. Fortunately LastPass data is easily backed up.
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    Download this if you're worried; that way you can export your data in LastPass encrypted format, and still be able to access it if they do something stupid later: Pocket
  4. HittingSmoke

    HittingSmoke AoA Emeritus

    Yep, may be overreacting for sure.

    But when LogMeIn switched from free to premium only they only left a few days between the announcement and shutting it down for people to pay up or switch to something new. Then people who had paid for their mobile app lost access without paying up the new service fees.

    Given how ridiculously abruptly they moved it was easy for people to completely miss the news before getting kicked out of machines they relied on remote access software for.

    Considering if I lost my LastPass database I'd be completely fucked, I think it's better everyone err on the side of caution.

    Something like password storage requires an immense amount of trust. LastPass has built up an immense amount of trust with me over the years, even in the face of their servers being compromised.

    I don't have that trust with LogMeIn, so I'll be moving on. I don't want a company I overtly distrust to be who I rely on for password management. It's not worth the risk, no matter how small or overblown that risk might be.
  5. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    Yep. I'm like 95% unconcerned about this (Premium member already), but I refreshed my backup anyway. Rather have a backup and not need it, than need it and not have it; especially since I have clouds to put this shit into. Plural.
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  6. syberghost

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  7. zenix

    zenix Veteran Member

    So is this a for sure thing that Last Pass is going to a pay only model?
  8. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    No. It's just speculation.

    Logmein are assholes.
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  9. Omnifox

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    This is why you have a spreadsheet on your desktop called asswordp.xlsx.
  10. Cirsphe

    Cirsphe Veteran Member

    Hmm, def. somethign I'm concerned about as well. My whole company uses LastPass Enterprise. Let's hope they don't change much.
  11. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    LastPass can export everything into a plaintext spreadsheet for you, if you want. I recommend immediately encrypting same if you do this; don't wait around.

    I don't figure LastPass Enterprise is going to change much; LogMeIn's past behavior has been to reduce free offerings to encourage adoption of their paid offerings, not to piss the paid customers off.

    But back up your data, that's prudent, and review alternatives so you have a plan if you have to abandon ship. This is what security people do; any time I see ANYTHING, I start thinking about how it can fail, what I can do to make the failure land on a pillow, and what I'll do next to recover. Paid professional paranoid. Just keep in mind that even two security pros of equivalent knowledge and experience can reach very different conclusions from the same data; because we have different mental models of who's on our threat list. We can all be right; you have to decide what's right for you, using our opinions as guides.
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  12. syberghost

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  13. HittingSmoke

    HittingSmoke AoA Emeritus

    It took them a while, but it's starting.

    Price of premium is doubling overnight.

    Shared folders completely removed from service entirely.

    Moved emergency access from free to premium and limited sharing passwords from free accounts.
  14. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    Yes, but:

    Most Premium users got that to have "access on all devices", which has been moved to the Free tier.
  15. Bnorus

    Bnorus Veteran Member

    I am personally fine with the free version now. The limited stuff is enough for my usage.
  16. HittingSmoke

    HittingSmoke AoA Emeritus

    It's still a good value for what you get. The point is LogMeIn was too before they weren't. LastPass was trustworthy because the company demonstrated values that showed good security culture. This is a new company with different values. Shit's changing. Pay close attention to it.
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  17. mynameismonkey

    mynameismonkey AoA Admin Emeritus

    I think you mean hunter42.xlsx
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  18. Arcfire

    Arcfire Guild Admin Staff Member

    Desktops are for rendering windows... shortcuts go on the task bar. Files go in folders.

    Also they are called zzz-pwf.txt

  19. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    They've fucked it all up. Bail out now. I've cancelled my Premium.
  20. HittingSmoke

    HittingSmoke AoA Emeritus

    What's up? I heard nothing. Been looking into Bitwarden though since a server that doesn't require MSSQL exists.

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