Black Desert Online discussion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RIP, Mar 7, 2016.

Black Desert Online discussion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RIP, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. RIP

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    So I finally played some of the game this past Sunday once I figured out how to log in and did not understand the server/channel dynamic of things there. Anyhow, now that my ignorance/stupidity is partially dispelled I figured I would like to get a thread going to describe certain aspects/systems of the game.

    First I will start with an easy one, Fishing. Since this seems to be pretty big with some players I am curious as to its ins and outs and why so many people do it besides having heard it is an easy way to make money while AFK. Any insights or tips would be greatly appreciated by those who do not know including myself.

    Next is this enmity system with the NPCs you deal with in game. What is the purpose of gaining this and what does it allow, open, or unlock along the way. Maybe have a separate thread detailing combos with certain NPCs that really pay off. My best combo was 54 from one when experimenting with this.

    Last one I will touch on for now is the crafting in this world. So based off of Smoke's post of his ship building and mention of workers I am trying to determine how to effectively craft in this game. Since energy is required and it is such a limited thing in this game I am assuming you use workers to get your resources for you. Which must cost money so AFK fishing must pay off there in that respect. As such if someone could give some insight and detail on how to really become effective at crafting while not bankrupting yourself to get energy to do this that would be great. As a secondary to this is the use of Nodes, which had to do with resource gathering and a couple of quests I did. So you have these contribution points you earn but I am not sure how one develops crafting Nodes and how to assign worker to them. If someone could touch on this too that would be great.

    So any contributions to this thread would be greatly appreciated by me and I am pretty sure any others here who have questions like this or similar to. Maybe create our own accessible wiki for this game since the wiki that I did find was horrible.
  2. RIP

    RIP Veteran Member

    So I was speaking with zigzagman for those of you that know him and he turned me on to a really good resources for Black Desert Online. I checked it out this morning and it looks very detailed and promising and am currently going through the crafting and nodes section atm. It is called Black Desert Bible Version 1.6 on google docs. Here is the link to this massive 266 page document covering all aspects of this game.
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  3. Omnifox

    Omnifox Cylon - Toaster Model Staff Member

    1.7 should be out soon. Working on trying to get the damn thing converted into a Wiki though.
  4. HittingSmoke

    HittingSmoke AoA Emeritus

    BDO is such a complex game the answers are going to be very long. I'll try to keep it short.

    Fishing is just a fun mini game with great money making potential if you know what you're doing. Finding a spot where you can keep the fish levels at abundant while connecting it deep into the main land for distance bonus to traders (fish are considered trade goods and the longer the sales destination is from the source, the more money you get) you can make several hundred thousand silver per run easily. It only goes up as your fishing level and gear increases. Fishing is actually pretty engaging. It's a bit repetitive but it can be a bit of a challenge if you're getting a lot of good bites from high level fish. It's also fun getting out on the water on your own boat.

    Amity is probably the most complex system in the game and I haven't found a guide that breaks it down in an idiot-proof way. I still don't completely get it. There are several "steps" where you pick topics and it goes through either sparking the NPC's interest or not. When you gain knowledge (can be NPCs, topics, stories, etc. collected from talking to people, going places, and completing quests) that knowledge becomes topics of conversation for NPCs. Each NPC has a set of topics you can pick and a base interest number and an average favor range. If you pick a topic that has an interest level equal or higher to the NPC's base interest it will spark their interest 100% of the time. If it's below their base interest it will have a percentage chance to interest them.

    Next there's favor. This is the part that seems a bit shrouded in mystery. You'll read people saying otherwise, but in hundreds of interactions with NPCs so far I feel safe in saying that more favor gets you more amity points. Whenever you can, get as much favor as you can by getting the highest favor topics into the conversation that are likely to spark the NPC's interest. You have to balance it out because usually really high favor topics will have very low favor and you don't get any favor if you don't spark their interest.

    Then there are the goals. Every time you talk to an NPC it uses your energy, which is just a continually recharging resource that allows you to perform certain actions around the world acting as a rate limiter to keep you from overdoing certain stuff. Each time you talk to an NPC you get three chances at gaining favor before you "cash out" your amity. If you fail one you lose all the amity earned in that session. You can have goals like get a certain amount of total favor, have a single topic get X amount of favor, spark interest X times, fail to spark interest X times, etc. Meeting these goals are what let you use all three turns.

    Some NPCs have unlocks with amity. You can see it on the wheel in the lower left when talking to them. Sometimes it's access to a shop with high quality items. Sometimes it's items in the shop they already have that you can't buy without amity. Sometimes it's a quest. Sometimes it's knowledge that will get you better amity with other NPCs. The more knowledge you have the easier the amity game is. If you're having trouble with an NPC because you can't find good topics to use in the conversation game, look at the left and see what their knowledge topic is. Then you can open up the knowledge window, find that category, and mouse over the ones you don't know (represented by question marks) and it will give you a hint of where to pick up that knowledge.

    Crafting is rather broad. There isn't just one way to approach it. To manually gather it uses up energy. It also levels up your gathering and you can get rare items from gathering by hand. There are also some resources (like plain, unnamed logs and blackstone powder) which require manual harvesting. However if you have a resource node connected to a town you can send workers to gather that resource. It does not cost any money. You just have to feed your workers to keep their stamina up. There are different species of workers with different stats. Giants are slow but have high max stamina so you can leave them crafting or gathering for a long time. Goblins are fast but need to be fed constantly so they can not binge on long gathering or crafting runs.

    After you gather your raw resources, for most recipes they must be processed. Logs into planks, planks into plywood, etc. Processing by hand requires fairly high skill and knowledge for most things so this is where you will be focusing a lot of your workers. Specifically for ingots and plywood.

    After you have the correct resources you put them into a town warehouse, rent the correct crafting shop for what you want to make, then send your workers to the building to craft your items. When they're done your worker will drop them in the town warehouse. Some advanced items like boats requires dozens of steps in the process so you either need a whole lot of workers or you need to do a lot of clicking to complete each crafting step.
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    Yeah I decided not to continue with the game. Combat was nice and interesting, but the grindy side of the game just turned me off a little. As such I just never had the desire to return back to the game and continue with it. Overall the game is nice looking, the environments anyway, but it just did not grab me and pull me in.
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    Gender locked classes seems like a step in the opposite direction from where I would want a modern MMO to go. I'm extra picky about that sort of shit, and eastern MMOs seem to be having a hard time getting over it.

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