* Crafting Requests *

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by Allomein, Sep 2, 2010.

* Crafting Requests *

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by Allomein, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Tweedle

    Tweedle Officer

    I'm a 200 tali maker, I can make some str talis for you. I also think i have a bunch of +19s in my bags ive been carrying around. If you want better ones made i can help you out with that too, but i dont have any of the 200 level containers. When i salvage on my alt i tend to grab WS and STR items for myself but I should have plenty of blue level 200 mats.
  2. Dimpy

    Dimpy Veteran Member

    Talli maker..

    Looking to have a LOT of talli's made.. here is my list.

    As you can see, I have a lot of valuable fragments. I'm looking for someone that knows what they are doing and wont waste my tallies or screw me over. I am willing to get more Master Artificer's Reliquary's if someone is willing to work with me. I am also willing to donate some to the guild.. all depends on how rare the frags are. I've been storing these up for a very long time now. :)


    10X Roaring Bister Core - Ballistics
    2X Primal Mighty Slag - Strength
    1X Chaotic Guarding Mark - Toughness
    1X Roaring Bronze Glide - Ranged Power

    60X Stony Jet Pebble - Wounds
    39X Fierce Mighty Slag - Strength
    25X Frenzied Guarding Mark - toughness
    21X Flaming Sanguine Rod - Weapon Skill
    16X Howling Bronze glide - Ranged Power
    13X Strand of Cerulean Mark - Willpower
    11X Grim Perse Ice - Intelligence
    7X Gloomy Ashen Thread - Initiative
    6X Fluid Mercurial Anima - Range Crit
    5X Healing Sapphire Embrace - Healing Power
    4X Fierce Jagged Spike - Melee Power
    4X Grim August Gyre - Magic Power
    2X Willful Magisterial Pharos - Magic Crit
    2X Luminous Aurulent Ore - Armor
    2X Frenzied Dahlian Portion - Melee Crit
    2X Howling Bister Core - Ballistics


    18X Gust of Azure Gloom - Willpower
    17X Roaring Umber Core - Ballistics
    3X Lethal Violet Ice - Intelligence
    1X Sparkling Golden Ore - Armor

    5X Grim Violet Ice - Intelligence
    5X Gloomy Leaden Thread - Initiative
    4X Stony Sable Pebble - Wounds
    2X Frenzied Warding Mark - Toughness
    1X Howling Umber Core - Ballistics


    1X Lethal Orchid Ice - Intelligence


    17X Master Artificer's Reliquary (lvl 200)
    11X Artisan's Relic Box (lvl 150)
    117X Harmonious Essence (lvl 200)
    18X Forgotten Soldier's Insignia (lvl 200)
    119X Flawless Gold Dust (lvl 200)
  3. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Re: Talli maker..

    There is no way to guarantee crits. So it will all be a matter of getting lucky on some of the rare frags. A couple live events ago, essences dropped that increased crit chances I believe. If you have any of those that will help.

    I can make talis for you - key is will need containers and curios. Essences and dusts are not generally a problem.

    Merged this into the crafting thread.
  4. Dimpy

    Dimpy Veteran Member

    was wondering where it went. Then I saw this thread.. =)

    I understand its not 100% guaranteed to get a crit every time. Mostly just looking for someone that wont screw me over.. ie, give me a +23 when he really got a +24. And I have no problems providing containers and curios. I'm mostly looking to sell these, but will also be happy to donate some to guildies if they need them.. will all depend on the talli.

    I will get with you in game next time I see you Allo.
  5. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    FYI I have a lot of liniment ingredients thanks to donations of members. Not enough room in the bank for all the liniments so post here if you are looking for something in particular.
  6. asder112

    asder112 Veteran Member

    Character Lanelter (lvl 26)

    If anyone could give me ~ 3 15-20 str tals and 2 armor tals

    Also - str / wounds / armor pots would be appreciated.

    If I can help out in any way in terms of gold for mats, or whatever, please let me know. Thanks!
  7. kuroiwashi

    kuroiwashi Veteran Member

    I need a 200 salvager to break a bunch of stuff for talismans and essence. I will be gone tomorrow but i will be back on friday
  8. Orderout

    Orderout Veteran Member

    I am in need of good melee/health liniments and health and or armor pots.

    Thanks in advance.

    I have a lvl 200 salvager dok and orderout is a lvl 200 talimaker if anyone needs anything salvaged or a talisman.
  9. Hail

    Hail Veteran Member

    "Hail" (Sorceress) is in the processing of equiping her Warlord gear. If any talisman makers can assist with making Intel or Magic Power talismans, it would be Greatly appreciated. Hail has an immediate need for 3 Int, or 2 Int and a Magic Power.

    If the Talisman maker that has time to pick up this request requires any items/gold, please let me know and I'll do my best to take of the requirements.

    Thanks so much!!
  10. Krilli

    Krilli Veteran Member

    Hail, sent you 3 x 23 int and a 35 magic power

  11. Hail

    Hail Veteran Member

    Thanks so much again Krilli.. already putting those to great use!

    .. and I've hit my Warlord Shoulders already actually... trucking right along. Was wondering if I might be able to trouble you or someone for the Superior/Greator 'Ruin' talisman for Shoulders that provides the crit % on it? Again, please advise if and how I can repay you for your efforts.

    Thanks in advance,

  12. Krilli

    Krilli Veteran Member


  13. Hail

    Hail Veteran Member

    Hoping I could trouble someone to make me a Wounds Talisman for the 2nd slot of my Staff. Currently RR70, so appreciate the best Tali you're capable of creating.. as always, willing to support this request financially if required.

    Thanks all!
  14. PocketRockets

    PocketRockets Veteran Member

    hey guys was wondering if anyone had some green 50 , 75 and 100 talis crafting ings.. im trying to level my salvager however i have gotten many t2 t3 items so im looking at ah prices and stuff to get tals pieces so i can open more crafting room on him .. his name is Trapahh thnx - pocket
  15. Hail

    Hail Veteran Member

    Looking to place an order for 1 x Superior Talisman of Sorrow (+35 Magic Power) for my Sovereign Gloves. Please in game mail me the $ as well so I can repay for any costs/time.

    Thanks yet again!

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