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  1. MizukiAyu

    MizukiAyu Officer

    For the past month or so I've been unable to scrape together more than 3 or 4 people for Crifting. I don't know if it's the night or if people just haven't been interested anymore but it's not enough to complete some rifts (Air for sure >.<) Last few times have gotten zero signups even. At this rate Thursdays are bunk for events if we wanna assign something new to it?
  2. Ith

    Ith Officer

    I think part of it is the design of the new forums. quite honestly things are hard to find and read. the star wars look should be tweaked. Also with changes in membership it's going to have an impact to certain activities.

    My suggestion is to just hang in there and see where we're at going into the new year then evaluate again. Since we're entering the Christmas season, family and holiday parties may impact participation for the remainder of the month.
  3. Austok

    Austok Division Leader

    Maybe we should take a break from crifts for a while. We could use the time to run dailies, Ghunts, DRRs, etc to help people get rep.

    We can always pick it up again when there is a new level of crafted gear or a need to restock the guild bank.
  4. Darkwizard

    Darkwizard Officer

    We can also pug it for additional bodies when needed. I have had some inquires in the past week about crifts from our members.

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