Crytek files suit

Discussion in 'Star Citizen' started by syberghost, Dec 13, 2017.

Crytek files suit

Discussion in 'Star Citizen' started by syberghost, Dec 13, 2017.

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    thanks for the blow by blow, what a messed up situation. Best part about this is I have a new guy to watch in this industry. I deal with a lot of lawyers but they're all insurance geeks. This guy is lawin' on something that's at least interesting...
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    He's pretty entertaining. The perfect mix of fact and opinion, IMO. His personal views don't get in the way of the viewer's understanding.
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    So, it looks to me like the straws they were reaching for were:

    Because Freyermuth and Jones didn't recuse themselves, the contract was negotiated in bad faith, and therefore they didn't have a valid contract, and therefore they violated copyright. But the waiver would still make this a contract issue, not a copyright issue, so they're humped; the only remedy they could hope for would be preventing CIG from continuing to use CryEngine, which they aren't doing.

    The other straw is the possibility that they shared it with third parties. The contract allowed licensing to third parties under certain circumstances, so even if they prove those circumstances were NOT applicable, it's still a contract issue, not a copyright issue, so the only remedy is no more using CryEngine, which they're not.

    Unless they've got some serious ace up their sleeve, there's nothing left here, and there's no fucking WAY they left something big out of the amended complaint. Their lawyers aren't incompetent.

    The only possible way they could proceed with this is if they can show that the conflict of interest waiver left out material details of the conflict, and the conflict is so fucking straightforward that it basically consists of the names. Daniel fucking Webster would have to rise from his grave and argue against this waiver, and he'd still lose.
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    To amend this:

    The only third party Crytek alleges they shared the code with is Faceware. Faceware came AFTER THE SWITCH TO LUMBERYARD.
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