Division Leader Guidelines

Discussion in 'Rules and Policies' started by Diablocoj, Apr 29, 2013.

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Division Leader Guidelines

Discussion in 'Rules and Policies' started by Diablocoj, Apr 29, 2013.

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    Division Leader Guidelines

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    [td][A=top]Table of Contents:[/A][/td]
    1. [ALINK=expectation]What Leadership Expects of You[/ALINK]
    2. [ALINK=fromleadership]What You Can Expect From Leadership[/ALINK]
    3. [ALINK=vision]Community Vision[/ALINK]

    The responsibilities of being a division leader are many. You have much freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility and sacrifice. In this post we want to outline an overview of what is expected from you as a Division Leader (DL). Being a DL is not for everyone, and there is no shame in deciding it is not for you. On the other hand, if you do accept that responsibility it is expected that you will follow through. We will not be inclined to provide future leadership opportunities if someone does not succeed.

    The first thing to realize is that you are no longer an just an Officer, and responsibility for the division now rests on your shoulders. This does not mean that you, as division leader, can or should try to do everything on your own. It does mean that the success of the division will rely on the choices you make and how you run the division. You can, and should, delegate to a strong officer corps. However, it is up to you to select an officer corps and make sure that all the needs of the division are being met. The importance of the officer corps should not be underestimated. Your job is to support that officer corps, set the direction, policy, and vision for the divisions, handle all diplomatic relationships, address conflict resolution, and ensure connectedness between the division and the broader AoA. Your job is not to handle all the in game day to day tasks. Delegate a strong officer corps for in game tasks including crafting, banking, raids, and PvP group leadership. However, you are ultimately responsible for the direction, tone, and policies of the division and seeing to it that they are consistent with the overall community's core values.

    [A=expectation][H3]WHAT LEADERSHIP EXPECTS OF YOU[/H3][/A]
    1. As a division leader you are responsible for checking and posting in the Division Leader forum and your own division forums every day. This means if you are going to have a period where you cannot check the forum, then this would be considered as you being away from the division, and you are required to post the days you will be absent from the division. This way you will not miss important posts, and your division 2nd will be aware and can help cover your downtime while you are away. The choice of 2nd is very important. This is the person that will act as the bridge between the division and overall community leadership if you are not available, and they also need to have complete authority to act on your behalf if you are not available. If you get hit by a truck, after we mourn your passing your 2nd is the most promising candidate to take on leadership for the division. Pick one that will (i) be here for the long haul, (ii) can be you if you can't be you, and (iii) can provide good advice and perhaps complement your own skills and focus. It is important that a division 2nd understands that their position is support role for the Division Lead - to provide honest and constructive council and to stand in when you are unavailable in a manner consistent with the policies that have been established. For all these reasons it is critical that a division leader and division 2nd have open, honest, and frequent private conversations and have direct lines of communication with one another (cell, email, chat). Any disagreements between the division lead and division 2nd should not be in the public eye and should be resolved quietly, privately, and in a timely manner. Ultimately it is important that the division lead and 2nd have a relationship of trust and respect, although different points of view are healthy and beneficial in reaching a consensus that may be most beneficial to AoA. Ragter, Diablocoj, and Omnifox are available to help facilitate discussions if you are in need of them.

    2. If you have the honor of making it to this position then it means that we expect that you have a much higher level of responsibility and common sense than even a regular officer has. A direct result of this is the fact that the guild leadership does not expect to, and will not, go above and beyond in order to communicate with you. We will use the DL forums for official communication. If you have posted that you will be away, then we will deal directly with the 2nd in your absence, or if it needs to be handled with you then the guild leadership will contact you via your alternate contact method. This will only be utilized for extraordinary circumstances though, as we wish to honor your time away from the game. DLs should have a well thought out succession plan. Always know who your replacement will be. Always have a plan B for your second in command. Always be thinking about the next stage of your game/division life cycle. All division leaders must have a variety of means of being reached. In addition to forums and forum PMs this might include cell phone, texting, email, steam, IRC, xfire, etc. Please post one or more ways to be reached in the division updates forum or your own officer forum.

      What the above also means is that JOB ONE IS AVOIDING DRAMA AND LOW MORALE. You must put an end to drama ASAP.

    3. A division leader is supposed to be the end all for any division situation. This means you need to always remain calm and cool, if there is a problem you talk it through, you never lose your cool, ever. Do not let issues stew. Deal with them quickly and in private. Stay objective and detached from the situation. Work to build consensus and comradery. You always have the community leadership and the other division leaders to help you - we have each others back in and out of your game of focus. Use this resource and help others too! If there are problems in your division, we expect you to use the division updates forum to let leadership know about it so we can help with advice and insight from how similar situations have been handled before. Likewise, whether your division is going well or not, you are required to reply in the Division Updates thread with an update of your own. As a Division Leader, you need to know when it is time to say "I have heard everyone's input, and this is how I want us to proceed."

    4. It is expected that after a new division is formed, division leadership will aid in:
      • Communication of the division’s goals and objectives – what will be the main focus for the guild?
      • Propose a division organizational structure in the officer forums
      • Establish policies appropriate to the game and communicate these in the forums
      • Work with their officers and members to develop recruiting materials for official forums and fan sites to recruit people to the division consistent with the goals and objectives
      • Have a clear plan in place for recruiting, welcoming, and acclimating new members
      • Develop member expectations and guidelines consistent with typical AoA practices
      • Establish a thread requesting people apply for officer positions - have clear criteria!
      • Decide early on server type and faction (if applicable to your game) and recruit accordingly. Remember you can't please everyone. Ultimately, we want people that are here to play with AoA rather than a specific faction or server type.

    5. As the Division Leader, it is expected that you will develop and execute your vision for the guild. It is up to you to develop this vision during its early stages and at release, and rally the troops around that vision. It is, of course, necessary for that vision to be realistic, appropriate to the game, and something that the pre-existing core AoA playerbase can support in order for the division to succeed. Therefore, it is expected that the DL will work with overall community leadership, and their veteran officers and members to develop a vision, and goals that have broad support. At our core, we are a casual guild with a desire to be as competitive as we can be without compromising our community focus. We use the phrase "casually hardcore" to describe ourselves. We respect that our members are adults with jobs, families, lives, and demands on their time outside of gaming. Division leaders are also expected to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of their division as a game matures and develops. Always remember that the ultimate goal of a division is to ensure that there is a home for AoAers in a game that is fun and rewarding and to continuously recruit new members into AoA that would then be available to play in the next big game.

    6. As the Division Leader, it is up to you to make sure that your division represents AoA in the best light in everything it does. AoA wants to be recognized as a tough competitor, while at the same time an honorable one. Always remind your members and officers that today’s enemies in game may be tomorrow’s allies. As a Division Leader it is up to you to set an example in this regard. Remember AoA's community guidelines and golden rules.

    7. The fate of the division is ultimately in your hands, you will have good times and you will have bad times, and it is our wish as the community leadership that we never have to become directly involved with the running of your division, but there are times that this will happen. Anything that affects the top level of division leadership will be a direct result of involvement from overall guild leadership (i.e. division leaders and 2nds need to be approved). Also, if you are "killing" an otherwise healthy division, then community leadership will step in. As a leader, you need to be able to accept criticism, and also know when it may be time to let someone else step up. With this said, all divisions that have “succeeded” are divisions where the leaders put in the work and are active. Following that theme, DLs are to remain active which means they are putting in the work to grow the community at large. As stated, if you as the DL or your division as a whole are not maintaining these standards, any admin can call for a vote to gauge your activity. At this point, it is up to the admins discretion in private to determine the fate of your division. Steps will be taken and you will be made known of them in private.

    8. It is unacceptable for division leaders, or officers, to be in any guild other than AoA in the game they are currently officers/DL for. AoA divsion leaders and officers should be focused on AoA. DLs need to be focused on MACRO game goals. It is not about progressing your toon - but rather about progressing your division. We expect our division leaders to be 100% focused on AoA as their gaming community and the majority of the effort focusing on their division.

    9. All division business should be documented through the forums. This is a must for visibility, accountability, and for historical record. Thus all officers should be encouraged to participate in the forums as well as all members. There must be transparency. Meetings should be announced in advance with goals and objectives. Discussion should be documented. Use the forums to address initial discussion so when you do meet in VOIP it can be more effective and expedient.

    10. Division leader and officer positions are not positions for life. When division leaders or officers step down, they don't retain officer positions. However division leaders and officers that step down are made eligible for Veteran status. This group will be used as a kind of advisory board, and will be the members we turn to first for establishing ourselves in alphas and betas. Long-standing AoA members (generally after three years of membership) are also eligible for veteran status.

    1. You are an extremely valuable member of the community, and we have recognized your abilities to lead and to resolve sticky situations. This does not mean you are on your own though! As guild leadership, we are here to offer whatever support you need, that may be in PR tasks, IT technology, even funds for additional division programs. Whatever you need please be sure to ask, we will do whatever we possibly can to get you what you need and help the division succeed!

    2. You can always call a meeting with your division leadership and the community leadership if you feel that it is needed. This is not the community leadership's division, it is yours. If you feel a major change is needed in the division, the only thing we require is that it moves the guild forward. We do want to maintain a degree of consistency in how we do things from one division to the next, so if you feel it necessary to diverge from traditional ways of doing things in AoA, those should be discussed in the Division Leader forums. Best practices should be shared.

    3. We know better than anyone that everyone has a personal life, and sometimes life forces you to make hard decisions. If you feel you need to step down from your leadership position that is not a problem! We will work WITH you to make sure that the next division leader will continue to grow the division where you left off. Any decisions to change the status of a game or transition to other leaders should be discussed thoroughly in the division leader forums. However, as stated earlier, if you are not succeeding and the admins feel the need to gauge your divisions activity, it is up to the admins discretion in private to determine the fate of your division. Steps will be taken and you will be made known of them in private.

    [A=vision][H3]COMMUNITY VISION[/H3][/A]
    Here at AoA we are many things, hardcore, casual, polite, honorable, dirty bastards, clowns, and perverts, but these will never change the fact that when it comes to community we are nothing but spit and polish. We work hard never to "stoop to their level" to always remain calm and to always, always, always treat everyone with respect, even if you would rather shank them in the neck with a rusty pair of scissors. It is a matter of much pride for AoA that our rivals and fellow AoAers join us in the next game that we play! Treat your competition with respect. Without them you would be bored to tears, and in the next game they will join you having gained respect for AoA.

    All Out Assault is a multi-game gaming community. This means that we always stress this to our members, in our recruiting, etc. We are looking for people that want to play in AoA for the long haul, and that will be active in our forums and as a member of the broader AoA community. Members that leave or take a break from a game are always welcome in other AoA divisions or welcome to come back in the future. As a broad gaming community, it is important for members to know what to expect in AoA regardless of what division they are playing in. As a result, we will work to make sure that there is some consistency in how divisions operate, while at the same time providing divisions the freedom to do things in ways that are uniquely appropriate to their game. It will be a matter of finding the right balance.

    Make sure your members are aware of our content "standards" for our various modes of communication. Though we are lax in a lot of situations, there are plenty of things that are never tolerated. Specifics can be found in our Community Policies and Rules forum. Since sense is, sadly, not very common it is critical officers an DLs are all on board with our policies. We don't demand you agree 100% with them, but we do demand that you follow them. We know a thing or two about successful large-scale gaming communities and remaining relevant in this gaming scene. After all, we have been around since 1996.

    By now, after reading this, you must be thinking "wow - that's a lot of responsibility." You are RIGHT! BUT, there is HUGE upside for the right people. It is incredibly rewarding to grow a successful division. Grow your division to have an awesome reputation and high standings on your server. As a division leader, that is "max level."

    By becoming a Division Leader you are held to the highest of standards - these standards. If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions for improvement or clarification then please post them in a separate thread in the DL forums or private message your admins. Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work!
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