Elite: Dangerous

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by syberghost, Mar 5, 2014.

Elite: Dangerous

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by syberghost, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. syberghost

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    Someone posted a screenshot tour of the Sol system:


    Fun stuff. I'm actually headed there myself, slowly. Stopping to scan the roses and make some free Exploration money, and occasionally to take an interesting mission from a station if I think it's quick money.

    The plan is by the time I get there, I should have enough for a Cobra with a decent fit, so I can really get my exploration on. Exploring without a fuel scoop is ass.
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    Handy channel that does news reports on what is going on in Elite

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    As an aside, I just love the fact that with YouTube, I can just click "watch later" on those videos, then later pop onto my Fire TV and watch them, and proceed with reading the forums. Here, Google, have some more of my personal data; you're worth it, baby.
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    HittingSmoke AoA Emeritus

    Amateur level Googling. I watch them on a Chromecast.
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    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    So, wasted my time going to Sol; evidently I didn't pre-order the right edition to have the Sol access pass. I have to earn it like everybody else.

    Rethinking my plan. I'm way too close to Sol, I'm getting PC interdiction attempts left and right. One guy was GOOD; he was one pip away from interdicting me before I turned it around and lost him, and the previous PC attempt was like 30 seconds before that.

    So I'm gonna high-tail it out away from Sol, but still into Federation space, so I can do "make the Feddies like me" missions and earn my way to a new ship. I'm still thinking the Cobra, although I'm seeing a lot of opinions that it's not the ship you want to be in if you get interdicted, since it turns shitty.

    All I know is, I want out of this Eagle; it's gonna get me killed. I may fly back to where my Sidewinder is, and sell that for a new ship; then I can go back to the Eagle if it doesn't work out. Maybe sell the Sidewinder and get an Adder.
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    I think I'm going to sell the Sidewinder to buy a Cobra, and keep the Eagle. Seems like the Viper has been nerfed, so the Cobra is the best bet for multi-role until I can afford an Asp.

    But damn, it'd sure be nice to have a fuel scoop, and you just can't do that in an Eagle unless you give up cargo completely. I can't give up cargo completely, still doing missions; there's hardly any depth to the game currently, so just straight exploration will get boring quickly.
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    Fuck me with a horseshoe I want to play this game so bad.
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  10. Bnorus

    Bnorus Veteran Member

    Here where I am after 1m:
    1) Sidewinder: did a few missions. Got enough to fit it as exploration ship with good jump drive and fuel scoop, etc...
    2) Went to a system that my friend discover, which is 200LY away from beginning area, a bit more on the verge, where there is good mining area, industrial fed station and a pirate outpost to clear bounty if needed.
    3) Sold exploration data for ~100k, sold my sidewinder, bought a hauler, fitted it with mining tools, went mining with my friend.
    4) Upgraded the hauler to get good refinery (>3 slots), bought a Viper, fitted half way through.
    5) Now I am enjoying bounty pirate fighting with my Viper, ~100-200k/hour. Still got my mining Hauler when a break is needed.

    I am at about 1 million overall, aiming to get a Type 6 fully fitted for trading... cause I don't see myself making shit tons of money with mining or bounties.
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    • The Adder is a perfectly adequate dogfighter, possibly better than the Cobra.
    • Fuel scoops are hard.
    • A slightly tricked-out Eagle can be sold for a profit to buy a stock Adder, leaving you all your saved money for tricking the Adder out. Woot.
    • If you join in with some Federals attacking a pirate, and you stop short of killing him yourself, you get credit for killing him and they thank you. If you fire the final shots and assassinate him while he's trying to escape, they will issue a bounty on you, and then attempt to collect it themselves, which is a goddamn conflict of interest if you ask me.

    Mining looks boring. I think I'll put a kill warrant scanner in my utility slot, and maybe a point defense.
  12. Cirsphe

    Cirsphe Veteran Member

    I still have no idea how to do missions. I keep getting missions to bring stuff to the station that i'm already at. I usually rage quit when I realize that is what happened. So i'm just floating along in my cobra having no idea where my Eagle is. This game is so confusing. Really need to sit down and watch all of those videos.

    Hoping that SQ42 will have a proper teach you the game while you are playing the single player.
  13. Signal Warden

    Signal Warden Officer

    So I've seen several of these threads discussing content in E:D and I personally don't have the hours in to have a take on it, but I was wondering if any of you guys did.

    Here's the gist:
    "Hi /r/EliteDangerous[1] !

    After a few days of bountyhunting, I've acquired a Cobra and decent weapons; but now I'm really bored out of my mind and I just can't play ED anymore. Why? Because there's no unique missions (aka nothing that isn't "bring this there" or "kill people yonder"), because bountyhunting is getting really boring when your number of utility mounts is limited (I sacrificed my wake scanner for a turreted point defence, so everytime an enemy flees I can't pursue him), and because trading or mining isn't my thing (I tried).

    As a matter of fact, I also tried "kill that Anaconda" missions, but I always end up eating a plasma ball to the face and fleeing with 40% hull. I can't fly for shit and I never manage to stay in the Anaconda's blindspots.

    So, here I am, with barely more than 300k credits, which is far from enough to buy an Asp (next logical step), and I have nothing interesting to do.

    ED was really great in the first three days I played it, but it isn't anymore. I loved it, and it made me feel stupid, and I loved it more... And then I got the hang of it, I read a little about what to do, and suddenly everything was boring.

    As I see it, the only thing players can truly do to get rich is to grind rare commodities until they have enough to buy bigger ships, and then keep on grinding because there's nothing else to do.

    Oh, of course, there's this civil war systems thingie, but let's be clear... It's a joke. No true goal, barely enough in combat bonds to cover the ammo costs, endless bots coming here and there with no strategy at all... And the whole gameplay mechanic didn't even work properly during the first weeks, as we could see in Lugh.

    So, as I see it, ED is so incomplete that it's barely enjoyable for a week. And I think I'm going to take a break and wait for a few major updates. It needs more missions, more ships, more weapons, more ways to influence the world, more multiplayer interaction (i get the "alone" feel, but why isn't it even possible to fight alongside someone else?)... Also, it needs lots of fixes (shooting on moronic security vessels a single time get you the whole army shooting at you even though you didn't even dent their shields; this, for example, needs to be fixed).

    I said it was all a shame in the title. It's not because these features aren't there, it's because they aren't there after the 1.00 release. I can understand that a game lacks a little content at launch, but this is way more than "a little".

    Anyway, see you all in a few weeks. I'll just start playing all the Steam games I never touched. I hope ED will get better in the meantime."
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    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    Short one first; to find your Eagle, go to any port that has a Shipyard, and by default you're in the tab that shows ships for sale in this yard. There are two other tabs; the third one shows the locations of all ships you own, including your Eagle. It's likely in a station in the system in which you started.

    Longer one:

    The intention with those "bring us stuff" missions is that you'll go get the stuff. You're given hours to do so, so one approach would be to find a system that trades in that (import or export) and start killing people and taking their stuff; but the easiest method is to find a system that exports that, and buy some. Just watch those prices; you wouldn't want to buy it somewhere with terrible prices because players are buying it all up to drive up the price. Some of these are for money, but some are just for rep grind. The primary method of starting out with Federation rep, for instance, is to pick them up some Personal Weapons outside of their regular procurement channels. There's also Combat Stabiliser pickup missions, but be real careful with that as those are illegal as shit and hard to find.

    The easiest way to find where you can buy it is, go into the Commodities market in any station (including the one with the mission), look for the item, and it will list systems that Export it.

    Long term, there will be a third option; ask somebody if they've got some. The game isn't there yet. Hopefully we'll have guild banks (when we get guilds, soon) and can store common crap in them for these rep grinds.
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    Reviewer talks about the effects of the shifting alliances in the game on his gameplay. The folks who are bored are boring; even without the ability for players to own territory directly, there's tons of emergent gameplay possibility in this game already.

    That reviewer talks about grinding Alliance rep in a system slowly, not paying attention to the struggle for influence in it, only to find suddenly it's become a Federation system and he's got to find a new trade route.

    Imagine this; you park your ship in a shipyard somewhere, and it's owned by Federation, but they're on the edge of losing it. While you're out flying, you piss the Empire off so much, they issue a warrant on you. Then you get shot. Unbeknownst to you, the last location you parked at is now Empire. You choose to respawn there, and find the station you're in is full of people who want you dead. Do you try to run for it? Respawn instead in one of your other ships elsewhere? Do you even HAVE other ships elsewhere? Maybe you should buy a spare ship in your faction capital?

    If you're bored in Elite, you're boring.
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    A comic and commentary.

    For more, follow the link.
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    Galnet news has some more videos that explain some of the lore things going on in the game that players can be a part of in any way they choose to.

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