First AoA Kill

Discussion in 'LOTRO Raiding and Instances' started by Icestars, Jan 7, 2009.

First AoA Kill

Discussion in 'LOTRO Raiding and Instances' started by Icestars, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Icestars

    Icestars Veteran Member

    Congrats all for the first AoA Kill.

    Screenshots to Follow.

    Members that Killed

  2. Forgotten Legend

    Forgotten Legend Veteran Member

    HA! look at that brenin... they named a piece of armour after you. i wonder if its really as fashionable as you are...
  3. Atheon

    Atheon Veteran Member

    I would like to extend my thanks to each and everyone person on this raid tonight, you all did a great job and deserve a pat on the back!!!
  4. sonaran

    sonaran Veteran Member

    Wow guys ... great job. And that's a nice warden's sword ;)

    How long did it take, and who won all the phat lootz!
  5. Jess

    Jess Veteran Member

    Grats everyone! I'm proud of AoA, I just wish I could of been there to experience it for the first killing! Can't wait for 24 man raid so more people can be included :)
    Does sonoran get that that 1st age? :D
  6. ElChongo

    ElChongo Veteran Member

    Yeah, I was the only one logged in, and you may have already forgotten..<cough> but my warden (havent created him yet but no biggie) gets that sword remember guys? (silence) um...guys?

    Grats Balthazar and Taeric on the helms.

    The 'aha' moment was finally getting the timing and switching over.

    Icestars gave the left tentacle a little extra love.

    Ive always preferred the left any way.

    Great job and nice lead.

  7. Icestars

    Icestars Veteran Member

    First Age sword is currently on the AH for 1000g initial bid to show it off. Rag put it on.

    The 2 Teals were given to me for repair bills. Balthazar and I believe Taeric got the shoulders.

    Congrats to everyone again.

    As for the First Age Sword. The first Warden to go I believe will most likely get it. Hint Hint Sonaran.
  8. sonaran

    sonaran Veteran Member

    I'm sure if you tried hard enough, you could get him to 60 in a week ;)
  9. sonaran

    sonaran Veteran Member

    Now guys .. don't forget about Ulius. I'm sure he'd be stoked to get a nice weapon. IIRC, he's still running around with a lvl 55 sword :p.
  10. zefirus

    zefirus Officer

    Yay! :D Good job guys. Can't wait to run in sucessfully... no Ragter frozen cpu etc. ;)
  11. Icestars

    Icestars Veteran Member

    I had forgotten that he was also around 60. ROLL OFF!
  12. Forgotten Legend

    Forgotten Legend Veteran Member

    roll off? you mean... no walk off?
  13. JRMama

    JRMama Veteran Member

    Yeah and you're welcome for the use of the hope buff I was holding :lol: Grats guys!

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