Fleet Uniform Idea's

Discussion in 'Star Trek Online' started by Suricata, Feb 28, 2010.

Fleet Uniform Idea's

Discussion in 'Star Trek Online' started by Suricata, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. Suricata

    Suricata Veteran Member

  2. oleum

    oleum Officer

  3. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    Awesome, Suri! Could you screenshot the color selections so we can get it perfect?
  4. ScouseSandwich

    ScouseSandwich Veteran Member

  5. Staggeron

    Staggeron Veteran Member

    Yeah, if you could, post the color combos for Eng, Sci and Tac collars.
  6. Skrasis

    Skrasis Veteran Member

    I actually like the standard look the best from the cover of the game but with the TNG bottom split slacks.

    http://i385.photobucket.com/albums/oo29 ... iforms.jpg

    The formal option is just for fun not sure it would actually be used. My thinking was sort of the formal US Navy uniform.

    For the formal I also toyed with the idea for straight black pants instead of solid white and used different badge and pip colors from silver to black onyx.

    And all the pictures are for tactical so you would replace red with blue and orange respectively.
  7. si1foo

    si1foo Veteran Member

    yuck white
  8. soas

    soas Veteran Member

    is there one fore recruits? Like the new people we get in?
  9. Trammeth

    Trammeth Veteran Member

  10. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member

  11. STOJET

    STOJET Veteran Member

    i seem to recall a post somewhere that said that fleet uniforms can not be based on any unlocked uniform patterns. but i could be mis-remembering+

  12. Arcfire

    Arcfire Guild Admin Staff Member

    if you are going to take the idea of the guild tabard as far as they have, and then make some of them unavailable... I dunno if I like it. Maybe if some of the fancier ones were just quest rewards, but attaching them to certain boxed purchases? I sense much griping to be had as a result.
  13. oleum

    oleum Officer

    The ideas are good. As long as anyone in the fleet has or can be given access to a specific uniform, then we can use it. The Wrath of Khan uniform is available to anyone who puts in the unlock code due to a mistake by the company who distributed the codes with one of the Blu-Ray boxed sets. Same code in each box. It can't be turned off easily so we can all have the uniform.

    You can't however set the uniform as an in game uniform as its a special item (you need to enter the code).

    The one we use (if we decide on WOK) would have to be distributed by looking at the method described in scouses post. As I am in a new install of win 7 I am going to try to figure this out (unless someone else wants to) and will post something over the weekend.

    If there are any other broken unlock codes anyone knows about, they may well be better too. I've even thought of maybe buying something from the C-store for people once uniform sets are available. It might be a bit on the expensive side though with 190 members.

    So keep the ideas coming, I like those so far but still think the WOK one is the one to go for, the only issue with using a canon scheme as it was on sunday is that there may be others using the same.
  14. si1foo

    si1foo Veteran Member

    nooo white white yuck black and grey awesome
  15. oleum

    oleum Officer

    A lot of good things about Trammeths tbh, we should really adopt this or at the least modify the standard WOK to be less canon and more individual.

    So Trammeth, can you try to get a few screens of exactly how to set those options up an I can put them into the fleet options next time the game works.

    Cheers mate.
  16. Suricata

    Suricata Veteran Member

    I really like this design, I've alreday taken it for myself and my crew :)
  17. Trammeth

    Trammeth Veteran Member

  18. Trammeth

    Trammeth Veteran Member

  19. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    Don't we want one with NO special unlocks, so it can go in the fleet uniform slot?
  20. Trammeth

    Trammeth Veteran Member

    Correct Mister Spaceghost. That is why the design uses no special unlocks.

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