Guild Information

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by Allomein, May 5, 2010.

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Guild Information

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by Allomein, May 5, 2010.

  1. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    We are DESTRUCTION on Badlands.

    Division Leader: Allomein
    Executive Officers: Collard, Birddog, Brezirk
    Officers: Lanelter, Saphfiria, Mounrflower, Tweedle

    Some key rules:

    1. Represent AOA in the best light at all times. Be respectful of guildmates, allies, fellow players and opponents. We are a large multigame guild. Today's opponents are tomorrows allies. In general, keep it to business in region chat. What you say and how you say it can impact the guild. Treat other players as you would like to be treated...don't steal farming spots, don't need when you should not, etc etc. We will kick people that reflect poorly on the guild.

    2. No drama. We are all here to have fun and enjoy the game. Personal conflicts can arise from time to time with so many players. We expect our members to handle those incidents respectfully.

    3. Must have vent. Expect members to join vent when grouped. Just listening (no mic) is fine. Obviously sometimes there will be exceptions, but this is the general expectation. No ventie, no tickie.

    4. No crossrealming - i.e. no having two accounts and playing the same side on the same server. Play order on a different server if you want to play order please.

    5. One guild policy...if you join AoA we expect all your destro toons to be in AoA. No having alts in other guilds. It is not fair to AoA, nor to the other guild. Will need to ask you to decide which one you want to devote your time to. We will revisit how this applies to order when 3.6 patch hits.

    6. AoA does not recruit from ally guilds without discussion with the ally guild GM. If you are applying from an allied guild, please talk to your guild about that first.

    7. When grouped, follow the group leader's lead. NO ARGUING. It is fine to make a suggestion, but if the WB or group leader has said to do something, then do it. The time to go over tactics in more detail is after the fact - not during. A well excecuted "meh" tactic will be more successful than the confusion from cross chatter or argument. Do not give direction unless you are the leader or was asked to by the leader. Be where you are supposed to be - do not go AFK or into an SC without letting the group leader know. Expect this same courtesy from others when you lead. We welcome members to step up and lead groups!


    9. Be generous! Help your guildmates and expect that they will help you!

    10. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!! 8)
  2. Valarus

    Valarus Veteran Member

    [attachment=0:jyx1bhut]AoA 2010-05.jpg[/attachment:jyx1bhut]

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  3. Rognvaldr

    Rognvaldr Veteran Member

  4. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

  5. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    I wanted to update everyone on the current status of the officer corps for WAR, as a number of officers (including myself) are transitioning into other games. Our current officer roster that plans to continue with WAR includes:

    Collard, Birddog, Lanelter, Brezirk, Mournflower, Saphiria, and Tweedle.

    Collard and Birddog have access to the division leader forums and currently share a Division Leader 2nd role for WAR. I (Allomein) currently maintain my GL position in game, although I am transitioning from WAR to Rift. We are fortunate to have a solid officer corps remaining in WAR, and we continue to see an active playerbase. At some point in the future, the GL position in game may be taken by one of the officers.

    If there are any issues related to WAR, please don't hesitate to contact officers in game or in the forums.

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