Discussion in 'First Person Shooter' started by phrit, Nov 27, 2014.


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Discussion in 'First Person Shooter' started by phrit, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. phrit

    phrit Veteran Member

    So I'm really excited about a new game coming "soon" from Sony (the same people that brought you Planetside2, Everquest and many other fun games). The name of the game is H1Z1 and it offers a total sandbox experience. H1Z1 is a zombie survival MMO set in a post-apocalyptic world where thousands of players must strategically align with friends and against enemies in order to survive the worldwide infection. Some of their key features include...

    Survival MMO
    Intelligent Undead
    Dynamic Environments
    Weapons & Vehicles
    Expansive Crafting
    Base Building

    Please see their webpage @ h1z1.com and let me know what you think!
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  2. Rhyus

    Rhyus Veteran Member

    I don't really know if I'll play this or not. I will try it and if I like it, I will stay. I'm not a big fan of zombie games, though.
  3. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    Was just about to post this on my news thread for the game:

    John Smedley (@j_smedley) tweeted at 11:02 AM on Sat, Nov 22, 2014:
    We are nearly done with the H1Z1 early access list of stuff we wanted to get in. Real happy with where we are at. Glad we spent the time
  4. phrit

    phrit Veteran Member

    Looks like a couple people so far, very nice! There's also at least 5 or 6 of us that hang in the FPS section on TS that are getting it for sure, so we should be able to get a good team going. I wouldn't mind recruiting but I think we need a more definite date than "soon" before starting.
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  5. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    H1Z1 has now left Early Access and is fully released.

    Along with this they've introduced a new mode, Auto Royale. It's a cross between Battle Royale and Car Wars; four man teams in a car, you can't leave the car. One driver, the three passengers can lean out the window to shoot. Driver's job is run over powerups. If a player is incapacitated they wake up with 25% health after a while; your objective is to kill the car.
  6. Fell

    Fell Guild Admin Staff Member


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