Hello and thank you

Discussion in 'Aion' started by Aeodian, Aug 26, 2009.

Hello and thank you

Discussion in 'Aion' started by Aeodian, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Aeodian

    Aeodian Veteran Member

    I really appreciate you guys bringing us into your family for Aion. The members that have applied so far are excellent team members and great players.

    I also appreciate the fact you have made me an officer. I do want to say if that will cause any issues at all with members already in AOA, I have no problem of being just a member.

    I have lead Dusk till Dawn in warhammer, and orgainzied multi-alliance events in Warhammer (in conjunction with Allomein). Please let me know what will be expected of me, as I do not want to dissapoint.

    I will be on vent a lot (in the warhammer channel, as a few of us are playing lowbies until Aion comes out). I will jump up in channel when I see people in the Aion channel. Sometimes I am a bit oblivious so if you see me down there just pull me up :)
  2. Jess

    Jess Veteran Member

    Welcome :) If you just read through the officer forum you'll get the jist of everything we've been discussing. I guess the one you should read would be about our last officer meeting (which is kinda out of date). viewtopic.php?f=110&t=6227 The important officer rules are in there. And just let me know if you wanna specialize in anything officer related. For example, relt volunteered to be in charge of crafting and elchongo is good at leading raids and pvp groups. :)

    Once Open Beta is announced I think we'll have another meeting if anyone has anything to talk about that is :)
  3. ElChongo

    ElChongo Veteran Member

    expectations? well personally you already exceeded em with that post. Looking forward to partying up and getting to know you, as well as all the new recruits.

    Im off launch week, so its gonna be a blast

    Im sure all of your experience will be an asset.

    One favor tho, as I havent gotten on vent with you yet.

    Do I pronounce your name EEEO dian or AAYO dian?

  4. relt

    relt Veteran Member

    I've always said it AAY o. Anywho, aeodian have no worries about stepping down, you have always been a great warband leader.
  5. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    There goes the neighborhood...

    Hiya Aeodian! Very happy you and yours have joined us! :D
  6. glow

    glow AoA Emeritus

    First of all welcome Aeodian! The way I have always ran AoA is based upon personal character and by judging people by their actions. While time in guild has always came with a growing ammount of respect and familiarity, it has never had a huge impact on leadership positions. A large number of the officers, and in some cases division leaders, that you will meet here started off in that situation, being junior members of the guild that were singled out for their character, selfless service to the guild, and their ability to inspire greater things from others, in a nutshell they displayed great leadership abilities.

    While I do not have a direct effect on the selection of officers at a Division level, I do make the final call for division leaders, and put my complete and total confidence in them. Jess has done a great job so far and if she saw you fit to be an officer, I am confident you will do an amazing job.

    So once again welcome aboard!
  7. Aeodian

    Aeodian Veteran Member

    It's pronounced .. A O D Ann. I've been told it sucks to pronounce and I should stick with Woopwoop as my name, but Woopwoop doesn't really fit the lore of Aion :)
  8. glow

    glow AoA Emeritus

    I'm going to second the nomination for your name to be Woopwoop!
  9. Annadia

    Annadia Officer

    yup I second! Woopwoop fits right in!
  10. Joric Nightcloud

    Joric Nightcloud Veteran Member

    Well from what I hear about you and your clan I am looking very forward to killing Elyos along side you.

    Strength and honor

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