Help me choose a class

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by tamgros, Dec 26, 2010.

Help me choose a class

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by tamgros, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member

    Ok, I've never played WoW so I'm going to appeal to all of your infinite wisdom. My playstyle is very active. My favorite MMO character was a Conqueror in AoC. I could quickly switch stances between def/normal/off and between DW DPS and 2H CC, all while moving around in combat. Damnit those were good times, too bad the actual game sucked at release.

    Anyway, I play with a gamepad on my left and a Razor Naga on my right so I have nearly limitless hotkeys and pref a character that can be dominant if played skillfully and varied given different situations.

    I did a little search, looks like the Druid will give me the differentiation I want, but switching states takes so much mana that I'm not sure if active switching is really viable. I'd also be willing to tank or heal if there were some fun little wrinkles. Are there any class needs in the guild?
  2. TwisT

    TwisT Veteran Member

    Warrior... well thats what i'd say...
  3. Odissa

    Odissa Veteran Member

    We still need tanks. I'd recommend either druid, pally or warrior for you. You'd probably enjoy warrior more though, it's play style is a bit like Conq in AoA.
  4. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member

    Cool, sounds like a warrior will be the class I lvl when i do the trial. From what I've read they seem to have pretty smooth leveling because they are always in need for groups.

    /preps pinky for stance dance.
  5. Odissa

    Odissa Veteran Member

    Yep, everyone wants a tank. I think you'll enjoy it. :)
  6. TwisT

    TwisT Veteran Member

    Check his videos out....
  7. EchoZero

    EchoZero Veteran Member

    Now warrior isn't a horrible class I haven't finished leveling mine (@lvl 73) and it was kind of fun to play, but requires a little more patience then some of the other classes, I'm not sure of all the cata changes though and if the overall game play is a little smoother now.

    Here is what I will say though if you want to tank, as a dps player myself, a warrior tank is my least preferred tank because I find they build threat the slowest of the tanking classes and there aoe threat Gen isn't great. I also play a frost dk so I Gen a lot of threat very fast and will quickly overtake an unprepared tank, plus my rotation includes aoe in it so admittedly I am mildly biased.

    For tanking my picks would be pally, dk (assuming its a competent player I know a lot of dks are fail), Druid (again assuming its a competent player) and warrior in That order. Now since you are just starting I know Dk isn't available to you since you don't have a lvl 55, but figured it was worth mentioning anyway.

    Don't get me wrong I'm not saying warriors are bad and I've found them rather fun to play but so far in cata I've seen very few of them. Doesn't mean you can't be an aweasome tank or dps if you want to just saying from my perspective They seem to be at a bit of a disadvantage compared to other tanks
  8. Odissa

    Odissa Veteran Member

    Wait, you play a tank DK as frost? You're bad.

    Warriors own.
  9. EchoZero

    EchoZero Veteran Member

    Fail no where did I say I tank as frost. I actually said I'm a dps player though. I still threat very hard as frost. My tank spec is blood.
  10. Odissa

    Odissa Veteran Member

    Tank thread, you mentioned DK tank, and said frost, it was every assumption you meant you tanked as frost. L2 explain better!
  11. maesterkai

    maesterkai Veteran Member

    echo i have quite a few problems with your bashing of warriors.
    1. warriors are not in anyway worst tanks. and our aoe threat is actually some of the best as one of our high threat moves is an aoe. the fact that you "quickly overtake" is a dps fault. if warriors aoe threat isnt the greated obviously chill on the aoe till he has threat. and if youre 85 and useing howling blast in heroics with cc and the tank isnt away from mobs lol at you. i tell dk's if they are frost to take the howling blast button off their bars or they get kicked.
    2. warrior tanks have hands down the most DR from def stance and talents.
    3. it doesnt take "patience" if you do instance runs and lvl prot.
    4. youre not even close to 85 so you cant really say how their tanking is.
    5. and if the warriors you get in pugs are bad. its cause they are prolly bad. most of the time you cant play a warrior unless you know what youre doing and have a bit of skill in the tank department.

    tamgros basicly take it from a person playing a warrior for 4-5 years now and tanking since ive made it. they are exactly what you said you were looking for in your explanation. and for tanking. you dont aoe tank really but 3 mobs max usually so you wont have to worry about that. and if you have any questions shoot me a msg in game Itanku is my warriors name.

    and on a side note anyone can make a dk not just someone with lvl 55. just have to have wotlk.
  12. TwisT

    TwisT Veteran Member

    Good points, coming from someone who has Tanked on DK's, Pally's, Druids aswell but still prefers Warriors after all this time....
  13. EchoZero

    EchoZero Veteran Member

    I think you misunderstood my post. My post is based completely on my experience and as a note I have tanked as both a protection pally and as blood (frost/unholy when they were viable) dk. In my experience thus far in cata I've seen more problems with warriors then any other class tanking. By no means did I say they were the worst I said They were my least favorite to have as a tank. I never said they didn't have awesome abilities either, I know they do, but keep in mind I've played with tanks of each class and these are people I know know what they are doing and I know they have gear suitable for the content being worked on (I didn't mention this is my original post so I am now). I also made no claim to actually knowing how to tank as a warrior. My comment on requiring patience was based on my experience leveling and I found it to be far more difficult and frustrating at times then other classes, hence why I said I think it needs patience, it was my opinion and you are welcome to disagree with this.

    So now that I said that hopefully you realize I wasn't really bashing them but rather saying from a dps perspective They are my least favorite tanks to run with since I've had the most problems (regardless of what those problems may be). I wasn't trying to start anything just stating my observations.

    Now the only thing I will bash and argue you on is howling blast. It is a main staple of our rotation and our dps suffers if we use icy touch instead obviously this requires good judgement on its use
    though. Now my howling blast has a 10 yard radius from the target I cast it on. If any tank is
    intentionally holding mobs that close to CC IMO they are fail. Chances are they will break the CC
    themselves if they are That close so what's it matter (unless they are tanking a single mob). Again this is my personal opinion so you are still welcome to have yours. For the quickly overtaking part I would normally agree with you that it is dps fail, but due to the fact that frost dks have very random dps due to profs and the fact that if things go really well for us dps wise the side effect is high threat. I've been able to easily Gen 100-200k threat in a matter of seconds based on my procs and crits and such. Its not like I just dps with no regard to the tanks threat its just sometimes my dps is so uncertain that I accidentally overtake the tank with 2 or 3 really heavy hits
  14. EchoZero

    EchoZero Veteran Member

    Since my phone is annoying and wont let me scroll right to the side note I didn't know They changed it so you only had to have lich king to make a dk I've had mine since the start of wrath when the 55 requirement was there
  15. maesterkai

    maesterkai Veteran Member

    lol. i didnt get upset just felt bashed upon by someone that didnt even have an 85 in that class yet.

    as for the tank being fail for tanking things close to cc. youre wrong. you cant always los mobs and you cant always pull mobs back for they have ranged atks so if you dont have a silence you have to. and as for your dps being gimp. its trash we arent trying to do 10k plus dps. we are trying to keep cc etc up so we dont have chaos and the tanks getting bashed on. now on boss's its w.e. to use howling blast. and 100-200k threat is like 1 move for me so i dunno maybe you should refer these warriors you get to some sort of theory crafting for threat cause they are doing something wrong. and for the most trouble with tanks dunno how you have trouble with wars. cause we have the least aoe. palys spam hammer of rightcheos break cc. dk's pestilance and dnd break cc. tbh they have the most trouble tanking because of those moves.

    I have all 4 tank class's and know the mechanics etc warrior is by far the easiest for heroics on trash.
  16. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member

    Lol, took me a sec to realize DK meant death knight because for some reason i thought they played Horde.... you know, death and all.

    Not a lot of mention of Druids in this discussion. Are they kind of a generic/filler tank? I was always worried they would be good at all, master of none kind of thing. If I end up subbing, I'd probably use one as an alt because that seems fun.

    I have patience. Despite being the warrior class, Conqs in AoC could never use the heaviest armor, nor shields. They used 2H or DW, DW having pretty much no CC or debuff, and 2H having minimal DPS. For vast stretches they were stuck in an unhappy no mans land between tank and DPS. To be effective in both PvP and PvE you really had to work your stances and changing weapons. It took some practice but shifting all of those things and abilities was a hell of a good time. It was fun to dominate using one of the "weak" classes.

    To avoid creating a "help me choose a warrior race" thread, what race recommendations do you have? Looks like gnomes are a popular PvP choice, humans look kinda balanced, Dwarves look like a good counter for some classes in PvP, and Worgen? huge dudes?

    I'm not sure if I can even play Worgen if I'm just doing the trial, so that may be out. Is there much of a difference between the classes?
  17. Odissa

    Odissa Veteran Member

    The only differences other than the looks are the racials. I'd go with gnome or human warrior though. They seem to be the best as far as racials go.
  18. maesterkai

    maesterkai Veteran Member

    dwarf all the way. if you like tanking bonus expertise with maces and 10% armor buff that makes you immune to poisens, bleeds, and other effects of the matter. and i think it still does incapacitates not sure.

    all tanks have been equalized so no one tank is best at anything really.

    druids are bear form tanks so you get to stare at fury ass all day and right now are sorta gimp at aoe tanking but if your group is good there shouldnt really be any aoe and you should be focusing one mob. but its all about how you spec. if youre speced tank you can still dps but you wont top meters. caster dps is good and has good raid buffs and heals is good also. but their tanking and dps is very good especially feral dps which relys on bleeds their mastery increases this dmg makeing their bleeds very nasty. their only sort of defense high armor being able to dodge more stam then the other tanks and at a certain lvl you can absorb dmg 50% chance to proc a buff that does this absorb for a % of your AP. the amount of %age is based on your mastery. but they have high DR from armor. made to get hammered by the boss and take massive amounts of dmg basicly.

    paladin tanks heal themselves with a spell you get later in the game and are very good at aoe tanking. you have a heal that will bubble you if you overheal yourself absorbing dmg and wield a sword and board. blocking frequantly i think is how they are still made with their mastery increasing their chance to block. their threat is sort of spike threat i think based on procs but threat isnt really an issue anymore.

    DK(death knight) are fairly fun i dislike them anymore only because they have made only one spec a tank spec instead of being able to tank in all 3. but they are based off spells/melee for dmg/threat (deals dmg with a 2h weapon). you put diseases on mobs/boss and they do dmg and bonus threat from ticks while you use your melee atks which dmg is increased by keeping these diseases up. you are based around healing yourself as well as the paly but in a much different way. you have a spell that has a for sure chance to bubble you when you use it. it heals you and you get a %age of that heal as a bubble. mastery increases this amount absorbed. you pull things to you with deathgrip can absorb spell dmg with a shield for a few seconds. multiple ranged atks you can gain threat with.

    warriors which are my favorite of the 4, you have a sword and board. you have a healing spell but its an oh shit spell. much like your shield wall and last stand. oh shit spells. you are based around blocking dmg as it comes in. that is your soul reliable mitigation as it has no diminishing returns. warriors get a buff everytime you parry that increases critical block chance which will block more then 30% of the incoming dmg. (btw anyone who can block will only block 30% of the dmg unless its a critical block). and your mastery increases your block chance and chance to criticaly block. you also have spell reflecting moves usuable on most regular dungeons and heroics bosses and trash.

    also i didnt mention in some of them that every class has a spell that either reduces dmg taken by some %age or increases max health for a peroid of time. and have some sort of healing capability.

    paladins reduce dmg income by 20% i think or 40%.

    druid raise max health and reduce dmg income by 20% and have a heal over time that burns rage to heal. no rage no heal.

    DKs raise max health and i believe all healing done to them.

    warriors reduce incoming dmg by 60% and increase max health by 30% for a short period of time and have a heal over time. all oh shit moves.

    all tanks but druids wear plate. druids wear leather and get moves to increase armor and stam.

    this being said you'll have to actually play them to see if you like them.
  19. maesterkai

    maesterkai Veteran Member

    to answer your race choice more specificly because my opinion everyone should be dwarf best race in game =).

    but humans are decent you get expertise for maces and swords i think can break sorts of cc(fear, sheep, stuns, etc) and like 10% bonus to rep gains.

    dwarves get the armor buff i mentioned in the other post and archeology buff almost makes it instant. (a profession) and expertise gain for maces. and resistance to frost

    gnomes get engineering buff (another profession). and a snare break. (frost nova, root, etc.) boost to intellect also.

    Night elves get a % to be missed i think its like 2%. and can shadow meld going into a stealth state.

    draeni get a 1% bonus chance to hit so you dont have to stack as much hit rating and resistance to shadow

    worgen get a sprint type move increases speed by so much for so many seconds. i think a critical strike increase and faster skinning almost makes it instant.

    other then that you go by looks and well. cmon dwarves are the best looking and all around the greatest.
  20. TwisT

    TwisT Veteran Member

    My My... Papa Kai has been busy. Yeah Tam, what he said^^^^

    But TBH you just gotta get in and play and see if you like them...

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