HS tam and Abysmalyxia, a weird three's company?

Discussion in 'Star Trek Online' started by tamgros, Nov 2, 2009.

HS tam and Abysmalyxia, a weird three's company?

Discussion in 'Star Trek Online' started by tamgros, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member

    For those of you who haven't seen it:

    Things like this suck, and I'm sorry for any negative effects to AOA this may have caused.

    Please don't try to retaliate or anything. Say what you will, her concern is one that should be addressed due to the seriousness of NDAs. I think the best thing to do is let Cryptic handle it as they wish and have HS and I deal with whatever comes to us.

    I still stand by what HS and I did as really not a big deal and appropriate for a gaming/entertainment environment. But, maybe I'm just too goofy and light hearted?

    Thanks to all of you who have been cool about this already :)
  2. Rhyus

    Rhyus Veteran Member

    Ok, well, that was in the beta forums and I have no access to them at this time. :(
  3. MrBrock

    MrBrock Veteran Member

    It sounds to me like he/she is purposely making a big deal about it. You'll notice almost everyone who dislikes AOA has posted something negative in the thread. I think it's just a big push to get AOA mods removed.

    I didn't see what happened but reading first and second-hand accounts about it, I agree that HS should not have made the nick change. Stobeta channel is not for chatting with your pals and farting around, we have clan chat for that. :D
  4. relt

    relt Veteran Member

    Que pasa?

    (What happened?)
  5. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member

    I think it's best not really to go into it right now. It's not a big deal, I just thought I'd post it here so everyone who has access to the necessary info should know what to do.

    For those of you without access, this is about as unrelated to STO as you can get, it's only related to people in the STO community. So don't worry about it.
  6. Vmann

    Vmann Veteran Member

    Anatomy of a Champions Online Forum Post
  7. TerryN

    TerryN Veteran Member

    If no one was actually invited into the room and he just changed his nick the OP is a retard. If someone was invited in then that was bad judgment. Shit happens.
  8. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member

    I did not invite anyone. In fact, that could easily be checked as I have invited no one into the room, ever...

    It was still bad judgment on my part, I should have seen that Aby was looking to blow soemthing like this out of proportion. While I know that HS is a man of honor and wouldn't do stupid shit, a disappointingly high % of STOers would...

    If you were there, you would know what happened was just stupid fun. It's just that what happened is easily lumped by the public into a scenerio that some have compared to a breach in national security (I wish I was kidding).

    Anyway, it seems to be delt with, I just need to be careful.
  9. TerryN

    TerryN Veteran Member

    yeah I
    Yeah I didn't think you were doing anything out of order, does seem like it was blown way out of proportion. Stormshade "dealt" with it so he says on the forums so I guess nothing _too_ bad came out of it. Just have to be on your best behavior for a while and give them no reason to remove you.

    On a good note though it doesn't look like any of it came back on AoA. Everyone loves you tam so we're safe :p
  10. oleum

    oleum Officer

    Only just saw the thread. I guess the one good to come out of shit like this is that you know who your friends are. All the Jobsworth posts by people like _pax_ and Abysmalyxia are just showing them for what they are.

    OTOH there are a few sensible balanced people that comment in threads like that so it gives us people to look out for when we are asking bout invites.

    Oh and my new nick is oleumsdog in the channel in question. Don't worry its not ACTUALLY my dog. Besides he doesn't type English so if it really IS him you'll just se 90uy-y!@£$%^&*&^%$£@£$%^.
  11. Skrasis

    Skrasis Veteran Member

    After reading through the post in the forums I think it is just a huge over reaction, I doubt any more will come of it once it blows over.
  12. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    There was a little bit more that happened later, not directly related but it involved another mod so Aby exploded. The end result was Aby apologized, the mod apologized, I removed the ban Rekhan placed on Aby in the IRC, and Aby promised to work on his interpersonal skills.

    And four years of mental image were crushed when I found out that Aby was a guy.
  13. Moose

    Moose Veteran Member

    I HATE it when that happens!!
  14. oleum

    oleum Officer

    yes but we KNOW Vmann is a girl don't we? I mean she has long long hair.
  15. relt

    relt Veteran Member

    Really? Maybes she's a dwarf. Cause of the beard. I've heard her on vent...pretty masculine voice.
  16. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member

    Yep, confirmed. It was hard to tell through the beard she used to hide her face, but don't worry, nothing gets past me :eek:
  17. Overmind

    Overmind Veteran Member

    Dwarf Women have Beards!
  18. oleum

    oleum Officer

    mmm girl beards...
  19. HittingSmoke

    HittingSmoke AoA Emeritus

    Damn, I need to watch these boards more often.

    The guy/girl thing made me lmao

    A few days ago Aby was talking about how he was a hot girl and had a pic that he would post. I said I didn't give a shit so she got all butt-hurt about it and said she wouldn't post her pic since I was being so rude about it.

    Later on in another channel someone dug up a pic from COHfaces.com. It was the pic that Aby passed around since '05 on the COH boards... Now, I saw this pic and instantly knew I'd seen it elsewhere all over the net...

    Ref. http://faces.cohtitan.com/profile/abysm ... photo/1417

    Sooo... last night I'm talking in another channel while lurking in beta IRC and see him talking about what it's like to be a black female... I don't think I need to go into what's wrong with this when a guy who claims to be a chick using a pic of a random white girl claims to be a black girl around someone who he doesn't know has seen that pic that he's tried to pass off as him... (oh, did I forget to mention that at this point he didn't know I'd seen this COH pic?)

    This is when I decided that there was no doubt in my mind he was a HE.

    So yea, about the NDA thing. I acknowledged to the mods that it was a bad judgment call on my part. There was not even a hint of STO talk going on so honestly it didn't even occur to me that it was an issue until Aby started the QQ. At that point I was a little buzzed and felt like telling him to go screw off so wasn't really interested in his interpretation of the NDA.

    So it was handled, not gonna do it again. Aby made an ass out of himself with his multiple stupid threads that got locked that day.

    He's been more respectful since, but I still don't like the ass hole.
  20. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member


    It's funny because when he was going around claiming to be hot, i was actually pretty intrigued to see what 'she' looked liked.

    Now that I know it's some dude just typing away at a keyboard, i'm even more intrigued. Who are these people? What are they doing with their lives? This is insane...

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