I respectfully will be moving on from AoA

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by Mournflower, Apr 11, 2011.

I respectfully will be moving on from AoA

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by Mournflower, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Mournflower

    Mournflower Veteran Member

    I want to thank AoA for welcoming me onto Badlands as a previous Order player with open arms. I truly appreciate everything that AoA allowed me to get involved in and all the great people it put me in touch with. Definitely one of the best groups of players I've had the opportunity to play with.

    Right now, it doesn't seem like any new pvp based mmo will be hitting the market anytime soon that will take my attention away from War, but after breaking through one of the last renown rank thresholds, there really isn't much left to challenge me. With that said, I'm going to be taking on the new challenge of creating and organizing my own guild. My decision has absolutely nothing to do with anyone currently in AoA and is solely based on what I'd like accomplish on a personal level, so I don't want to burn a single bridge with any of you. Anyone who is still active can absolutely still rely on me for anything they may need my toon for, but as I'm shifting my goals, I may not always be 100% available.

    Anyway, I have no interest in pulling a Jerry McGuire here and stealing away any AoA members, but I will say that anyone interested in being involved is more than welcome to come along, but that's all I will say as I want to be respectful.

    Thanks again for everything guys. It was truly a great experience for me and I wouldn't change my time spent here.
  2. safiria

    safiria Veteran Member

    you will be missed for sure...
  3. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Best of luck!
  4. Neversurrender

    Neversurrender Veteran Member

    Good luck mourn!

    we had some fun in WAR...
  5. Rognvaldr

    Rognvaldr Veteran Member

    Best of luck bro!
  6. Peesca

    Peesca Veteran Member


    Thats to bad to see you go, you will be missed , and hope to hear from you in the future.

    Take Care

  7. mynameismonkey

    mynameismonkey AoA Admin Emeritus

    Heya Mournflower, best of luck with it! It's a big project, definitely fun and worth having a go at. let us know how it goes!

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