Mishap Application COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by Mishap, Oct 24, 2010.

Mishap Application COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by Mishap, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Mishap

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    In-Game Name: Mishap

    Names of Alts (so we can find you in game): Lunacy

    Best time for us to contact you in game: anytime I am on, most weekends, after 5pm cst and some daytime

    Preferred classes: Zealot, Sorc

    How much experience do you have in MMO gaming and what other games have you played? Many many years playing MMO's. Started with EQ1, also played WoW, Final Fantasy, CoH, EQ2, Aion, AoC others that didn't peak my interest much. Also have done several beta testing which I love :)

    What was the name of the last two guild you were involved with, what games were you playing, and what were your names in those guilds? We just started back playing Warhammer (we being Expendable and I) last time (long time ago) I was in Bullies, lvl 40 sorc on Volkmar.

    If you were previously in a WAR guild, why did you lchoose to leave your previous guild(s)? Left Bullies when we stopped playing Warhammer. Since then they pretty much blew apart.

    How would you describe your play-style? I just love to go out there, have fun and kick ass. I stay away from any drama, I hate that.

    Have you played with/against members from any other AoA divisions? If so which division(s) and for how long? No

    How did you hear about All Out Assault? We searched around for a good guild and found about about you all on the Warhammer Offical Forums.

    Why do you want to join All Out Assault? To find a good active guild, with good players who uses strats :)

    What can you tell us that would help us decide if you are a good fit for AoA or if AoA is a good fit for you? I follow directions well, love to help out, and have to much play time!

    How do you feel about working with the guild to accomplish guild goals? My main focus in game is guild progression and being part of a well formed guild.

    Do you have a referring member?(Hint: not required)
    no sadly
    Generally speaking, AoA is 18+. What is your age? I am over 18 and as a female I don't have to state my actual age, right? Please God no!

    Please take a moment to tell us anothing more about yourself that you wish. Not much to really say, I am a Mom and a gamer. I am raising the next generation of gamers!!

    While we don't require the use of Ventrilo for causal play, it is highly encouraged, as it is the main means of communication throughout AoA. Use of Vent is required in the WAR division for guild events. Would you use Ventrilo on a regular basis? Listening in without speaking is also O.K. It is simply that there is no time for the group to type during hectic RvR battles.
    Vent rocks, and I love to use it!

    Would you post on the forums consistently, once you become a member?(Hint: This is highly encouraged as well) Yup, of course I prefere in game (aka vent) talk, but I also post and know how important forums are in order to keep communications open.

    Thank you

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    Re: Mishap Application

    Welcome abord

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