Must Read New Executive Opening: CHRO

Discussion in 'Star Citizen' started by Fell, Nov 26, 2014.

Must Read New Executive Opening: CHRO

Discussion in 'Star Citizen' started by Fell, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Fell

    Fell Guild Admin Staff Member

    It's time to fill another Executive position in the SC organization, that of the CHRO or Chief Human Resources Officer. Our new CMO, Signal Warden, is already hard at work developing a brand and brand assets for AoA that can all be leveraged to help bring new members into the fold. I need someone to lead on the execution of our recruiting objectives.

    Short term, the goal is to double our Shareholder ranks to 60 by the end of March 2015. Longer term, the goal will be to help us keep All Out Assault relevant to quality players searching for a place to hang their helmet. I don't know what size is appropriate for us in the long run which is why I'm not setting a numerical goal for the long term, but I think we'll all know when our size feels right, feels effective and the place feels like home.

    Initially I see the CHRO as having several primary functions:
    1. Participate in executive council decisions, including appointment of other AoA officers and take executive direction on recruiting goals
    2. Lead a small group of qualified recruiters in identifying people who are LFG (looking for guild)
    3. Monitor (with other, junior recruiters) response to broadcast messaging (inquiries, applications and etc)
    4. As a reminder new members come into AoA as Privateers. the CHRO would handle election of Privateers to Shareholder status via organiztion-wide votes.
    Other aspects of the role might emerge, time will tell.

    To Apply: Please send me a PM expressing your interest in this role and give me a sense of 1. What interests you in this role and 2. Why we should give the role to you. It doesn't need to be a book, a few sentences would suffice or you can write something longer if you feel it will improve your lot in taking on the role. I will re-post any applications among officers and we will discuss amongst ourselves and make a decision. Also, just because there will only be one CHRO doesn't mean we can't use you in a recruiting capacity, so I urge you to make your interest in recruiting known, we may still be able to use everyone who has an interest in this important work for AoA and SC.

    I am leaving this thread open in case anyone has a question they'd like to ask or other comments, thanks!
  2. Fell

    Fell Guild Admin Staff Member

    I probably could have predicted the response on this position with a single word: ***crickets*** I know it's a tough job, who wants to add time outside of game to their commitments in an already busy life? I get it. Eventually I'll fill the position.

    In the meantime, Signal Warden, Bnorus, Cirsphe and I are working collaboratively to make sure we don't miss near-term opportunities to add to our ranks. Anyone wanting to help out should let me know and sooner or later i'm hoping to have recruiting represented on the Executive Council for SC.
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  3. Cirsphe

    Cirsphe Veteran Member

    Congrats on the new position Fell! I'm sure you'll do a great job!
  4. Signal Warden

    Signal Warden Officer

    I wanted to chime in here just to say a couple of things.
    1. This position is a chance for someone to really shape the way this org will look. They are literally being trusted with the door. I truly hope that someone can see this clan, its history and its future and realize that they have the opportunity to craft something that will echo through gaming halls for a long time. If you care about the environment in which you spend your time - your valuable, rare and precious time - then you should stand up and raise a hand for this position.
    2. That Cirsphe guy... what a wise ass.
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  5. Arcfire

    Arcfire Guild Admin Staff Member


    But really, the way work and school tends to stack up for me, I'd have to first find more recruiters, and then proceed to delegate all my responsibilities to them.
  6. Fell

    Fell Guild Admin Staff Member

    I keep starting to type something constructive, but ... yeah nothing. Job will get done whatever it takes
  7. Riot

    Riot Veteran Member

    Sounds like what I did in EVE for two years. Handle in house drama, diplo with alliances and blues(friendlies/allies), vet those wishing to join and run my own little squad of recruiters. Being a fairly hardcore EVE follower, I have not really glanced at SC much, but from what I'm hearing, I should have already been drooling. I'll do some looking around and if it is something I could get in to, I'll formally throw my name in to the hat.
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  8. Fell

    Fell Guild Admin Staff Member

    Hey Riot, we never got a chance to meet but looks like you're a more tenured vet around here than I am, great to hear you're interested in SC. I think there are some EVE players out there that would malign SC, but what can you say, haters gonna hate. I believe you'll find lots to love about SC and there is plenty of discussion here to review and a good group of us are following this really closely even in alpha. so, ask away as you research the game.

    As for recruiting, we have a skeleton crew and nobody has yet stood up and said they want this role but I do feel its important to have someone on the executive council who can represent the functions outlined above and help us meet future demand for solid players in the org. we have a lot of ships that need crew!

    Let's chat when you're ready, and that goes for anyone else interested in recruiting too. we're not going to get the presence we want by hoping it will just happen.

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