New Member introductions

Discussion in 'Rift: Planes of Telara' started by Austok, Dec 17, 2010.

New Member introductions

Discussion in 'Rift: Planes of Telara' started by Austok, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Austok

    Austok Division Leader

    Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the rest of the guild.
  2. bloodsword

    bloodsword Veteran Member

    hi my name is mike in real life im from new york usa.. my game char is bloodsword , just want to say hi to all members in this guild.. im looking forward to be playing with u all in game and kicking ass here in rift..
  3. Arain

    Arain Veteran Member

    Well, I played with AoA in WAR but that was pretty short lived for me so another intro can't hurt. My name is Mike and I live in upstate NY and am currently a freshman in college. Love to play MMOs and play soccer pretty much.
  4. Moji

    Moji Veteran Member

    *brain implosion*

    Nice to meet you both, looking forward to getting to know you guys and own it up in rift.
  5. Odissa

    Odissa Veteran Member

    I'm Memri, currently the WoW division leader but playing Rift as well. I live in Louisiana, and I'm a stay at home mother so I spend 95% of my time on the PC. :)
  6. Baka

    Baka Veteran Member

    Heya's my name is Adam outside the game. Inside I have yet to choose a name for rift as I havnt gotten into the beta yet. I live in japan but I am from Whistler Canada originally.

    I cant wait for Rift its the type of MMO i love and all the EQ people working on it makes me smile.. I loved EQ1 and 2.

    I have played Warhammer and AION with AOA so far and look forward to Rift as well.
  7. Sares

    Sares Veteran Member

    Hiya Baka welcome.
  8. Circe

    Circe Officer

    My real name is Cynthia. I'm a disabled stay at home mom who used to work in theatre in every capacity possible, then when I wanted to actually make a living I worked in entertainment lighting manufacturing & corporate live event production.

    I like gaming, comic books, movies, & music. The internet replaced my actual book reading addiction long ago, back when I started playing MUSHes. I love karaoke, good food, & doing stuff with my 10 yo son.

    I began with AoA with Aion, which was my 1st graphical MMO ever, then played LoTRO a bit, then joined the WoW group this fall.
  9. Moji

    Moji Veteran Member

    Hello, my name is Moji. In most games I usually go by Nunganok. I live in California and work at a coffee shop. I joined AoA during Modern Warfare 2 after playing with them one night while I was drunk and haven't played a game I couldnt play with AoA since and have recently become an FPS officer. I played Aion on Triniel and was the co-leader of the legion Animus Renatus and this will be my first serious take at an MMO since I quit Aion. I look forward to playing with everyone in Rift.
  10. Haiz

    Haiz Member

    Well hello to all you fabulous people out there. I'm brand new here and don't know a single person. My real name is Clifford, and yes my favorite color is red and I do like dogs. I live in Texas and the weather is awesome.
  11. Austok

    Austok Division Leader

    Welcome to AoA Clifford, looking forward to grouping with you.
  12. Vaerinox

    Vaerinox Veteran Member

    Hello everyone my RL name is Ty (Tyler), in game name is Vaerinox. Live in northern California where the weather is much better than Texas :) Been playing MMO's for a long time including the last 6 years playing Lineage II and am really looking forward to Rift!!! Can't wait to meet everyone and offer my support and strategic expertise :)
  13. Austok

    Austok Division Leader

    Welcome to AoA Tyler, and glad to have you with us. Hope to get to chat with you someitme soon.
  14. Rognvaldr

    Rognvaldr Veteran Member

    Welcome to AoA, ill look forward to seeing you all on the battle field 8)
  15. Sosueme

    Sosueme Veteran Member

    Hello my name is Dave i live in the UK, been playing MMO's for quite a while my first was Planetside. I have no idea how living in the uk is going to affect my game when on the north american server will find out soon enough.
    I go by the names of Doxa or Sosueme, hope to see you guys ingame soon.
  16. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member

    Seattle weather FTW!

    Ok, you need a Sad Lamp:
    9 months out of the year, but those other 3 are amazing!

    But in all seriousness, it's pretty much 50 degrees every night when I go to bed with low humidity. Sleeping is good, therefor I love seattle. Being surrounded by awesome mountains and lakes on all sides is pleasant as well.


    I'm Matt from seattle. I'm an econ phd student so if you need any data mined, I'm your man (hopefully :icon_blush: )

    I enjoy most aspects of MMOs, but at the end of the day (or the new MMO honeymoon period) PvP is what gets me going

    ... in bed.
  17. Omnifox

    Omnifox Cylon - Toaster Model Staff Member

    Cross the mountains. The weather is much better here in the Valley. Our internets dont suck nuts either!

    I am Omni. I am an asshole, and stabber extraordinaire. I like long stints of gaming on the internets. Looking for a tall dark CCer available for PvP.

    Honestly, I am an IT Law nerd. I fix PCs, make accident recreations, and other general IT forensics. You will likely see my wife around, Eversky. She makes you not go dead most of the time. She also gets very much so into PvP. So, watch out for that.

    Other than that, just say something on vent, I usually have an opinion on everything. Much to the chagrin of everyone else in the channel.
  18. werewood

    werewood Veteran Member

    Hi all. Glad to join.
    Playing since beta1 and was glad to meet Elarra, Eversky and the rest of the gang online. Was real fun playing together. You guys rock!
    I moved to Canada 2 years ago - you will notice the accent on Vent when I finally make it work for outgoing voice on my new Dell XPS. Have a family and usually playing when everyone is already asleep. Thus I doubt I will talk much on Vent anyway. Every now and then I have to announce AFK due to my kids shift being till 2am and they sometime do call me ;)
    Am very casual player. Besides during the holidays, I am usually playing only a few hours a week.
    I like to play and take the stress off. I am not after uberness. But would do my best to help and win - in the context of playing a game together.
    You can ALWAYS send me tells or mail for things I can help with. Wouldn't mind spending time with your alts and noobs. Its about the teaming!
    I play MMO since EQ release week in 1999. And though I played and beta's more than 17 games over the years, most of my time was spend in EQ and WoW (and some CoH for a few months).
    Recently PvE is not challenging enough for me, but RIFT can be a change will see. Otherwise would love to try BattleFronts with you guys. Could be interesting.
    One last thing ... PLEASE be patient with me on my class/soul selection. I have a fixation on Plant spells. Chloroblast is my only interest. My 2 other souls will eventually be Control (dominator and Archeon), but my favorite build would put 51 points into Chloro ;)
    And based on my avatar icon you might have guessed right ... I am a freak of Fallout (played fo2 10s of times). You might know Harold.

    See you all online! And thanks again for letting me in.
  19. ElChongo

    ElChongo Veteran Member

    welcome aboard Werewood
  20. Austok

    Austok Division Leader

    Welcome aboard Werewood

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