PVP Resolve

Discussion in 'SW:TOR Sith' started by tamgros, Jan 4, 2012.

PVP Resolve

Discussion in 'SW:TOR Sith' started by tamgros, Jan 4, 2012.

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    I know we had a pretty in depth convo about this at the meeting. I thought I'd get some explanation in writing. Your Resolve bar is 0/1000 as you get CCed, different CCs contribute different amount to fill up the resolve:

    Stuns: 200 per second (example: debilitate is a 4 second stun = 800 to resolve)
    knock backs/pulls/displacement shiz: 400
    Mezzes: 100 per second (example: flash bang is an 8 second mezz, breaks on hit = 800 to resolve)

    Now, the really interesting thing is that when you hit 1000 the CC that brought you there gets 50% of the value added to it, then the resolve meter ticks down from that number.

    For example:
    You CC someone with 800 resolve with a knock back, They get 400 + 400*.5 bonus = 600 more resolve
    They then have 1400 and you are immune til that counts down to 0.

    What this means is you should always try to make the CC that takes them over 1000 to be a low valued stun.

    Why this is important, say you use the out of combat 10 second mez that Sins/Operatives get when someone has 800 resolve. This means they get 1000 + 1000*.5 = 1500 added thus 2300 resolve.

    Another issue is that if you have a skill that say does a knockback that then stuns (like Juggs have), thats 400 for the knockback and then 400 for the 2 second stun. If the player you are trying to CC has 600 resolve or greater, it will add the 400 for the knockback, and then the stun portion won't go off, though it appears you still get snared, but are able to cast. Whereas if you had 500 resolve at the start of the knockback/stun, the knockback will take you to 900, then the stun portion will give you 900 + 400 + 400*.5 bonus = 1500 resolve, and then it will start ticking down.

    Make sense?

    Edit: as Omni just yelled at me to point out, I ommitted Roots for a reason, they don't get added to the resolve meter, but they are immune to them if their resolve is filled. Hence why you should always think about rooting the flag carrier... of course they can still throw while rooted though.

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