Retake Stickling Mall

Discussion in 'Urban Dead' started by BannedAccount, Jan 29, 2014.

Retake Stickling Mall

Discussion in 'Urban Dead' started by BannedAccount, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. BannedAccount

    BannedAccount Veteran Member

    Just a thread to help with the retaking of stickling mall.

    I've started the process of getting all the building surrounding stickling repaired and up to EHB - what appears to be happening is people (i'm assuming zombie groups) are barricading ruined buildings so we can't free run about without injuring ourselves.

    We get the surrounding buildings patched up its easy pickings to run in and run back out - they don't have the numbers to both hold the mall and attack surrounding areas.

    So as of today (the 29th January) I've cleaned out and repaired st lukes cathedral - the next step is doing the same for the bridal museum - that means we'll have a clear free run in from our bases in brooke hills. so not to ruin our AP running back & forth.

    I'm suggesting we use Sheldon Lane police station as a staging area - that means its 6ap to get to stickling and back - that gives us a max of 38 ap to use in the mall - enough to take down at least one zombie and heavily damage another one.

    Will keep you updated - we pick at them long enough we can retake the mall quite easily - its already thined out a fair amount thankfully we're playing against humans who'll get bored of staying in a mall doing nothing.
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  2. stat

    stat Division Leader

    Sounds like a plan to me! I havent been back since I was killed twice there the other day...

    Sheldon Lane sounds like a plan as well. Seems like a good spot for a field base.
  3. Shain

    Shain Officer

    I'm in. But Ryley is being taken out right now. 2 Zeds inside and unknown number outside.
  4. BannedAccount

    BannedAccount Veteran Member

    Aye? Balls - ok lets deal with the immediate threat then from the zeds at Ryley as a priority.

    The cathedral and the bridal museum are now repared and caded so should be a straight run in to sticklings for the time being. I'll stop looking at sticklings and get to defending our shizzle. fo' shizzle
  5. BannedAccount

    BannedAccount Veteran Member

    13 zeds in the mall - thats doable
  6. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    That's what she said.
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  7. mynameismonkey

    mynameismonkey AoA Admin Emeritus

    Riley's less of a mess. Took the last one down outside. Hunting around for a jenny right now.
  8. BannedAccount

    BannedAccount Veteran Member

    a half dozen combat revives later - down to 7 zeds inside!
  9. BannedAccount

    BannedAccount Veteran Member

    and i found out who it who is zerging - hit with a shotgun a bunch of times then attacked by a zombie seconds later User "Ash J Willams"

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