ShimmerCraft Event (New Updates)

Discussion in 'Rift: Planes of Telara' started by Martinfort, May 17, 2011.

ShimmerCraft Event (New Updates)

Discussion in 'Rift: Planes of Telara' started by Martinfort, May 17, 2011.

  1. Martinfort

    Martinfort Division Leader Staff Member

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  2. Martinfort

    Martinfort Division Leader Staff Member

  3. Sinlai

    Sinlai Veteran Member

    Sinlai - Apothecary Lure - Static Attendee - /signed
  4. Jakers1986

    Jakers1986 Veteran Member

    Static - Silentbob - Outfitting Lure

  5. Austok

    Austok Division Leader

    Healzu - Artificer
  6. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member

    Tammy - Apoth

    I have to move this week, the internet is supposedly going to be up on Tuesday, but if it's not I apologize. Otherwise I'll be static
  7. orpheus

    orpheus Veteran Member

    Static Apoth
  8. Morgis

    Morgis Officer

    Static Morg Outfitting
  9. Lair

    Lair Veteran Member

    Lair - Apothecary Lure - Permanent Sign-up - Have read/understand the rules. I'll usually be about 30 minutes late for the 5:00 PM PST start time.
  10. Marrielle

    Marrielle Veteran Member

    Marrielle - Outfitter - Permanent/Static

    Just a note, have an issue with #4, you should not be required to buy a slower mount to attend. Makes no sense to make people buy a 90% or 60% mount when they only have a 110% mount.
  11. Mieze

    Mieze Veteran Member

    Mieze - Runecrafter

    @ Mar, since you also have to put follow on 1, Missing, the 60-90% isn't necessary as you won't go faster than the number 1 if you follow rule #1 ;)
  12. Baka

    Baka Veteran Member

    Baka - Weaponsmith - Static - Handsome
  13. amberstar

    amberstar Member

    My main is now Harmonystar. I just want to go for xp and rep. I am willing to give up whatever i get that isnt soulbound if necessary. I am cool with doing group 2 also. Otherwise I have read the new rules and stuff. Sign me up. Should be a semi-permanent occurrence.
  14. Chaotic

    Chaotic Veteran Member

    Chaotic - Armorsmith - Static
  15. Annadia

    Annadia Officer

    Me! For mats for da guild.
  16. marcatron

    marcatron Veteran Member

    Vanity - Armorsmith Lure - Static . . . I also will be late on a regular basis to this event at 5 pm server time :cry: , but I will eventually show up. Hopefully your not done by the time I get in game (darn queues at peak time). :wink:
  17. Android

    Android Veteran Member

    Moan will be here and should be on time. Runecrafting 2 lures this week.
  18. Anco

    Anco Veteran Member

    3 or 4 armor ones. Just a heads up, I usually have to leave around 12am east coast time, I have work at 5am
  19. nakeeta

    nakeeta Veteran Member

    Nakeeta - apothecary - gatecrasher
  20. Eruestan

    Eruestan Veteran Member

    Eruestan- Dont have any lures atm really havent got busy with my crafts yet but would like to come along if possible...Can regularly attend.

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