Discussion in 'EVE Online' started by Gahd, Nov 20, 2012.


Discussion in 'EVE Online' started by Gahd, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Gahd

    Gahd Member

    I'm like 5 days into my trial, queued skills like a boss, and after talking to a GM who hit me up to see if I had any questions (was always a fan of this through any of my trials with it), the one major thing popped up in the conversation. As he asked me what I'd like to do... the only answer I had was "Actually.. I just want to play Star Citizen and needed something in space to get my fix."

    So yeah, I have a trial booted up and knocking out some skills, but I can't see myself playing this past the 14 days.
  2. Andsig

    Andsig Officer

    EVE is a long play game, i know how you feel though. Sometimes it is very frustrating and you should come join us for some extra fun!
  3. zenix

    zenix Veteran Member

    What was the GM's response to you mentioning Star Citizen?
  4. mythics

    mythics Veteran Member

    I remember when i got the GM pm. I was like wtf i didn't do anything bad....oh wow...your job sucks man. Eve is boring solo. Come join us in null or go find somebody to harass/grief. makes the game much better.
  5. Destrous

    Destrous New Member

    I'd like to be supportive and maybe I'm being to cynical here, but I don't see a question in your post. Did you really just come in here to let us know you don't want to play EvE?
  6. mynameismonkey

    mynameismonkey AoA Admin Emeritus

    Oh, looks like we forgot the introductions. Gahd, everyone. Everyone, Gahd.
  7. mynameismonkey

    mynameismonkey AoA Admin Emeritus

    Actual answer: he said he was joining in. Now he's played it a bit, and is letting you know he's not likely to stay joined in. Pretty damned courteous. Also, it's "too". Also, he didn't say he had a question, why were you expecting one? Also: bacon. Also, he's Gahd.
  8. Destrous

    Destrous New Member

    From where I am what he did was go onto the Counter-Strike forum and say "Sorry guys but I really just want to play Call of Duty." That's not courtesy, that's approaching another label which being new to the AoA side I won't put out there yet.

    He gives no points as to why he doesn't like the game, he gives no points as to why he prefers this vaporware Star Citizen, he just came into the EvE forum to say after 5 days of playing he doesn't want to play...because 5 days of any game clearly is enough time to determine how good it is.

    EvE is a hard game, and I have no problem helping people figure it out if they want some help. I also have no problem helping people figure out a way to have fun as it is simply a sandbox and you can do anything you want which, to many players is quite frankly scary and sometimes hard to understand. But this post leaves no room for conversation, it's simply a statement.
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  9. mynameismonkey

    mynameismonkey AoA Admin Emeritus

    I'll have another go as I'm coffee'd up and raring to chit chat.

    No, he didn't go on the CS forum and say "I want to play CoD". He responded to the CS folks who invited him to join in the fun, he said OK, then he checked it out, then he came back and said "yeh, but no. I really want CoD".

    Secondly. I don't doubt that you very well may have years of game time community under your belt, but let's get one thing straight. There are hundreds of members here with many years, some over a decade, of community activity at AoA under their belt. While we are overjoyed by the new influx of members, it would be courteous to pay attention to your surroundings when entering a new den.

    Gahd is a Division Leader here at AoA, he is also the most prolific gatherer of swag for redistributing at Pax, he is a thinking man's gamer, and deserves not to be labelled as approaching anything you may or may not wish to label. That is _my_ opinion.

    Now, of course, your opinion is as much valid as his, and has been duly noted, and will stand as your declaration; and that's why we never, ever, ever delete a post from these forums.

    Also: pantaloons.
  10. mythics

    mythics Veteran Member

    Eve isn't for most people. Those that like eve are a different breed. The mindset for taking the hits in eve other games would consider impossible is rare. Imagine wow where anywhere you go if you die you lose all the gear you have on. Don't keep any its gone. Now do that for entire severs. That is eve. Some like it most don't.

    I'm just waiting for eve players to sneak out and go screw with another game.

    <-- rables
    Meh at least he gave it a shot.
  11. Andsig

    Andsig Officer

    Monkey i hear your argument, but i counter it all with...HAGGIS!
  12. mynameismonkey

    mynameismonkey AoA Admin Emeritus

    That was pretty much every game ever made _before_ WoW. We don't compare things to WoW, other than to note the downfall of the gaming elite trampled underfoot by the screaming masses chasing their shinies. Ultima Online, DayZ, Streetwars, all offer a glorious permadeath with consequences that many of us seek out and revel in.

    EVE is not alone in the universe of consequential death, nor is it a hive of special gamers. For example, there are many here who would argue that Omikron: Nomad Soul is not the best game ever made. Knowing that it is, in fact, the best game ever made makes me feel superior to them, but I try to keep it in check.

    All games ever made appeal to only some of the gaming market. Thankfully there are open, multi-game communities that recognise this, and offer a home to gamers of all shapes and styles, providing they are willing to show the collegiate respect to each other that gamerdom demands.
  13. Awlbiste

    Awlbiste Veteran Member

    I don't like losing all my stuff, and that is why I keep my apartment locked.
  14. chevere

    chevere Veteran Member

    In all fairness playing a 14 day trial (he should have access one of us to get him a 21 day trial) shows you a VERY limited section of the game. I mean of course. It's only 14 days.

    High sec, missions, and some mining. Probably see Jita as well... (for me thats like 90% boredom)

    So much of the game, (the player created content, the emergent game play) isn't experienced or seen there. The 0.0 politics, the low sec pirates, the suicide gankers. The scammers that want to steal all your isk. Being able to kill someone in a tiny ship or kill a stupidly expensive shit in nothing but cheap ass small stuff. The trolling, the pew pew, the awesomeness.

    In eve if your not in a good group, or in a good team, I would say the grind is unbareable, painful and it'll get boring quick.
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  15. Ikagawa

    Ikagawa Web Admin Staff Member

    You're supposed to push the dead bodies over the cliff, not away from it.
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  16. chevere

    chevere Veteran Member

    No, we use them to pave our stations

  17. mynameismonkey

    mynameismonkey AoA Admin Emeritus

    Persian Walling?

  18. chevere

    chevere Veteran Member

  19. Gahd

    Gahd Member

    Wow... vanished for a night to play AC3 and all hell broke loose there.

    Pretty much all of what Monkey said, and this also isn't my first trial of EVE, which I thought I had stated in the super thread though it doesn't matter. I've followed EVE since pre-release, and this is well over my half a dozenth trial of it. Each trial has been the same end results, but I gave it a shot again and it's the actual game I don't really like.

    No need for cynicism, as stated widely, it's a niche game and we all know that. I love the feeling of being in space, I love the views and the enjoyment of flying freely in space. In all honesty, I don't enjoy the way the ships actually are or how they fly, nor do I enjoy the combat.

    I know my history and I've read plenty of EVE stories which have caught my interest. I enjoyed having a read through an early EVE player who created a sham corp to sell blueprints for then rare ships, only to grab all the money after a few months and reroll a toon. I've read the story of GHSC quite a few times over the last few years, where a years worth of prep work exploded over the course of minutes. I've enjoyed these reads and many more under an absolute full understanding of exactly what they mean. In the end, they became the only thing I had interest in with the game, the stories that came out of it. The actual game? It fails in comparison.

    So I could have kept this short, or I could sit here and pick apart the mechanics of the game and say why I think they pale in comparison to what I would like. Or I could just say that I gave it another shot and I don't see myself following through with this trial of EVE either. In all honesty, this whole thing is summed up rather simply...

    "I created another trial. I still personally find the game highly unfulfilling. I spent time in game, and I've spent some time in the TS channel listening in. I then had a choice to make, meet up and accept some of your offered goods to jump start, or call it as I see it and save us all the ISK and time. My interest in playing a game of this type is high, but EVE is still EVE and is not the game for me. I'm in no way bashing the game, as I wouldn't have kept giving it this many chances if I had that much hate for it. I wish you all luck in EVE, and if you pick up SC in the future, I'll likely see you there."

    Label it as you will as I really don't give a shit what I'm called, but you are really far off base there. Exactly what I did was this: Entered the Counter-Strike forum where I was openly invited, and stated that I was giving it a shot, and that I was not personally enjoying it, and succinctly stated why.

    -lack of actual flight: I'd like to actual fly my ship.
    -boring combat: I'd like to do more then 'right click, lock, click fire' - in all honesty, I've enjoyed more robust space combat elsewhere and this still feels like it has every time I've tried EVE in the past half a decade and counting. Yes, I know combat gets more "intense", but even then it never got any rise out of me. Still feels like playing an FPS with auto-aim on.
    -Queued skills: They annoy me. It's an OK system, but I've never actually seen the point. I get that you still don't get shit dropped in your lap and you have to earn the ship, fittings, blah blah... but I never was able to get behind it. (I wouldn't bother breaking this one down, it was just never for me)

    I can keep going, but I saw no point in simply creating a list of the game mechanics that I personally find shitty in the midst of you guys just trying to get new people in.

    As for SC, I'll leave that for other threads, but vaporware? Really?? The game was announced as in development BARELY a month ago (10/10/12), with Alpha not even happening for a year, and release stated for 2 years out... In that month, I've received about 50 updates for the game and it's systems, as well as dev milestone videos... What part of any of that is vaporware or do you really not understand what that term even means? Here's a definition for you, feel free to tell me how your statement made sense:

    So let's review. We have less then a month from announcement. We have not gone over any possible release dates. I've received more then ample game updates and timetables. I realize it will compete with EVE when released, but a bit early to be so bitter.

    I would like to secure an Asteroid base. I would then like to invite my friends into my ship, where we can then stalk other players. Once finding another player, I would like to initiate combat and proceed to lock on with my tractor beam. I'd then like to utilize my docking collar and proceed to have my friends who are prepped and geared up in my bay to then dock and board the other player ship. I would then like to watch as they secure said ship and we steal it, at which point then we take a round about way to sneak back into our asteroid base and enjoy the spoils... Past that I'm not sure, but was thinking either keeping some of the ships or setting up a secondary group to then "legally" fence said ships back out into the player base...

    Last I heard I couldn't do any of that, and I had no actual intent to come in here and just vomit my interest in SC, but said interest was the driving cause for me to fire EVE back up and try it, as well as the realization that it still was not the game for me. That was the only reason it was brought up, was through my conversation with the GM over all my options, I realized none of them were here and I was beating a dead horse again hoping this game was not still the game it was.

    This a bit clearer? I was trying to do you all a favor and keep it short at the start. As you said, I was only making a statement. A conversation was easily possible to come out of it, though only you can choose how you react. I'd forego the cynicism next time, that shit will kill you early. Either way, welcome to AoA. Relax next time. Looks like you could use a drink...
  20. Destrous

    Destrous New Member

    This post can be summed up by:

    Firstly I like how you say you wanted to keep it short and yet you still included the, I'm sorry, but very dick move of telling the GM who wants to help you that all you really wanted to do was play this other game. Telling a SWTOR GM that all you really want to do is play WoW is nothing more than childish.

    Secondly if you had started your post with even a fraction of this information that would have been at the very least a good start to a conversation. But you didn't, and in fact the very first time the majority of us get to meet you is with the above referenced statement. Maybe its my fault for not being on EvE enough as I only average probably 20-30 hours per week but I never saw you online, I never spoke to you prior to this. If there was a post somewhere that got buried already where someone invites you to the game this would have worked great as a reply saying "nope sorry" but you cannot expect the hundreds of AoA members to come in here and each create a new thread to just say what you've said.

    And for using the term vaporware I'm sorry but I've been hearing these rumors of the next Wing Commander for years now, just because they finally gave it a name doesn't mean its new.

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