[Rogue] Solo Hunting PVP build (Rogue)

Discussion in 'Rift Classes' started by Aeodian, Jan 14, 2011.

[Rogue] Solo Hunting PVP build (Rogue)

Discussion in 'Rift Classes' started by Aeodian, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Aeodian

    Aeodian Veteran Member

    http://www.riftrolebuilder.com/builder/ ... ancer.5000

    Here's how the build would work in open world pvp...

    Be in perma stealth until you find an enemy allll alone. Debilitate the enemy (30 second stun Assassin tree). Back up and set up a root trap between you and the enemy (Sab tree). Set up 5 Blast Charges on the enemy and then Detonate (Sab tree). At this point you have either taken 25% to 50% of their health (if detonate crits). Then Blind the target if they do not root themselves coming at you in the previously set trap. Either way you have the enemy at your mercy again...repeat the blast charges/detonate.

    Target should either be dead or damn close to same. The great thing is the charges do not break CC while being set up.

    Took bladedance to get the 50% dodge spell incase they still have enough will to come after you. This can be switched w/ nightblade to get the energy refunded upon using a finisher.
  2. Draegan

    Draegan Veteran Member

    Is there a perma stealth? I think I remember some rouge shouting in general during the last beta bitching about how he couldn't stay in perma stealth or some such thing. Maybe he had the wrong skill set or something, I dunno.
  3. Omnifox

    Omnifox Cylon - Toaster Model Staff Member

    21 points in assassin.
  4. Morgis

    Morgis Officer

    That looks good, me however havent liked the sab tree that much, me Im all for sniping people, something like this. Now the little bit in riftstalker could be dropped for 0 point in sab for the AE snare.

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