Sony Online Entertainment no more; long live Daybreak Games Company

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by syberghost, Feb 2, 2015.

Sony Online Entertainment no more; long live Daybreak Games Company

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by syberghost, Feb 2, 2015.

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    I wish those DDOSing cunts would just fuck off and do something productive already.
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    Three have already been arrested recently. At least one is likely to roll the rest. I expect they'll dry up and blow away soon.
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    More Twitch streams. Some are up on YouTube, some aren't yet. I'm going to attempt to consolidate here:

    Landmark and EQN:


    EQ2 (two parts; Twitch hiccuped in the middle. Holly teases Twitch devs about it.)


    The EQN/Landmark video was "Landmark Live", with just Dexella and Fairan; the others are "dev chats" with many of the team. Friday there will be a similar "dev chat" for the EQN/Landmark team.

    I feel better about these games after these streams. Haven't watched EQ1 yet, but I don't play that game (but thinking of starting). I will watch it though. Possibly right now, as I can't get to sleep for other reasons.
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    Planetside 2 will have their Twitch stream today.

    They likely had some upheaval in their CM coverage, since their "experienced fallback" person left and went to Curse a couple months ago. As always, I will watch the stream (possibly after it finishes) and update you.

    Because you're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, I like you.
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    Cohh Carnage was on Co-Optional Podcast with Totabiscuit and company recently. As a long time EQ1 player, he basically said that his hope going forward was for the company upheaval to cause them to take EQN and Landmark back to the drawing board and start fresh. He is of the opinion that their attempts to WoW-ify the art direction and ride the Minecraft popularity curve more or less fell flat, and isn't what most EQ fans were looking for. I can't say I personally have any EQ experience under my belt, but I tend to agree with him on both points. I wouldn't mind seeing them take a few big steps back and think about going in a different direction.

    The SOE discussion starts around 20:15
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    God I hope not; the direction they've outlined is AMAZING. It will be impossible to run out of content, and what players do will visibly affect the world. Art styles are personal opinions, and that stuff isn't anything like finished, so I leave that for future debate; but the direction they've announced for the mechanics is amazing.

    EQ1 is 1999 game design. If he's pining for that, he should play EQ1, which is still being developed and has Holly Longdale refocusing the dev priorities on, as she puts it, "kick-ass fun" first.

    EQN can't be EQ3. It has to lead the industry the way EQ1 did, or there's no point trying. You can't out-WoW WoW; people with a lot more money to spend have tried.

    That engine has recently set a world record for concurrent players in an FPS battle, and the potential that alone has is pretty cool, but the "life of consequence" stuff is the game changer.
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    PS2 stream:

    14 people on the stream. Confirmed "lots" of other people not on stream, either because they're working or because they won't all fit in the shot anyway.

    As with all the games, roadmap is being redone, assigning highest priority to stability and bugfixes.

    That said, the resources needed to fix the Hossin map problems are completing a new map, so there will be a delay in the Hossin fixes.

    Confirmed that they are planning an Xbox release, but right now they're still talking about it, not writing it.

    PS4 port work is a lot of what's going on right now.

    Some requested PS1 stuff is "planned" to come in, but not yet being worked.

    The "Empire buggies" (whatever the fuck those are) are on hold until they can "make sure they fill a game need, not just be another buggy".

    Closed beta for PS4 being expanded, another wave of keys just went out.

    There are some folks working especially on server stability for EU.

    EU beta for PS4 is coming. Long term goal is "complete uniformity across all regions."

    Due to the PC-like nature of PS4, a lot of the work they're doing for PS4 ports directly back to PC.
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    EQN/Landmark team QA:


    They showed a lot of team members, and said those weren't all.

    Still no plans to change the plan, just the timings and priorities.

    They're not telling us open beta date for Landmark because they don't have one in mind yet; they don't want a date to prevent adding "an awesome feature" if one comes up that they think should be there for open beta, and they don't want to feel forced to launch despite a bug. So they'll schedule open beta "when it's ready". One of the benefits of being independent; nobody to make them meet a date.

    They are still working with Voxel Farm. Their relationship with Storybricks has ended, but "the work they did for us" remains. It is implied this decision was for money reasons; OTOH, Terry appears to have confidence in their ability to continue the work. Said something about having "a lot of AI experts on the team".
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    Gah. Columbus Nova is owned by the Renova Group. The Renova Group is currently being sued because they took over a competing company's oilfield by hiring armed mercenaries to literally walk over there with AK-47s and seize it.

    Suddenly Perfect World Entertainment doesn't look that bad.
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    Terry confirms again that all the goals for Next and Landmark are the same, no change, especially the AI work, which is just being done by different people now.

    Also, there will be no template wipes in Landmark. No plans to wipe them ever. Characters and claims, yes; not templates.
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    Interview with Laura Naviaux Sturr, Daybreak's chief publishing officer, on adapting to new business models and bringing H1Z1 into the world of eSports.


    H1Z1 was top 5 on Steam last year.
    Not married to Free-to-Play; model needs to match the game audience.
    They've been hiring back "a number" of the laid off folks.
    30% revenue growth over the past year.
    Heavily committed to eSports for those titles where it makes sense.
    Regarding EQN's cancellation and the future of EverQuest sequels:

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    I haven't actually played H1Z1 because I wasn't going to buy a prerelease game, but I'm subbed to it and from what I've read it's next to unplayably broken and all of the dev attention is on the Battle Royale mode with the Survival mode completely neglected. I guess the esports statement is why.
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    The Bond villain who owns Renova group, which in turn owns Columbus Nova, which in turn owns Daybreak, is being sanctioned by the US, with $2 billion in assets seized.

    Daybreak immediately began deleting press releases that state Columbus Nova owns them, and said that they are instead owned by a guy who is one of the CN partners, but not by CN directly. Unfortunately, gaslighting doesn't work so well on the interwebs, as people began breaking out archives.

    Today there are massive layoffs; both MassivelyOP and Gamasutra are stating that Daybreak has confirmed them, and I'm seeing all sorts of folks on Twitter saying they've been laid off. Massively is 5 stories deep into this and counting.

    A poster on Massively says their contacts say 30-40% have been laid off today.

    Now for the part that will make some of your eyes roll, so I put it last:

    Derek Smart says his contacts say the entire company will be shutting down and the folks that are left are just there to keep things running until they can sell off any games and/or IP that they can.

    Renova has until June to shut their businesses down in the US, so they won't be able to make any deals after that. So if Derek is right, everything will be gone by June.
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    Oh; and the first one to leave was the person who was in charge of PR, who was presumably being told to say they'd been lying about their ownership for three years. She left yesterday, so that was probably a resignation, not a layoff.
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    Trying to connect the dots here is Renova tied to the Russian sanctions being discussed in the media? So did the government, in effect, put daybreak out of business? One hell of an epic burn if I’m reading you right...
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    Russian Billionaire who owns Renova is being sanctioned. Assets to be seized in June.

    Columbus Nova is one of those assets. CN owns Daybreak. They have until June to sell stuff.

    HOWEVER, somebody (initial edits for some of this came from an IP address belonging to Renova; later edits may have been from CN) is changing things all over the internet to say they weren't ever owned by CN, but instead by an American who "used to work" for CN. Except until a couple of weeks ago his LinkedIn said he was a managing partner. There is some serious gaslighting going on, or they've been basically lying about who owns Daybreak for three years, which makes NO sense.

    A few posts up I have a video of an interview with Laura Naviaux Sturr; she resigned about the time the "changing everything" started.

    Word is that around 70 people were laid off, mostly involved with H1Z1. Some senior H1Z1 people haven't been affected yet though.

    I don't think anybody knows at this point what's going on. Some of the people laid off yesterday say that day before yesterday they were told none of this affects Daybreak in any way and everything's fine; next day, laid off.

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