Tier 2-3 Armor Set Kill Quest

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by gyratingemo, Mar 27, 2009.

Tier 2-3 Armor Set Kill Quest

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by gyratingemo, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. gyratingemo

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    Tier 2-3 Armor set Quest

    I know many of us don't have the time to run threw the lower tiers and farm for there full sets of armor.
    I found out that there are 2 sets of armor that **might be useful.

    The Tracker's Armor set

    Tier 2 Kill 20 players of each of the following: Ironbreakers, Witch Hunters, and Sword masters then bring a buddy to kill a hero. Collect each armor unlock a set bonus and the title The Tracker.


    * Drekka Goblobba rewards the Tracker's Boots from quest 'Ead 'unta in Bonerender's Bash (Ork Chapter 6),
    in the Marshes of Madness. Level 14 required
    First quest: Kill 20 Ironbreakers.
    Followup: Kill Surveyor Stonebreak (level 13 Hero) to the north east of Bonerender's Bash, in the
    Marshes of Madness (he moves around, but approximately 24000,4500).

    * Tarond Frostrage rewards the Tracker's Chest from quest Bladed Whispers in Broken Blade (Dark Elves
    Chapter eight), in Ellyrion. Level 14 required.
    First quest: Kill 20 Swordmasters.
    Followup: Kill Drielis Windform (level 17 Hero). He is found at the edge of a hill behind some tents
    around 15000,17000 in Ellyrion.

    * Erikwuf Wrathbound rewards the Tracker's Gloves from quest Good Will in Ostland (Chaos Chapter 7).
    First quest: Kill 20 Witch Hunters. Level 14 required.
    Followup: Kill Wilhelm Von Kleinbach (level 15 Hero) around 61000,36000 in Troll Country.

    The Stalker's Armor set

    Tier 3 - Kill 20 of the following: Knight of Blazing Sun, Engineer, Archmage, Bright Wizard in open RvR or Scn. Go back to the NPC and kill a hero you get your armor set piece. Complete all four quest and get 3 set bonus's and the title unlock The Stalker. NOTE: 2 quest can be started as early as levels 18 and one at 21. The level requirement for using them are 22-26. The glove quest in BFP greenskin ch 13 requires level 27.

    http://warhammeronline.wikia.com/wiki/A ... talker%27s)

    *Asille Nightreach rewards the Stalker's Gloves from the quest line A Servant's Duel in Jade Coast (Dark Elf
    Ch12), in Avelorn.
    First quest: kill 20 Archmage players. Level 21 Required
    Followup: kill Kasildir Morningbreeze (level 25 Hero). He can be found at 35000, 32500 in Avelorn.

    * Halbjorn Frent rewards the Stalker's Shoulders from the quest line Fighting Fire with Fire in Volgen (Chaos
    Ch12), in Talabecland. Level 18 required
    First quest: kill 20 Bright Wizard players.
    Followup: kill Felix Magnus (level 25 Hero). He can be found at 43500,15000 in Talabecland.

    * Kruggog rewards the Stalker's Boots from the quest line We's Gettin' Shot Up in Gorthug's Chew (Orc Ch13),
    in Black Fire Pass. Note: this quest is only available at levels 27+, whereas the others can be picked up
    much earlier.
    First quest: kill 20 Engineer players. Level 27 required
    Followup: kill Flinty Copperlock (level 27 Hero). He can be found at 42300,6000 in Black Fire Pass.

    * Heric Vartsson rewards the Stalker's Chest from the quest line True Insanity in Bloodmarr (Chaos Ch13), in
    High Pass. Level 18 required.
    First quest: kill 20 Knight of the Blazing Sun players.
    Followup: kill Jaeger Orzbecker (level 27 Hero). He can be found at 40800,24000 in High Pass.
    Razorwing (level 27 Champion Warhawk) spawns very near by.

    ** Disclaimer Notice: these sets are not better then the RVR ones. So please don't blame me if they kind of crappy then the one you already have.
  2. gyratingemo

    gyratingemo Veteran Member

    Been updating the level requirements for the quest. Most of the t3 kill quest seem to start at level 18. But the 2nd part might require higher level to complete.
  3. Austok

    Austok Division Leader

    Excellent resource Emo, especially with how many people are currently leveling alts...thanks for keeping this updated
  4. gyratingemo

    gyratingemo Veteran Member

    All level requirements have been updated on original post. A few notes on the first armor set. Its sorta late in the game to find 20 IB's SM's and WH in tier 2. I didn't get my 20 kills till I hit tier 3. Its a nice set or armor unlock If you want to pick it up later. The stalker set is worth the extra effort. The bright wizard hero the hardest one to kill. Going need a healer or a level 40 to drop that one. Even at level 30 he does a few aoe nukes that can crit for 1k. If you dont have a healer I suggest move away from the aoe and let your buddy kill it.

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