Updated Ship Roster

Discussion in 'Star Trek Online' started by Skrasis, Oct 3, 2009.

Updated Ship Roster

Discussion in 'Star Trek Online' started by Skrasis, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. Skrasis

    Skrasis Veteran Member

    Cryptic has released an updated ships of the line


    I'm very interested to see what the Noble and the Majestic turn out to be since they are top class next to the Sov.

    Also to note the Excelsior seems to be missing. Although this list is not a final one I would think Cryptic would know that the Excelsior is going to be in the game for sure by now.
  2. Cpt Crunch

    Cpt Crunch Veteran Member

    That sure is a lot of detail on the Klingon half of the game, eh?
  3. ScouseSandwich

    ScouseSandwich Veteran Member

    Also, the laboratory ship is not in the player rank list, so how do you get that i wonder? If you even can
  4. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member

    I was wondering about that too. I suppose we'll just have to wait for that info.

    In the article for the lab, it does say "Starfleet- Type...." so it does appear it is a SF vessel. I'm secretly hoping that this means that there are Science vessels separate from the main combat structure. Kind of like cargo vessels where they aren't there in combat, but serve a non-combat function. That would mean there is some other interesting parts of STO...

    Gozer also came on IRC and said that a lot of the confusion and dissension against the list is due to the way Cryptic is wording things. I forget exactly what he said, but it sounds like people freaking out about the Akira being tier 2 and the other things just need to chill and wait to see what everything means.
  5. TerryN

    TerryN Veteran Member

    Why isn't the NX-91001 a playable ship either?

    Doesn't make sense
  6. oleum

    oleum Officer

    Its just not listed as a standard ship type for SF faction players. I am betting its some uber mission reward ship or maybe a crafted beastie. Maybe with some restrictions on its use?
  7. tamgros

    tamgros Veteran Member

    See, that's kind of what I was hoping with Fleets being able to construct their own ships.

    Basically each fleet could have its own 'flagship' in each group of 5. These ships would be subject to ship loss... Kinda odd that only one ship is subject to ship loss, but I would like that, especially if they aren't going to have starbases and other player made structures at launch.
  8. si1foo

    si1foo Veteran Member

    im intrested in the galliant and i think the excelsior will proberly be the vesper or dakota proberly as a newer version of it

    but im looking forward to the cereberus and pheonix if they are on par with prometheus they must be powerful
  9. ScouseSandwich

    ScouseSandwich Veteran Member

    did you guys click on the yellow links on the page to read about the BOs and bridge crew? the bit about BO's being restricted by the level of the bridge slot was new to me. also refilling crew from starbases
  10. Fractal

    Fractal Veteran Member

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to flying the Discovery (well, Intrepid I guess) and also what a Cerberus looks/plays like. Rekhan did some tweets today about doing things for the SotLs today, so hopefully we'll have (more) new info soon.
  11. matt4tay

    matt4tay Veteran Member

    I'm still abit niffed that theres no "Default Excelsoir" class.

    I have to make one myself from bits of others. Pfft
  12. stat

    stat Division Leader

    I really don't know where people are getting this from, but they are saying the Vesper is a refit Excelsior. Again, no idea where people came up with that idea.
  13. si1foo

    si1foo Veteran Member

    hmm well excelisior is one of the main ships in star trek so they got to have it and vesper and dakota are the most likely spots for it

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