WAR - Wrath of Heroes Beta

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by Eldelfelle, Sep 9, 2011.

WAR - Wrath of Heroes Beta

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by Eldelfelle, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Eldelfelle

    Eldelfelle Veteran Member

    Hey everyone,

    Heres some stuff from the WoH Beta that I thought people might like, so here you go. :)

    Beta Download
    It's 655MB to download it.

    Bit of patch notes
    For character abilities, please see the next post.

    Two new heroes have been added:

    Korelei - A Witch Elf :D
    Has inherently faster movement speed.
    High dodge rate + armour-bypassing attacks
    No magic defense (What happened to my Elixir :()

    Loving it as always. Was good to stab things again :D.

    Nethys - A vampire :)
    Casts close range spells
    Regen when she attacks
    No specific defences, relying instead on her area stagger to get out of tight spots

    Stuff from the game

    Here's the main screen so you can see whats coming.

    There will be a leveling system in place. Its from the main menu, not in game. Not sure what it will unlock but I'm sure it will be good.

    I'm sure it will have something to do with the tactics aswell. From the looks of things they have similar icons to the ones in WAR so i'm assuming they will have similar effects. Can have upto 4 loadouts with 4 tactics each.

    The character sheet is also located here. I'm not a fan of hour they have done it though, as after you have selected the character you can only see the icons and need to scroll down the tiny box to see what it does. Even then it isn't very specific. Scroll down further for the character details.

    Searching for a game is really easy. You just hit the 'Find Battle' button at the top. It then brings up 3 buttons, Random Warband (Pugs), Custom Warband (see pic below), and Cancel.

    Once you're done it finds you a game and it works exactly like the Scenarios from WAR, just with 3 spawn points. Also has a nice little Learn to play picture:
    how to play.jpg
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  2. Eldelfelle

    Eldelfelle Veteran Member

    And here are the characters and their abilities:

    Black Orc:
    black orc.jpg

    Bright Wizard:
    bright wizard.jpg

    Shadow Warrior:
    shadow warrior.jpg




    Witch Elf:
    witch elf.jpg

    And here's the ending screen from the Scenario:
    end screen.jpg

    The character health colour in the top left changes depending on what team you play for. In the top right you can see the three spawn points, Orange in the Top, Green to the right and Blue at the bottom. There are three objectives, the 2 minor ones to the left and bottom middle, with the main one being inside a building in the middle of the map.

    You have the ability to change all the hotkeys through the main menu to whatever you like. At the moment only having 5 abilites, 4 with cooldowns, is a bit of a pain, but overall I found it a lot of fun. Took a little bt to get used to with the 3 teams instead of 2, but overall I really enjoyed it.

    Any questions ask away and I will try to answer them a bit later.

    Good luck and all the best.
  3. Reiner

    Reiner Veteran Member

    Looks fun, I signed up for beta and hopefully will get an invite soon :D
  4. Rognvaldr

    Rognvaldr Veteran Member

    Please please please let their be a chosen!!!
  5. kuroiwashi

    kuroiwashi Veteran Member

    LOL I missed Eldefelle post on betas, full with a lot of pics.

    I will be applying for the beta, o waiting on the game to go open, since I wont be able to do much till after december 15th.

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