Warbands, 6 mans, ect

Discussion in 'RvR and PvP' started by Valchyrie, May 8, 2011.

Warbands, 6 mans, ect

Discussion in 'RvR and PvP' started by Valchyrie, May 8, 2011.

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    Psychopski here...

    Tier 4's back on the horizon for a lot of returning players. I'd like us all to tighten things up just a bit to make the transition back to the big leagues a bit easier.

    While I dont mind leading WBs, I actually prefer to run as a sled dog and let others lead. Some players, especially from other guilds tend to get butthurt when I'm leading. I understand we're all here to hang out with each other, and have fun while we're playing. Part of having fun for me is having success in game, and just all around kicking ass. I'd like to ask for a little more cooperation when we have guild mates leading wbs. If you guys want me to continue leading party/wbs there's a few things I'd like to see tightened up a notch or two. Please do the same for any guild or alliance member is leading a WB.

    First off, dont get upset if you get called out. If the WB leader calls you out, it's nothing personal, we dont think your a bad player, we're not insulting you, we're just asking you to bring your A game. It really helps out of guys are staying with the group, if you're wandering off i'm going to ask you to rejoin the group. It's getting to the point for me where it's getting old asking over and over again. It really helps if everyone is moving FAST FAST FAST(it should be a competition to see who can get mounted up first and moving with the WB leader), keeping the WB tight(staying together), and carrying out calls instantly. If you're not on the WB leader's ass 100% of the time, not listening to calls, basically if your off in zone not with the WB doing your own thing... we're going to get our asses absolutely handed to us in T4 all the time and it wont be much fun for anyone.

    -Communication: comms on vent are a two way street. WB leader is making several decisions at once, and doing what he think's best. Input from you guys is essential, the WB leader has one set of eyes, and you guys will see something the leader might not. Cut joking and bullshitting when we're in combat. If there's something the WB leader may not see, plz speak up. Feedback is essential and expected, just try to keep chatter to minimum when things are hot and heavy.

    -Keep the WB leader as your friendly target, use an add on that marks or allows you to mark the WB leader, MOVE WITH THE WB LEADER at all times unless assigned elsewhere. If you see someone running off willy nilly, call them out and get them back with the group. It gets really old having to ask the same individuals over and over again to get back with the group. I dont care if we have people on rams, someone capping a bo, if the WB leader makes a call, GO WITH THE CALL that instant. {Please don't decide on your own to run off from the group. What happens is... you die, someone else in the WB decides to follow you and they die, then a WB healer tries to rez you they die, then when our main group arrives to rez you, the main group wipes because we're down several players, all because one or two guys decided on their own to go off and do their own thing. WB leaders will be sizing up Order WBs and deciding whether or not to run or to fight. A big part of that decision making process assumes every player in the wb is moving with the WB leader. I'll tell you it's really frustrating commiting our WB to a fight, wiping, then looking on the map and seeing several people in the Warband are off doing their own thing.

    -MDPS-RDPS Assist the main assist. I'm pretty laid back, but i'll tell you there's nothing more frustrating than calling/marking targets numerous times, swinging my camera view around behind me and seeing 3 or 4 guild mates attacking other targets. The MA doesnt care if you saw XY or Z, assist the main assist. "But I... But he was"... doesn't matter, assist the main assist. If you see something the MA might not be aware of, call it out in vent, while at the same time ASSISTING THE MAIN ASSIST. Tanks may be guarding healers and CC'ing, that's fine and expected. Try being the MA and see how frustrating it can be as you're chasing a CALLED target, and see 5 to 8 wb members behind you chasing other targets. That shit's amateur hour and we might as well be pugging 24/7. If this does not apply to you.. good on you, if it does, tighten up your game please. If you see WB members not assisting, call them out and direct them to get on the called target, dont leave it on the WB leader or MA to always have to be the bad guy.

    -When we arrive in a zone we need to be grouping up at the Warcamp. Wait for the party/wb to arrive and move out as a group. Granted there will be instances where we need the first one in zone to hit the ground running... that's understood. Other than those instances, we need to be moving from WC, keep, ect... AS A GROUP. There's nothing more ridiculous and totally unavoidable than having WB members picked off in 2's and 3's off doing their own thing. You guys get killed, then the rest of the WB wipes because we're down several players. The good order groups we go up against, are almost always moving as a group. Whether it's leaving a zone after flip, or moving to grab rams, they're always grouped up and working as a team.

    -Get on vent. INSIST that anyone from out of guild that's joining the wb GETS ON VENT. Before you invite someone out of guild to run with us, insist they have vent. There's no excuse to not have vent. Players can at least listen in if they dont have a mic.

    -If you're leading a WB, please actively lead. Show respect to those your leading. If you're too busy doing something else, pass lead. If someone's on thier own program, ask them respectfully to get with the program and move on. Designate a main assist, and ensure everyone in WB either has an assist add on running or an assist macro set up. Monitor party status(number of healers, tanks, ect). Designate several WB assistants, so if you have to afk, someone else can move party members around or invite. Insist everyone is on vent. If they can't get on vent I'd rather not even have them running with us.

    -Don't bitch, moan, and complain in WB chat or on vent when we're running with other guilds or alliances. Save the complaints for later when it's just your guildmates on vent. Enough said.

    -Don't tell the WB leader to "chill the fuck out" in vent. Chances are there's a few wb members not on their A game, and I'll tell you guys it is a cumulative effect for the wb leader and starts adding up as the day goes on. Back up the WB leader's calls. If you have a problem with the WB leader be an adult, pm him/her and work it out, then move on to the next target. Keep the drama out of game and definitely OFF VENT. If a WB leader is clearly out of line, plz dont get into a pissing contest on vent, move off channel, or take it up with a guild officer. Please NO DRAMA.

    Leading a WB is no power trip for me, nor anyone currently in game that leads WBs. Each WB leader has their own leadership style, plz adapt and do your best to make the WB leaders job easier. I'm 42, usually as laid back as it gets, and I fully realize this is just a game. 99.9% of the time not going to rage because of guild mates or alliance members playing sloppy. I'll just log off and leave vent because it's really not worth the stress. That said, when I'm leading, or anyone else in guild is leading, we're wanting to keep everyone alive and wanting to kill Order. If i'm fucking up or you see any other WB leaders fucking up, pm them and work it out. I fuck things up just as much as anyone else here, so if I'm not bringing my A game let me know.

    Most of us have been running in T3 and we can get away with sloppy play 99% of the time. This absolutely will not cut it in Tier 4. We will already be getting our asses handed to us because of the gear gap in T4. Don't add to the gear gap disadvantage by not bringing your A game each and every time you log on and join a guild WB in T4. If you need a break or want to run solo, that's fine. If you're going to run with guild WBs, get your game face on and be ready to kick some ass. Sloppy play is contageous. One person sees someone wandering off from the group, they think it's okay for them to wander off. One person sees another guild member not assisting the MA, they think it's okay if they dont assist the MA. ect.. ect..

    This is nothing new to AoA. When I was with other Destro guilds AoA was almost always kicking ass and taking names. Good non guild players will want a part of the action and hopefully join our ranks if we're working together, kicking ass, and having fun.

    Thanks all.
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    ya ya agree party time!!!!!! :shareit:

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