Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade

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Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade

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    161958_179422588761481_7428992_n.jpg Warhammer 40K FAQ posted!!

    The good people at Eternal Crusade have posted an update faq. Tere has been some big changes with the founders program so I figured I would post this here for those of you following this game. Can also be found at https://www.eternalcrusade.com/faq

    When is it coming out?
    We’re aiming for early access in Fall 2015, exclusively for Founders, followed by a closed Beta which is also exclusive for Founders. This is to emphasize our dedication and intent of involving the Founders in the development process as well funding the war effort.
    We will launch Eternal Crusade in 2016.

    Who can play during Founder’s Access?
    All fans who own a Founder’s pack (Warrior, Sergeant, Captain, Dawn of the Imperium or Xenos packs) will be able to play during Founders Access.

    Do Founder packs define the priority ahead of the date it was purchased?
    Yes. The highest tiered pack holders will be able to play first. Then, the order will be determined by the date it was purchased.

    Do Xenos, Dawn of the Imperium, and Captain packs have the same priority? Isn’t the Xenos pack the highest pack?
    The Dawn of the Imperium and Xenos packs are both Captain packs with add-ons. Xenos pack holders will be given first access, followed by Dawn of the Imperium, and Captain.

    What kind of game is this?
    Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade is a Massively Online Third Person Shooter. Players select one of four factions of the 41st millennium and fight other players for control of a persistent world at war. As they fight their way across the planet, players claim territory in massive battles and earn the right to customize and improve their characters in a deep progression system drawn from Warhammer 40,000 lore.

    What is the gameplay like?
    Eternal Crusade’s combat is fully action-based – you shoot or swing with a button, but whether you pull off a headshot, or block an incoming chainsword is entirely based on your skill. In addition, gamepads are fully supported.
    Both ranged and melee weapons have equal emphasis — as in the iconic battles of Warhammer 40,000. Combat begins at a distance with guns and heavy vehicle-mounted weaponry before progressing to bloody blade-on-blade action with brutal executions.

    What business model will the game use?
    Eternal Crusade will be available in retail, for digital purchase, and a free-to-play option we call “Free-to-Waaagh!”. By purchasing a copy of the game, you will have access to it forever with no need for a subscription. There will be post-launch expansions as well as a cash shop for aesthetic customizations and side-grades.
    You can play Free-to-Waaagh only as an Ork Character. In contrast to the premium Ork progression, some options will be locked, but you’ll be able to go anywhere and fight for the Waaagh! If you like it, but don’t want to pay the full price, you can unlock some of the missing options with micro-transactions.

    Are there quests?
    Not in the traditional sense. Instead of looking for quest-givers to give you things to do, you can select an available mission, from the high command during a campaign, and join a PvP battlefield or a cooperative horde map in order to achieve it.
    We’re currently working on short, horde-style firefights as our main PVE content for launch.
    Of course, you can always look to the community channels and your faction leaders to get some direction. In addition, there are mid- and long-term opposed goals for factions that appear on a regular basis as part of the ongoing server-wide campaign system.

    Can I play solo?
    Solo players can easily find and join battles with their faction by either looking at the world map or deep striking into the top conflicts of the moment.
    What platforms will Eternal Crusade be released on?
    Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade is being developed for PC, Mac, and SteamOS. We also plan on releasing the game for next-gen consoles; to be confirmed. For now, the Founder program purchases are only for PCs and Mac.
    What are the minimum specifications for the game?
    The minimum requirements are:

    • CPU: INTEL Core i5-750 or similar
    • GPU: NVidia GTX 660+ or similar
    • Memory: 8 GB DDR3
    • Hard Drive: 50GB Free Disc Space
    • OS: 64-bit Operating Systems (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, SteamOS, MacOS X 10.9)
      NOTE: This is just a predicted hardware setup. Details can change slightly over time as the game is still under development. More details to come.
      In what languages will the game be available?
      The game will be available in the following languages:
      • English
      • French
      • German
      • Russian
        NOTE: This is a tentative list. More languages may be added at game launch.
    Tell me more about combat.
    Eternal Crusade plays out like a proper third-person shooter with a focus equally shared between melee and range fighting. You point where you want to shoot or strike and hitting your target is based on skill. There are no ability bars or auto-attack systems, and if you want to evade or block an incoming attack, you press a button to roll out of the way or hold down the guard button.

    At the same time, Eternal Crusade is a tactical experience, so positioning, teamwork, and your choice of war gear are also key components to victory. You may be an amazing shot with your Stalker Bolter, but when a Havoc has you pinned down and Raptors are advancing, you’re going to have a tough time maintaining that defensive position!
    How can you have a progression system with skill-based combat?
    Like many action games these days, an underlying progression system affects how you fight in a variety of fashions. This includes the obvious methods such as modifying your health or the damage when you strike, but character and weapon stats can also change the way you shoot or swing.

    For example, you can aim in any direction and fire away, but the spread on your shots comes from a variety of factors, including what kind of gun you’re using, its upgrades, and any accessories you’ve equipped to modify your accuracy . Your spread may increase while moving and decrease while zooming with a scope, and the extent to which these modifiers affect you may themselves have their own stats! Melee weapons are similarly affected, with the force on an attack compared against the stability of the victim to determine staggering, knockback etc.
    How are the classes balanced?
    Each faction has a set of primary classes (the number may vary on faction) and, depending on how you build your loadout (accessories, weapons, items, etc) for that class, there are a multitude of possible specializations. Eternal Crusade is also a massive tactical war game so not every specialization will be equal when going toe to toe with each other – you should either bring friends to make up for your weaknesses or deploy your loadout in the circumstances that favour your specialty.

    Since you can change classes and loadouts whenever you deploy to the field, you’re not locked into your choice for hundreds of hours (though that’s not to say all the choices you make in your progression will be easy to reverse).

    Certain classes (such as Elites) have a resource cost associated with spawning them and exceptional players can earn access to hero classes as well. A given player’s opportunity to use these characters is limited and they must be supported on the battlefield, but with their power and ability to enhance the capabilities of primary classes those around them, they can turn the tide of war. Of course, killing a hero is also an exceptional action that shall be rewarded.
    Can I be a healer?
    Yes, although you should think of them more like combat medics or support classes. These characters may be better at healing than others, but they still have limited resources to work with and should still be spending most of their time fighting.

    That said, everyone has a little bit of healing potential. When a character hits 0 health, they enter a downed state where they start bleeding out (unless they’ve taken so much damage they’ve blown past the death threshold of course). Friendly units can rescue a downed character and bring them back with a little health, or enemy units can execute them up close with any weapon to earn a little XP and prevent them from coming back.

    Both executions and rescue actions take time and can be interrupted, so you have to decide if doing so is worth the risk. Some characters may be better at rescuing than others.
    Are there vehicles?
    Yes! Expect at launch the most iconic vehicles for each faction to be available for driving, ride-alongs, turret-manning, etc. More vehicles will be added with each new add-on and patch later.
    Is there friendly fire?
    Yes. There is also a system for penalizing excessive friendly fire, although this will be receiving extensive iteration as the game develops.
    Progression & Economy
    Do characters have levels?
    No! You’ll pick what unit class type you want to bring to the battlefield and have access to a huge amount of customization, but since this is a PvP-focused game the progression won’t be primarily about increasing power, but rather gaining access to a wider variety of skills and better specialization.
    How do you equip your character?
    Before you get to the field, you’ll create loadout’s for your different classes, made up of weapons you’ve earned, and accessories you’ve unlocked. Your progression, however, is generally horizontal – the more powerful an item is, the more “points” it requires from your loadout in order to keep PvP balanced.

    With a few exceptions, each character generally has access to both ranged and melee attacks at any time. For example, if your assault unit has sword, axe, or power fist in one hand, they’re going to have a pistol in the other.

    There are exceptions, of course. Heavy guns prevent you from having much melee capability, of course, and if you choose to equip a power fist and a storm shield then you’re not going to have any ranged options in your loadout. But your average soldier on the field is able to do both in some capacity.
    Will there be trading and crafting?
    Yes, in a form that fits with the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Consumables such as ammunition, health packs, and weapons upgrades will be tradable. You won’t be able to be a “crafter”, but there is an extensive upgrade system for weapons.
    Will I be able to customize my characters’ appearance and colour scheme?
    Yes! Although you’ll generally keep a sub-faction appropriate colour-scheme, there are many options for changing up your armour, accessories, etc.
    Is this a single-server MMO?
    Last year, we were aiming for a single server technology and one unique world. For launch we will offer a connected match experience simulating an open world. Everything is built in order to support the open world MMO experience as soon as the tech will be ready.
    Partnerships with publishers we had to consider a business regions split. We might end up with a universe per business region, meaning one server for NA, one for EU, one for AS and one for RU.
    What engine are you using?
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    Game World
    Will the world be instanced?
    The PvP gameplay of Eternal Crusade uses instances but each location is unique. . There will be some exceptions, for example the PvP missions will be duplicated, but this is not the general rule.
    The continents will be built in order to support the future open world experience patch. In the meantime the world will be divided into small unique locations which will be played as matches. Only one match can happen at one given location in the world and the result of the match will change the world for everyone. The only exception will be the PVP missions which will be instanced.
    How do the campaigns work?
    As the four armies clash on the surface of the planet, the (NPC) High Command for each army receives intelligence and set objectives to act on. Campaign objectives are always opposed by at least one other faction. These grand clashes rage across one or more of the continents on the surface for a set period of time.
    When the High Command receives new intelligence, they change their objectives and focus their efforts into a new campaign on a different continent (or continents). The results of the previous campaign will be meaningful and some campaigns will be story driven, helping to uncover more about the lore of the universe and the planet itself.
    What can I do if I don’t like PvP?
    Eternal Crusade is a game primarily about player-run factions clashing against each other for control of the planet. However, there are other ways for players to contribute to their faction’s conquest. To that end, we’re targeting a PvE game mode for launch
    Generally, you and your friends will drop into a Tyranid Hive and hold out as the ravenous alien hordes rush you in increasing waves. Tyranids are our main PVE NPC content but some missions might be about fighting another sort of Enemy. Similar horde mode game types can be found in Space Marine and Mass Effect 3.
    Both PvE modes will allow you to contribute to your faction’s cause, and your faction will reward you appropriately for your efforts!
    Will the Tyranids affect campaigns and territory control?
    Absolutely. From time to time, the Tyranid threat spreads and Capillary Spires burst out of the ground, conquering outposts and strongholds. Each faction must do what they can to flush the Tyranid threat out of their territory or risk losing it to the Great Devourer—a along with any benefits that come with it!
    Naturally, owning more territory draws more attention from the Tyranids, but these ravenous monsters are a threat for every faction to manage as campaigns go on.
    Who’s writing this thing?
    New York Times best-selling author Graham McNeill (Horus Heresy: A Thousand Sons, Empire), is joined by Narrative Designer Ivan Mulkeen in developing the story behind the planet and the various factions involved.
    Does that mean there are going to be cinematics?
    The game’s story will not generally be told to you, but instead created through the actions of the players. In addition, the world of Eternal Crusade has a rich history written into the geography itself. As players explore the surface, fight through the Underworld, and advance through campaigns, all will be revealed…
    User Interface
    What can we expect from the Heads-Up Display (HUD)?
    Style-wise, the plan is to strike a good balance between an immersive in-helmet feel and a clean minimalist look. The HUDs, like the Front-End, are themed to fit your chosen faction. You can expect the standard HUD elements to be displayed – health, minimap, chat, objectives, ammo, squad members, etc.
    Will we be able to customize it in any way?
    Not at the moment. We are designing finely crafted experiences about being a Space Marine, Eldar, Ork and a Chaos Space Marine. The GUI is key in supporting these experiences, and so we’re focusing on doing exactly that. We will offer skins and variations which you will be able to access later.
    Will you support community created mods/add-ons?
    At this time, this is not planned for launch. If we do we will use a proper mod manager with tools for sharing and rating.
    How can I play with my friends?
    The Battle Squad is the core of the game. With friends (old or new), you’ll be able to create and earn rewards for your small community and then join Strike Forces made up of many Battle Squads. Strike Forces are the pillars of their factions and will make a huge impact in the game world.
    As a team, either with your Battle Squad or an impromptu field group, you will traverse the landscape in various modes of transportation and participate as a unit in territory conflicts, or seek out and fight together against Tyranids and other forces in various forms of procedural content.
    Who leads the war council?
    A player-selected Council determines the focus of their factions in campaign and territory control, and also has some say over resource distribution. Strike Force leaders also have access to similar powers in a more limited fashion.
    Are there any player- or community-owned spaces?
    Not at launch but this is still part of our post launch plans.
    Which Warhammer 40,000 armies are in the game?
    At launch, there will be Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Orks, and Eldar. Tyranids will also be in the game, as NPCs. We aim to release the rest of the races from the universe over the lifetime of the game.
    Players may make characters in multiple factions, but non-combat interactions between factions are extremely limited. All the factions are unique and opposed to one another in their goal to conquer the planet!
    When you create your character, you also choose one of that race’s sub-factions (Chapters, Legions, Clans, and Craftworlds) to identify with. Each faction features a unique selection of classes drawn from their lore, and each character in a faction has the opportunity to choose from a variety of classes when they deploy on the field.
    How are you going to make sure the faction populations are equal?
    Although we are creating systems to prevent truly huge faction imbalances (51%+), in general we are not going to force faction balance. In fact, we don’t think of this as a four-sided game, but potentially an infinite-sided one!
    Factions in Eternal Crusade don’t “win” by owning more territory than everyone else. Instead, you advance the cause of your faction by accomplishing distinct goals that provide rewards, give you recognition, and/or affect the long-term narrative. If one faction seems overly powerful, other factions can work together against them. This can take the form of an official alliance between their leaders, or happen naturally by virtue of the fact that the most powerful faction has territory that several other factions want.
    Tell me about the Space Marine faction.
    Space Marine chapters at launch include (at least) the Dark Angels, Ultramarines, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves.
    Characters such as Tactical Marines, Assault Marines, Devastators and Apothecaries feature in the game.
    Tell me about the Ork faction.
    Ork clans at launch include (at least) the Evil Sunz, Bad Moons, Deathskulls, and Goffs.
    Characters such as Stormyboyz, Lootas, Mekboys, and Meganobz feature in the game, but the official class roster has not been announced yet.
    Tell me about the Chaos Space Marine faction.
    Chaos legions at launch include (at least) the Black Legion, Iron Warriors, Word Bearers, and Night Lords.
    Characters such as Chosen, Havocs, Raptors, and Terminators feature in the game, but the official class roster has not been announced yet.
    Tell me about the Eldar faction.
    Eldar craftworld at launch include (at least) Iyanden, Ulthwé, Saim-Hann, Biel-tan, and Altansar.
    Characters such as Dark Reapers, Dire Avengers, Wraithguards, and Warlocks feature in the game, but the official class roster has not been announced yet.
    Account faq
    When I try the account recovery option I do not receive an email.
    If you do not see an email after initiating the “Account Recovery” option, first check your spam or junk folder. If you still do not see the recovery mail it may be that the account was registered under another email address. Please contact support and inform us of the login you used and we will be able to assist in finding the account.
    Why do I need to create a Login ID, a Nickname, and a Display Name?
    The Login ID is private, unique, and permanent. It is meant to be private so that only you can log in and manage your account.
    The Nickname is public, unique, and can only be changed if you have the Nickname Change badge. The Display Name is public and non-unique. The combination of Nickname and Display Name allows each user to be identified specifically.
    For example, anybody can be “Captain Awesome” (as a Display Name) but there can only be one “Captain Awesome” with the Nickname “Sh00tah”. In the forums, this user would be identified as “Captain Awesome/Sh00tah” but there could also be a “Captain Awesome/Kitty” and so on.
    I did not understand the naming system and now am stuck with a Nickname I do not want.
    If you are not happy with your Nickname, contact support for a one-time Nickname Change badge.
    How do I change my login name?
    Unfortunately your login ID cannot be changed.
    Founder Store faq
    What is the Founder Store?
    As a member, you can purchase Founder Packs, Point Bundles and Subscriptions, and Add-ons in the Founder Store. Some of these items will give you points that you will be able to use in the Rogue Trader. Some of these items will give you special access such as Pre-Game and Founders Access (see below).
    What is a Founder pack?
    Founder packs come in three varieties: Warrior, Sergeant or Captain. All of them come with a game key and four character slots ($40 value) as well as Founder program exclusives including Rogue Trader Points (RTP), Founders Access, and Founders Beta. Retail packages after launch will not have as many points, items or benefits included.
    NOTE: For now, Founder packs only apply for PC versions of the game.
    Are the Founder Store item unlocks more powerful than the items that are already available in the Rogue Trader Store?
    All gameplay items in the store (characters, vehicles & weapons) are “side-grades”. They have a unique appearance and unique flavor, but are not more powerful and do not have unique roles that cannot be obtained through normal means in-game. For example, the Outcast Ranger is a specialized sniper character, but players will be able to make snipers with their loadouts using the basic classes as well. For weapons, a bolter in the shop might be slightly more accurate compared to a standard one by default, but have a lower ammo capacity.
    Note that weapons in the Rogue Trader store feature specific statlines, but weapons with those statlines can also be found or created in the game. Only the appearance is completely unique.
    Purchasers should be aware that they are not gaining a gameplay advantage, but instead getting the opportunity to experience a unique identity or customize their character in a particular way. The gameplay elements tied to these items serve to support that, not replace anything in-game.
    What is a Pioneer Pack?
    Expand your free to play experience or your Founder Pack with this unique pack, including Rogue Trader points to be used in the store, exclusive Ork-only items and a special badge for your Ork boy character. Unlike a full Founder Pack, it does NOT contain a game key.
    Can you upgrade your Pioneer Pack?
    If you upgrade your pack with point bundles and reach 40,000 RTP, you will unlock a full access game key.
    Can I buy a Pioneer Pack if I’m already a Founder?
    Yes, it will give you one packs worth of content, which will be added to your existing Founder Pack content.
    What is Founders Access?
    Founders Access and Founders Beta is access to the closed Alpha and Beta phases of the game — any level of Founders pack grants you access to these test periods. The only constraints that may be placed on these testing periods lie with regards to which kind of hardware an individual user has, that is to say, if we have a large number of one configuration, and not enough of another that we need for testing, the person with the setup that we need to test would get priority access over the other person.
    We gradually invite larger and larger groups to Founders Access and Founders Beta, which are represented as waves.
    What happened to the Early Game Module Access?
    The Early Game module access became the Founder Access which will feature some siege gameplay and potentially some outpost gameplay. Founders will be able to enjoy the four basic classes of the Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines factions and their heavy weaponry. Gather your friends and be ready to fight for the forces of Chaos or defend the Imperium of man in glorious and epic battles.

    What is the Arkhona Vanguard title?

    The Arkhona Vanguard title is the Founder status and is earned once you have applied your first Founder Pack (Warrior, Sergeant or Captain) to your account. To apply a pack once it has been purchased, see the “Founder Sheet” section in “Join the War”.

    How do I reserve a character name?

    To reserve a character, simply create a character and name them in the Founder Sheet. See the “Join the War” section.

    How many character slots come with a pack?

    A pack comes with four character slots. To purchase additional character slots (up to 16), see the “Founder Store”.

    What is a Guild?

    It will be a community of Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade players with which you will be able to organize, strategize, and prepare for war.
    How do I reserve a Guild name?
    This functionality will be available in game.
    How do I use store credit?
    If you are making a purchase using store credit, be sure to enter it using the “Credit & Coupons” button on the payment info screen during the checkout process (under the “Place Order” tab). Then you can pay for any difference in cost using one of the available payment processors.
    How do I cancel an incomplete or incorrect order or add payment to an order after it has been placed?
    If you accidentally created an order and you haven’t entered any payment information for it, the option to cancel the order will appear in the Billing & Subscription page after 24 hours. Additionally, it will eventually cancel on its own after some time.
    If you would like to pay for an order that you placed without payment information, you can find it in your Billing & Subscription section with a “Pay Now” option, if still eligible.
    I did not receive the item(s) from my purchase.
    Any packs or items you purchase will need to be attributed to your account before you can use the items such as points. This can be done in the Founder Sheet.
    I no longer am able to purchase some limited items.
    Once limited edition items run out, they will no longer be available for unlock in the Founder Store. Verify the stock amount and make sure you act quickly. Once you have made the purchase, the item will be unlocked in the Rogue Trader and will stay available to you.
    I got a coupon! How do I use it?
    Simply add the specified item to your cart and click on “Checkout”. During the checkout process, in the “Place Order” tab, it will let you enter a coupon code.
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    Rogue Trader faq
    What is the Rogue Trader?
    In the Warhammer 40,000 universe, Rogue Traders are freelance explorers employed by the Imperium to search for planets outside of the established borders. When encountering new alien species, the Rogue Trader is very much a separate organization from the Imperium, so they must decide how to react to these new creatures. He may make contact with them and, if he finds them useful for their technology or material wealth, initiate trade.
    In Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade, the Rogue Trader allows you to trade Rogue Trader Points (RTP) for items with which to equip your character.
    What are RTP and what are they used for?
    Rogue Trader Points, aka “RTP”, are points that can be used in the Rogue Trader to attribute items to your character(s) including Founder-only items and limited edition items.
    How can I see my RTP balance?
    When you log in to your account, your point balance is listed in your “Founder Sheet(Founder Sheet)”:“Rogue Trader(Rogue Trader)”:https://www.eternalcrusade.com/account/dashboard as well as in the Rogue Trader.
    How do I get more RTP?
    If you wish to purchase additional RTP, you can do so either by purchasing any item in the Founder Store which contains points, including Point Bundles or a Subscription, and applying it to your account. Once purchased from the Founder Store and applied to your account, the corresponding amount of RTP will be added to your Billing & Subscription. These purchases can be funded with Founder Store Credit or through direct purchase.
    How do I use my RTP?
    Within the Rogue Trader, you will be able to attribute items to your character(s) using RTP. These include weapons, armour, vehicles, and heroes. The list of items will be expanded regularly up until the launch of the game.
    Are my item attributes permanent?
    Up until the launch of the game, you will be able to attribute and reattribute points however you wish to any one of your characters. We will let you know when you will need to lock down your choices.
    Why does my friend not have the same items available in the Rogue Trader as I do?
    Based on your Founder Store purchases and your activity in Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade, the Rogue Trader may unlock certain items for a user.
    Can I gift items in the Rogue Trader?
    Items in the Rogue Trader are not giftable. In the future, gifting to another player may be handled by the game servers themselves. This exact functionality has yet to be defined.
    Founder Sheet faq
    What is the Founder Sheet?
    The Founder Sheet includes four sections:
    • Dashboard – Allows you to see the total number of RTP associated to your account as well as your Founder Level, Recruitment Level, and various badges.
    • Characters – Allows you to create, edit and manage your characters.
    • My Packs – Allows you to see how many packs you have purchased and either apply them to your account or gift them to a friend.
    • Guild Reservations – Allows you to reserve a Guilde name. This functionality will be available soon!
      How do packs work?
      You can Apply a pack to your account to link all of the items within that pack to your account. If you don’t apply any packs, you will not be considered an Arkhona Vanguard (Founder). Gift a pack to a friend by email to link all of the items within that pack to their account. You can also Cancel a gift but once the gift has been accepted, it cannot be cancelled.
      How does gifting work?
      You can gift a pack to a friend by email. You can change your mind and cancel the gift only if the recipient has not yet accepted the gift. Once the gift has been accepted, it cannot be cancelled.
      I sent a gift to a friend but it is not appearing in their account.
      They should receive an email which will have a link to accept the gift. After accepting the gift it should appear in their account.
      I want to gift an item to a friend but I don’t seem to be able to.
      Not all items can be gifted.
      What is First Blood title?
      The First Blood title is earned once you have made your first purchase. To make a purchase, see the Founder Store.
      What is the Founder Level?
      The Founder Level is based on your RTP balance. The more points you have, the more titles of the Adeptus Administratum are available to you. For a full list of Founder Levels, see the Founder Sheet.
      What is the Recruitment Level?
      At Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade, we know that war is not fought alone. Therefore, we reward you for recruiting warriors for your cause using the Recruitment Level. The more you recruit Founders using your Referral Code in the Founder Sheet, the more titles of the Adeptus Ministorum and rewards are available to you. Additionally, when a recruit successfully uses their referral code, they receive a 4,000 point reward.
      For a full list of Recruitment Levels, see the Founder Sheet.
      Why should I use my Referral Code to invite my friends?
      The code allows both you and your friend to receive bonuses as per the Recruitment Level ladder if they become a Founder.
      How do Referral Codes work?
      When you give your Referral Code to a friend, it will only work if they are not already members of the site and you are helping to grow the Eternal Crusade community. Once they sign up, they will receive their reward. For the referring member to receive their reward, the referees need to become a Founder (make a purchase) and apply their packs.
      The Referral Code can be found in the Founder Sheet.
      Subscription faq

      What are subscriptions?

      Subscriptions are monthly recurring Rogue Trader Points (RTP) purchases. They represent automatic regular payments of $10 per month for as long as you wish and confer a special “Subscriber” status to the user. Not only do they provide an increasing amount of bonus points (see below), they may also give access to exclusive information along the way.
      What do I get with my subscription?
      A subscription is a recurring payment that you subscribe to through your Payment Processor. Every time a payment is processed, your subscription is automatically expanded by one month.
      Every month, you will receive an increasing amount of RTP as indicated below:
      • First 3 months: 10,000 points (0% Bonus)
      • Months 4-6: 12,000 points (20% Bonus)
      • Months 7-9: 14,000 points (40% Bonus)
      • Months 10+: 16,000 points (60% Bonus)
        Can I cancel my subscription?
        A subscription can be cancelled either through your Billing & Subscriptions page or through the Payment Processor itself. Cancelling a subscription doesn’t cancel or refund any payment that has already been processed. If you’ve already paid for a month, and you cancel your subscription, you’ll remain a subscriber with all perks intact for the remainder of the month. Cancelling a subscription simply cancels all future payments.
        How do I change the payment method/card associated with my subscription?
        It is absolutely impossible to simply switch the card on a subscription. If you currently have a subscription, and need to change the Credit Card associated to it, you need to cancel the active subscription first. You will then have to subscribe again to a plan with your other card.
        Do the RTP I get with subscription contribute to my Founder Level?
  4. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    So, 100% PvP. The PvE thing listed will not be a viable way to play ongoing, it would bore you out of your mind before long. It'll make a nice change of pace though.
  5. Austok

    Austok Division Leader

    Agreed, it looks like PvE (the Horde style firefights) will be something to act as a bit of a break from the PvP, but I can't see it as a viable way to play the game ongoing.
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 27, 2015, Original Post Date: Apr 27, 2015 ---
    And a shameless plug for those interested in registering please use my referral code (EC-7V2X7GLU7JI41) (even if you are just registering on the forums)


    Eternal Crusade website : https://www.eternalcrusade.com/
  6. RIP

    RIP Veteran Member

    Yeah over the last six months my interest in the game has waned a fair bit. I still check things out from time to time but decided to hold off on the founder pack altogether for the time being. Hopefully by the fall of this year I may get a better feel for this game and maybe have my interest reignited in this to consider giving it a try. For now it is not really on my list of want to play games at this time.
  7. Austok

    Austok Division Leader

    It's definitely a game that is geared more towards 40k fans. Even though it is listed as an mmo it seems more like a shhoter with co-op so far. I've got a founders so I'll be waiting for founders access to see what happens
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  8. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    I should clarify, "100% PvP" wasn't a diss; that's a valid approach for a game, it just needs to be clarified. I am still running into fallout from when STO decided to launch with Klingons as a 100% PvP faction and people claiming they spent money on a lifetime sub expecting a PvE Klingon faction at launch, because waters were muddy.

    (Never mind that I produced quotes on the forum showing Cryptic announced that they were a PvP-only faction months before LTS went on sale; it wasn't crystal clear on the website, and that's the source of the mud.)

    You have to make sure people know what they're spending on before they spend.
  9. Rhyus

    Rhyus Veteran Member

    I personally would like to have equal amounts of PvE as PvP. I liked the way they did Warhammer Online, where it was a good mix of PvP and PvE. Don't get me wrong, I do like PvP, but I prefer to be able to do PvE just as much, especially if I'm waiting for my PvP team to show up. And I was really looking forward to this title, now, not so much.

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