Warhammer Division Sign-in and Introductions

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by Allomein, Aug 12, 2008.

Warhammer Division Sign-in and Introductions

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by Allomein, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Welcome to the Warhammer Division!

    Please use this thread to acknowledge you understand the expectations we have of our members (which are all just common-sense guidelines), and to introduce yourself to one another.

    Please review these guidelines and then post here:

    Members should remember to check in on the forums regularly. We use them to keep everyone up to date and to post useful information. We also encourage members to use vent, and will require vent for most organized events. In a fast paced RvR game like WAR, there simply is no way to type while fighting. If you can't talk on vent we understand, but still ask that you listen in if possible.

    We are all here to enjoy ourselves. Please treat each other with respect and keep drama to a minimum. No attacks on fellow members in the forums or in the game. If there are disputes, we expect you to use private chat or PMs to resolve them rather than argue in forums or in vent. If there are any issues, don't let them fester. Speak to an officer if need be so we can help mitigate any problems that might come up. Misunderstandings are easy in MMO's and everyone can have a bad day. Let's all try to forgive and forget.

    War division members promote goodwill for AoA by always dealing with other players with respect, including enemy players. Enemies in WAR may be allies in a future game. AoA has been gaming since 1996. AoA will be around for a long time to come. It is everyone's responsibility to maintain a positive reputation for AoA in game, and on fansites. We want to be known as tough competitors, but also respected for fair play.

    AoA members show respect for fellow guild mates and avoid topics related to politics, race, religion, and sexual orientation. This is simply common sense and avoids topics that can be divisive. We all log in to play a game. If you are looking for debate, take it elsewhere.

    AoA members try to help each other. That is the point of a guild! We encourage members to join guild and ally groups, and to aid in major objectives when they can. However, AoA members are also sensitive to the fact that people can't necessarily drop what they are doing. All we ask is that people try to be helpful when they can, and that those requesting help be patient and understanding if it can't be provided immediately.

    War division members believe in fair trades. A good deal is one that both players will be happy about in the weeks to come. We don't have any regulations regarding how to set prices for members - but we encourage you to give guild-mates the best deal possible and offer items up as give-aways when you feel you can. We also understand that you need to sell items on the AH for a profit to fund your equipment, mount, etc. and that is perfectly fine and expected. After all, it is in all of our best interest that everyone is well equipped for WAAAAAAGH!

    We do ask that when grouped, you don't "need" on items you don't actually "need." Please make generous use of "greed" and "pass". Remember to be fair in pugs too, as your actions will reflect on AoA.

    We understand that real life can get in the way of our gaming. We don't have any set activity requirements, but expect our members to be active to the extent their schedules permit. If you know you will be away for a number of days or more, please let us know.

    If you sign up for an event in game, please do try to make it at the scheduled time. If your plans change, please remember to remove yourself from the sign-up to make room for others.

    When on vent, please be sensitive to everyone being able to speak, try to avoid interference from background noise, and being loud. If you are having a conversation with someone over an extended period, drop down to another channel to make sure others can continue to use vent as well. When grouping, use seperate channels so that different groups don't interfere with one another. I expect our division to grow, and we will add more channels as needed. Vent is primarily there to help groups coordinate. Please make sure people can use it for that purpose.

    ...and the most important guideline of all....HAVE FUN! WAR is a fantastic game, allowing you to progress your character and the guild's rank from almost everything you do whether PvE, public quests, dungeons, open world RvR, and RvR scenarios. Whatever aspect of the game you enjoy, you will be free to enjoy it in AoA. While RvR will be a particular focus for the guild, we want to enjoy everything WAR has to offer.

    So go out there, kill the enemy, and steal their stuff! :D

    Once members have posted in this thread they will be promoted from "initiate" to member.

  2. Adalrik

    Adalrik Veteran Member

    Hello everyone. I am Adalrik. I have played DAOC for about 3 years then WoW for about 2.5 years with about every other MMO at least tried for a short time. I was Co_GM of House Of Vengeance in DAOC and GM of House of Vengeance on WoW(Skullcrusher). I am/was in the AoA division for AoC. I have pretty much played a healer since the beginning of time so I doubt highly that I am going to do it again. Probably going to play a Chosen instead...providing Chaos wins the poll).

    I am a PvP'r. It's what I do and it's why I play. That is probably why I hated WoW. I have been waiting for WAR for 4 years and it's finally here. I look forward to playing with all of you and leading AoA to glory on the fields of battle!!

    P.S. In vent or game you can call me D, Trav or Adalrik. I'm so used to it I will answer to all 3.
  3. Arcfire

    Arcfire Guild Admin Staff Member

    Nice guidelines Matt, here I go anyhow.

    For those who haven't figured it out yet I am Phil, AKA Arcfire on Vent and in game. Call me either. Been playing various MMOs with Matt (Allo) since about 4 years ago when Guild Wars came out. I was an officer in his guild then and I understand he plans to make me an officer in Warhammer as well. I do not take the position lightly and plan on being very active in game, college courses permitting of course.

    I enjoy PvP and PvE equally, and will do one or the other depending on my mood, I also like the idea of the standard bearer so I will be putting my name in the hat with whoever else wants that job. I tend to get a little ADD with my characters so don't be surprised if you see several versions of Arcfire playing the game. I generaly use these names for my Alts:

    Aramil, Aramus, Aramos, Argos, and on occasion Vishal. Hopefully I can beat others to those names when the game starts up, perhaps those of you with extra character slots in the CE head start can save a few of em for me. :wink:

    So don't confuze me with Matt's (A) names such as Allomein, Allorg, Aiden, and Ameros.

    l plan on playing either Engineer/Warpriest/Chosen/Shaman, if not more lol.

    Get ready for the WAAAAAGH!

    And to echo the two below me, I'm an even younger bastard (19). I bet I can still be just as crude grumpy as the rest of you old timers though :lol: .
  4. oleum

    oleum Officer

    Hi all, I'm oleum. Been with AoA since Renegade in Q1 2002. I've been playing PoTBS most recently. Returned there after a false dawn that was AoC. Maybe I should have stuck it out but it wasn't fun anymore. Pirates is an awesome game but I needed a break from it and had a chat with Allo. He said a few good words and is going to fix me up in open beta (hopefully next week). I'll start downloading the installer stuff asap.

    I'm an old bastard (44) but I hope I don't behave it. If I get hooked, and more often than not when I am learning new stuff I do, I play quite a bit. OK I play maybe a minimum of 20 hours up to maybe 50+ hours a week if its got me bad. But I can stop cold turkey if things start to need attention IRL. g/f, work, kids, pets ugh did I mention work.

    I like the social bit of MMOs and you'll find me in vent when I'm online. If I don't respond its cos I have my speakers switched off so just send a /tell in game. I also like the crafting aspect of MMOs and strategic planning in RvR. If you need an UBERclubofDEATH+3 crafting from 3 eliteBADMONSTER drops I am probably your guy. Anyway I have some reading and catching up to do as I only decided to give WAR a whirl about an hour ago.

    MMO played.. EnB FFXI SWG WoW DDO LotRO TR POTBS - I often play "support" classes.

    One last think, My name is Nick, or call me oleum. I'll probably use oleum in game or I might use Old Nick.
  5. Taurnil

    Taurnil Veteran Member

    wassup, im Taurnil aka Drew :p to keep it a bit like oleum.. I'm a young bastard (21)

    I've been a hardcore pvper for as long as i've been involved in MMO's. I love the competitivness of it all if thats even a word hehe. My plans in warhammer is to level as quickly as possible and start beating teeth in!

    oh and besides that I enjoy long walks on the beach, especially when its a full moon! jk.. maybe >.> lol

    as for MMO's i've previously played.. well lets see..

    Everquest (had no idea what I was doing, didnt get far)
    Star Wars Galaxies (Quit when they changed the game to a hack and slash, stupid as hell)
    Everquest 2 (Closed beta - quit a week before release when they changed damn near EVERYTHING and turned the game to shit)
    World of Warcraft (Closed beta - expansion CB as well) Still play this on and off.
    LoTRO (Played this for about 3 months with my lil hobbit hehe, then switched to the creep side and played the urakai, dont know how its spelt the one with a bow and big sword and shield)
    Tabula Rasa (Closed beta, didnt enjoy the game)
    Age of Conan (From Closed Beta until a few weeks ago when the game stopped working on my comp)

    Other games i've played.

    Diablo 1&2
    Counter-Strike 1.6 (Played 3 seasons of cal-M, 2 seasons of cal-P and attended 3 different CPL's with 2 teams)
    Counter-Strike: Source (bleh.. Almost got into Championship Gaming Series [CGS] but we didnt do well at the Combine)
    Call of Duty 1,2,4 (Played with Fragfest in CoD1 [cal-m 1st season of cal])

    Combat Arms (New game by Nexon, pretty cool, completely free, PM me if you want info or are interested in playing :D)
  6. Chryose

    Chryose Veteran Member

    Intro Time!

    Real name is Brant, I live in Las Vegas, NV. I am 24 and I am in the US Air Force.

    Game experiance: I started on MMOs on EQ then moved to Dark Age of Camelot and played that from launch til about 2 months ago. I was on and off with DAoC during that time due to my Deployment to Iraq and just got bored at times. I tried playing Age of Conan but it felt like I was paying for a open beta. I love to PvP and thats all I did in DAoC and I am looking forward to WAR.

    Adalrik and I did lots of PvP in DAoC together as I was an officer in House of Vengence. I look forward to kickin ass and taking names with AoA.
  7. Adalrik

    Adalrik Veteran Member

    Just don't let Brant play a healer...he sucks at it :p
  8. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Welcome aboard! Looking forward to open beta starting so we can welcome in folks recruited during beta and you guys can start playing.
  9. Chryose

    Chryose Veteran Member

    lol your funny.. im a better healer than you are!!! lol :lol:
  10. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Let's keep this thread for people introducing themselves (and welcomes) and keep any other threads that are topic specific on topic as well. Just don't want people to have to page through to find the actual introductions or actual on topic posts. However, feel free to start other threads to clown around in. Deleted a few posts.
  11. Alderon

    Alderon Veteran Member

    u tell em allo!!! (on a side note, i commend your post whoring, and award each of you 10 pts). hahah

    That aside, back to intro's.

    Real name is Justin, and i work in IT recruiting / Account Management (looking for a job, lemme know, and no i dont mean the type of "job" you'd get from someone like glow or over!!. Im 28 and ive been MMO'ing since i was 15 or 16. The first year Asheron's Call came out. i played it for over 4 yrs off and on. Was the only one i truly stuck with. Aside from that one i played numerous other MMO's over the years. all from a month to a year or 2. They included DAOC, COH, ShadowBane, LOTRO, SWG, POTBS, DDO, and a few others i think im forgetting. For most of those games i ran with a group called Lords of the Dead. THen, during LOTRO beta, as i was running around guildless, i ran into and met Overmind. Not sure how but from the moment we met, it was magical, there were butterflys in my stomach and stars in my eyes!!! .......(dont deny Over, you know its true). And now, here i am today, your resident post whore (and proud of it.). Just went through divorce last yr and didnt get to mmo much, now thats over, but new gf takes up much of the time too (has me thinking less of me playing MMO and more of her playing with DICK lolol) but i will squeeze in the time to make sure to play too. Need a new g card in a bad way, but as long as i can play, then this will be my next venture into the MMO world.

    See you kids in game!!! :wink:
  12. Jason

    Jason Veteran Member

    Hey guys,
    I am currently playing LOTRO and recently joined the AoA kinship in that game. I had known many of the active AoA members in that game and when my former kinship started to die out, the active remaining members merged over. I decided on playing Warhammer because my younger brother (he is 23 and I am 25) has been waiting for years to play it and talked me into taking a look at it. The game looks to be exactly what I want in an MMO and seems to have most of the things that I felt were lacking in LOTRO, particularly with the public quests and PvP content. I am looking forward to getting to know you guys in the game. David (bro.) and I intend to both play shadow elves as that seems like a very powerful duo for pvp. I don't like much of the destruction side's classes. I will probably play an elf witch for the speed aspect.
  13. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Welcome to the WAAAAAAGHHHH!!!!

    For those that have not played with me, I am Matt, 39, living in Seattle with my wife of 14 years. I joined AoA about the time that LOTRO was released. Have been active in POTBS until recently. Looking forward to open beta when more of you can get in game, and much more so to release. I think that WAR is going to be an amazing MMO based on what we have seen. It also promises to be very populated and balanced. I really do think that WAR will keep AoA'ers busy for years to come.
  14. Meritage

    Meritage Veteran Member

    Hi there all, my in-game name is Meritage. I was a Co-GM in DAoC with Adalrik. I got in the WOW beta early and left DAoC to what I thought were greener pastures in WOW. I'm a PvP'r by nature, so besides Arena WOW has been boring for me the last 1.5 years. I have been waiting 2+ years for WAR.

    I'm 36 and have been gaming competitively for years, I started with Q2 and moved on to Q3 and actually won the first Gamespy3D Q3 tourney, I played under the name Daddy_GM. I guess the point to all this is that I like to smash in faces...I've read your forums and love your planned direction for WAR.

    I've haven't actually decided what to play yet, I normally play a caster. Once I get in the Open Beta I plan to checkout all casters and see what I like. I've done the healer thing in DAoC and WOW, so healer is NOT high in my class list.

    You can call me Meritage or Tig. I look forward to smashing faces with you all =)

    - Meritage
  15. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Welcome Tig! Looking forward to you being able to join us in game :D
  16. Accomplice

    Accomplice Veteran Member

    Well, for those of you who don't know me. I'm Accomplice. I started with AoA in the Lotro division, then moved on to the AoC division as an Officer, but recently decided AoC wasn't for me after sitting at 80. I've played a number of MMO's, used to play Raven Shield, a Rainbow Six first person shooter, sponsored by Microsoft, nVIDIA, MSI and a few other notable companies. I still dabble in Counter-Strike Source GunGame every once in awhile. I spend a lot of time doing web design, working pretty closely with Wstar on a regular basis, as he works with me on a large community we are currently developing. I think that's it from me now, if you want to know any more about my love life, or how many times Rag wipes his ass each time he craps, please feel free to ask.
  17. Diometes

    Diometes Veteran Member

    I am Diometes/Persophone my real name is Kyle. I have played WOW, SWG, COH/COV, AOC, and a bunch of other MMO's. I blame Ventralis (rl friend) for my MMO addiction as it was SWG that got me hooked. Pardon my cyber tourettes, don't really have tourettes just wish I had an excuse for my sometimes foul mouth(mainly just in pvp). I got to school so I am not sure how much I will be on but on a lot in between semesters. Obviously not an english major by my punctuation and spelling lol. Still haven't gotten into beta yet but everything I have read and heard I am in it for the long haul(with Warhammer). Hope to get in soon so I can wack some people along side you all.

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  18. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Welcome - and that is one freakish sig! :shock:

    Looking forward to you being able to join us in game soon - we are having a blast and it will only get better as more get to play.
  19. Accomplice

    Accomplice Veteran Member

    /looks at Diometes' sig

  20. Austok

    Austok Division Leader

    Alright my turn....

    My names Mike, aka Austok in game and on vent. I'm 31 and live in Victoria with my wife Michelle. I have been playing MMO's for a while. I've played SWG, COH, EQ2, WOW, TR (Beta), PoTBS (Beta), and met Allo awhile ago in Beta and joined AoA for War!!!!

    I enjoy PvP and PvE, and I seem to always find my self playing a healing class. That being said I may trying something new this time around, who knows. Depending on which side we go with I plan on playing a warriorpriest, ironbreaker, witch hunter, or on the destro side of things a witch elf, or black orc.

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