Warhammer Division Sign-in and Introductions

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by Allomein, Aug 12, 2008.

Warhammer Division Sign-in and Introductions

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by Allomein, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. moomtazz

    moomtazz Veteran Member

    Hello all,

    I'm Brian, or Mac, from Louisiana. I'm 38, married with two kids and one due in December. I work in the oilfield, and I am away from home about 20 days a month. I'm able to play from work over a crappy satellite connection.
    I just came back to WAR after about a year. I have some order on Volkmar, but that server seems really slow. I decided to try a WE here and when I started looking for a guild AoA popped up. I play a few other games like MW2 and Bad Company on the xbox, so it sounds like this would be a good fit for me.
    I started MMOs with Ultima Online in 1996 for about 5 years, then DAoC for 4 or so, some WoW maybe 2 years, AoC about 6 months.
    I was mainly on Chesapeake on UO, Hib/Guin on DAoC, and I forget the WoW ad AoC servers.

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone, and thanks for inviting me!
  2. nakeeta

    nakeeta Veteran Member

    Heeeeeellllllllo Nurse!
    Ya know, funny story about that, we had a gnome cleric named nurse back in the eq1 days... Boy did she get sick of that joke!

    So, Hi New Guildies! I'm Nahkeeta, 40 Zealot. You don't know me, but you soon will... though you may wish you hadn't after the fact.
    My real gamer name is Blu, so if you call me Nah on vent I will have absolutely no idea who you're talking to. But I have gotten used to responding to Nahkeeta. If you call me blu, i will love you instantly and forever. /nod

    I originally played WAR in beta, & for about 4 months after release until I graduated with my BS in biological sciences (well technically it's pre-vet but i'm sidetracked at the moment so we'll just ignore the fact that i'm wasting the best years of my life smelling like dead fish) and suddenly discovered that an 8 to 5 job with a 4 hour commute sucks ass and left me no time for gaming! That was a real hard blow for me let me tell you! So, being the bright and logical individual I am, I decided to take a different 8 to 5 job that also included 18 hour days in 10 day shifts in the middle of the bloody ocean, but with a 45 second commute (YAY!). Bright and logical, yup that's me. So after moving to the ass end of the continent (Alaska, but I was born here so I'm allowed to make fun of it) and getting really bored when the daylight hours moved from 21 hours a day to 4 hours a day, i started to play WAR again back in February. I took another involuntary hiatus over the summer to deal with the bp gulf oil spill, and now i'm back again. I play a Zealot. I will only play a Zealot. You, you really do not want me to play anything else, and i wont elaborate, we do not speak of my classless handicap.

    I like helping. That's probably the most important thing about me you should know. If you need a healer (and the periodic 4 second satellite delay wont get you killed) feel free to ask me, I'll probably be more than happy to help you out if I'm able. Oh, and I love doing PQ's, I like reading all the pve content in WAR, there's so much of it! It's pretty impressive when you consider how not pve centric the game is.

    I have dogs & a bf. You will hear lots about the dogs, and probably hear the dogs themselves on vent (when I get a mic) as they're very big dogs, with very big barks.

    See you on the battle field!
  3. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Welcome to you both! Happy you have joined our merry band of misfits and I hope you enjoy being part of AoA 8)

    Blu may become confusing as we have several blu variants :lol:
  4. Cryonex

    Cryonex Veteran Member

    Hello, I just joined on my SH Cryonex. I've also got a shaman named Leapster. Looking forward to getting to know you all and playing with you in groups, WBs, SCs, etc. Please send me a holler if you need my help with anything (fat chance since I'm rr30 lol) but ya never know... :)
  5. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Welcome aboard!!!!! 8)
  6. Rognvaldr

    Rognvaldr Veteran Member

    Lots of new people since i checked this thread, welcome everyone! Hope to meet you all on the battlefield soon!
  7. Badhusband

    Badhusband Veteran Member

    Hi, my name is William and I live in Northern California.
    Warhammer Online was my first MMO (More like the gateway to a new addiction)
    I moved on to WoW, LotRo, but now I am giving Warhammer another try.

    I play a few hours every night, and more on my days off. During the holidays work will keep me busy, but I'll still make time for a few hours a week.

    I have a DoK, Hurrikhaine just entering T3. I'm not much for questing, so I've chosen to spend most of my game time in RvR and SC's.

    Added A Sorc, Badhusband to the roster
  8. Fetor

    Fetor Veteran Member

    hi my name is fetor. i joined AOA cause i heard the guys were HAWT. but when i said that in guild chat, someone responded.. lies! so i guess i not. :icon_worried: im not allowed to play on school nights... so im usually on weekends... i have a level rr70 ... yeathats right.. level 70 DOK. i feel like my youth is being squandered though.....

    usually i spend summers in rangoon, luge lessons. in the spring we make meat helmets. if im insolent, im placed in a burlap bag...and beaten with reeds, pretty standard stuff. last year at the age of 12, i got my first scribe. my father womanizes and drinks. he makes outrageous claims, like he invented the question mark...sometimes he accuses chestnuts of being lazy. its the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament. my mother is a french prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet. .....but the details of my life are quite inconsequential.


    oh and :showem:
  9. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Welcome Hurrikhaine and Fetor! 8)
  10. Baukis

    Baukis Veteran Member

    Welcome to AOA!
  11. Mutilatia

    Mutilatia Veteran Member

    Mutilatia: Sorceress, rank 21/21 atm.

    Hi all, I'm glad to be a part of AoA. I've enjoyed meeting some of you. To those I haven't, I look forward to meeting you as well.

    My real life name is Hilman.I'm 51yrs old and I live in Texas. I've been "fantasy" gaming since 1974. My friend's and I were the first to purchase and play D&D in our hometown. I've pretty much played everything at one time or another. Mud games, U.O. of course. Shadowbane, SWG etc.... including the game that starts with W and ends with a W. I can't bring myself to say it. :p I played War in beta and about 2 months into release, the lag monster just ruined it for me. I resubbed about a month ago, so the game is almost brand new to me. To me at least, it's a totally different game and I'm having a blast. I was looking for a active Guild with some nice folks and I'm glad I responded to the T2 recruitment. I'm looking forward to leveling up as fast as I can, while still enjoying the levels as I go. I can't wait to get to T4 and join you all for some city raids.

    Well Met and kill some for me.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Belzac: Black Orc, Rank 40/45

    Hi Everyone, Glad to be part of a active guild.

    My Real life name is Dan im 39 and live in Southern California. I have played Fantasy/SciFi games my whole life. I have played Several MMO's and seems like every Shooter out there. Looking forward to playing with everyone.
  13. Baukis

    Baukis Veteran Member

    Welcome to AOA Mutilatia and Belzac!
  14. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Welcome aboard! 8)
  15. Rognvaldr

    Rognvaldr Veteran Member

  16. Thrack

    Thrack Veteran Member

    Thrack, Black Orc 40/74, here after an absence of a year. Glad to be back and having fun again.
  17. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Welcome back! Shaman absent after a week will be back soon too :wink:

    Looking forward to killing order with you again.
  18. Jormungar

    Jormungar Veteran Member

    My name is Jack (27 years old). Married. No kids. I'm from Tasmania and I'm a free lance journalist/teacher. I really, really, really like heavy metal and I enjoy watching/playing basketball.

    I got into warhammer way, way, way back through the tabletop deal (Gamesworkshop) and collected a Chaos Dwarf army (painting was a blast) and as a result of reading all the relevant army books, I'm pretty up on the lore side of things (not that it means much here).

    Traditionally I've been heals in MMOs, so I'm trying my hand at this tank thing with a black orc. I'm 31/27 at the moment (champion rats in T3 got the better of my RR this weekend).

    My time zone is pretty much post 9-5 EST Australia...which is like 3-10am for the East side of the US, I think. Thanks for the invite and see you all in T4 very, very, very, very soon.
  19. Damnfinally

    Damnfinally Veteran Member

    Hi, I'm Shane. My main is Saethis. I play too many games. I've been heavily involved in Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft and now Warhammer Online. Other games as well but those are the big MMOs I spent time with.

    I'll post some more when I got some time. Got AAO right now, ganking!

    So a little more about myself: I'm 29, no girlfriend at the moment. I have a pretty demanding job and somewhat stressful life outside of work. My mother is ill and had a few surgeries so I have to take care of her. I'm trying to get her a job that she can handle so she can get some decent health care coverage. Right now I pay all her bills.

    I've always relied on games as an outlet. I got a few real life friends I go fishing and drinking with, and paintball occasionally. If you see me online a lot don't be surprised. I'll go full geek a lot.

    I enjoy being part of a team. I like to win but I don't get upset when I lose. I try to be generous as much as I can without depriving myself of rewards :p

    I hope to meet you all and make my mark.
  20. asder112

    asder112 Veteran Member

    Hi -

    I'm Raymond (or Ray, whatever, I have no personal preference) and I am 23 years old. Main is my we, Lanelter 25/25 atm. Looking forward to getting into t4 soon!

    WAR is my first MMORPG - before that I mostly played RPG's (D2, Mass Effect) and XBox games like the Halo's, Madden and the GoW's. That being said, I have been around WAR for almost a year now, and I do a lot of research on my own via the forums concerning the game. Looking forward to finally being part of an active guild and running around in premades! I'm usually on for close to 40 hours a week, though I wont be on much for Tues and Thurs due to basketball.

    Other interests outside of gaming include (American) football, which I played in college and basketball. Also an avid Monster Fish Keeper! Looking forward to meeting all of you as I slowly work my way to t4....

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