Warhammer Division Sign-in and Introductions

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by Allomein, Aug 12, 2008.

Warhammer Division Sign-in and Introductions

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by Allomein, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Welcome Jormunger, Damnfinally and Asder. May we continue to have target rich environments 8)
  2. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    I've bought a month and I'm giving it a try. Look forward to seeing you folks in game.
  3. NobleEagle

    NobleEagle Veteran Member

    Hi Everyone -

    I am new to Warhammer gaming, having come recently from FPS. Please be patient when I am in game since all this is new to me. Anyway, I am here to have fun and meet some very interesting people.

    NobleEagle (aka Patrick)
  4. Phanlax

    Phanlax Veteran Member

    Hi everyone , have been playing with u guys for a while , but never said hi to everyone in forums!
    My name is Diego , i live in Brazil, english my second language right now, i keep wake up at late to raid with u guys and its pretty fun.
    im enjoying!
  5. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Big welcome to both of you. Been away for about a week but looking forward to seeing you in game when I get home from this trip.
  6. Hail

    Hail Veteran Member

    Hail from Hail!!

    Looking forward to joining your ranks and running along side you as we melt some Order faces.

  7. Fetor

    Fetor Veteran Member

  8. Gnarkle

    Gnarkle Veteran Member

    Hello everyone, I am Gnarkle!

    I am a former member of AoA, I quit for awhile but Warhammer sucked me back in :D

    I am RR57 heal spec Shaman, I make tons of potions, I was voted #1 Sexiest Goblin by the readers of Play Gobbo magazine, I am a expert chef with a specialty in Stunty Stew.

    I actually just moved and I will need to move again soon (I will let you know when that happens), I still need to pick up a mic and get all my add-ons working but I have Squared up and that's the main one.
  9. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Welcome back! Good timing...the changes are impressive
  10. Digs

    Digs Veteran Member

    Hey all Digs here. You'll see me on either Digzyergrave ((curse someone on this server taking Digs.!!!)) or Vannuan. I played at launch and class hopped due to BG not coming out and I just fell in love with the squiggie. I played under the Banner of Anti-Sanctus Chaotica for the longest time on Phoenix Throne and am a RPer at heart so I write stories on occasion that are like after action reports and had a whole biography made out for Digs. Im an avid PvPer ((Course i am why wouldnt I play war if I werent....Hey shut up you this is my post keep your input out of it.....You know I'm you right...Still dosent mean i cant kill you...i mean me aaaargh!!!)) and have played mmos ranging from Eq,DAoC,AoC, and Perfect World. I'm watching the progression of SWToR and Rift. I'll be on mostly during the weekends due to a Midnight untill Eight in the morning five day a week schedule right now.
  11. Collard

    Collard Veteran Member

    Welcome Digs! Will see you on the battlefield

  12. safiria

    safiria Veteran Member

    welcome aboard keep um coming... :shareit:

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