what class should i be?

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by alcapone, Aug 23, 2008.

what class should i be?

Discussion in 'Warhammer Online' started by alcapone, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. alcapone

    alcapone Veteran Member

    Ok so i kinda got an idea of what i want to be. i havent played yet but when i do ill edit the post if i change my mind... if we roll destro i was thinking of eithor Black orc or Squig herder. If someone doesnt mind could you please tell me a little about these two classes and if at all possible compare them to a class in WoW or GW? If we roll order i was thinking of Shadow Warrior, Bright Wizard, or Engineer.
    first pick for order would be Engineer
    second = Bright Wizard
    Third = Shadow Warrior

    If anyone could also tell me a little about these classes and how fun they are.

    p.s. The things i like in classes are Pets, ranged dps, and magic.
  2. Vintagekd

    Vintagekd Veteran Member

    I don't have much experience with the black orc, but I can give you the basics. Tough as nails for one, damage can range anywhere from low to a mid range as far as melee go. Depends on spec and loadout etc. Their mechanic is called "Da Plan". Basically you string attacks together. You must use attack from group a to use an attack from group b, must use a group b attack to use group c, and then you are back to group a attacks. Also they look really cool...

    Squig Herder and Shadow Warrior play the same with a few differences. The SW has 3 different Stances you can use, one is tied to each spec. One is long range, high damage stance/spec. One is medium range, med-high dmg, and can be used while moving, kind of a guerilla warfare spec, called skirmish, and the third is melee spec. Certain skills can only be used in certain stances, but the stances give you a stat benefit that will make those skills stronger. Melee Spec for example doubles your armor and increase Strength and Weapon skill to improve your melee damage/longevity.

    The Squig is almost the exact same except he can use any of the skill whenever. He gets the stat bonuses for each spec from his different pets. Horned Squig would give him the Double armor and Str/WS for example. Both of these guys do good ranged DPS with good utility as well.

    Bright Wizard is damn near all damage. A true glass cannon. You blow things up, you build combustion which helps you blow things up harder, but if you build up too much it also blows you up.

    Engineers probably have the highest utility out of the ranged DPS classes. Good debuffs while maintaining good damage, about on par with shadow warriors, but nothing like Bright Wizards. Build Turrets and Land Mines, chucking grenades all kinds of cool stuff. The turrets are a bit weak in PvP as are all "pets", and I wouldn't suggest trying to spec for them until they get that worked out. The Grenadier spec was my personal favorite as it had some nice AE and great debuffs
  3. alcapone

    alcapone Veteran Member

    ok that helped i dont think i wanna be a SW that much anymore b/c i wanna be whatever is a good mix at solo-play and Large scale pvp
  4. Austok

    Austok Division Leader

    For what it's worth I have played the SW on and off during Beta in a few different tiers and their ability to solo is good, you have such a long range that by the time your target reaches you it's damn nears dead, and the melee damage isn't bad. In RvR their great too, stand behind the tanks and healers and wipe out the enemy at range.

    The Black orc is fun as well, in RvR if you have a healer or two to heal you you're next to unstoppable, so the short fall in damage is made up for by the fact that they can't get rid of you that easily. I found they solo fairly well in PvE, and for my play style i found that sword and board was the way to go in PvE so you can just keep rolling through mobs.
  5. oleum

    oleum Officer

    I played Engineer to 12 this weekend and eventually at about 11/12 I was hitting a lot of Crits in PvP and doing reasonable damage (at last). The "Pet Ability" that you get with the turrets is broken. If they worked as intended I think they could be interesting and I am going to go Engineer if we play Order.

    I like support classes like that in FPS games so choosing it ia a no-brainer for me. I noticed at lvl 20 you get a mine ability also. I'll level an Engineer even if its still broken at release, eventually they will fix it and it will get better.

    It rarely does high damage, never the highest, but I got the impression that I was always useful to my realm. It tends to make things awkward for the opposition and often the turret helped drive back opposition forces. They just didn't want to be standing next to the flamethrower or grenade launcher. Maybe just psychological, a distraction, perhaps because almost everyone was new.

    Just my first impressions, did anyone persevere with one in beta?
  6. Vintagekd

    Vintagekd Veteran Member

    I didn't mess with it a terrible amount, but I think you have the right of it. Its not all about having the highest damage all the time. Also I think the Turrets work for collision detection so you can make it harder for the enemy to cross bridges and doorways if that was true, I'd have to check it out some more. The land mine is pretty awesome put it in a doorway it does pretty good damage and has a chance to knockdown.
  7. alcapone

    alcapone Veteran Member

    I played an engineer in preview and loved it! If we go order that is gonna be my choice!

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