What's new in Launch? (mounts!)

Discussion in 'Requiem Online' started by Ragter, Jun 13, 2008.

What's new in Launch? (mounts!)

Discussion in 'Requiem Online' started by Ragter, Jun 13, 2008.

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    What to expect with the launch of Requiem: Bloodymare

    Level Cap Raised

    The level cap has been increased from Level 59 to Level 69. - New Items for Highest Level User
    New items for level 60 to 69 have been added including new armor sets.
    New Maps

    North Hammerine Wood

    The North Hammerine Wood was once a lush and flourishing forest. Now trees contaminated by the Thanatos Tragedy have overtaken the North Hammerine Wood, reducing the region into a wasteland of monsters and endless flames.
    North Hammerine Wood is designed for the high-end players level 60+. And, compared to the existing fields, nightmare monsters are more rampant. In particular, the fields around the Zauber Village, where Nach’s eye exist, are on almost 24 hour-nightmare-mode. So, stay sharp and tread lightly.
    New Instance Dungeon ‘Secret Lab’ in the Ancient Temple

    Secret Lab is located the deep inside the heart of the Ancient Temple in Parness. Brutal and secret experiments were conducted in the holy land of Xenon in days past, but are the Secret Lab still active?
    The secret lab is designed for plays Level 40+
    Great treasure and vast amounts experience await you inside.
    New Raid Monster ‘Biskra’

    Following RuinHorn, a new field raid boss monster Biskra, King of the Sea, has been spotted near the shores of South Hammerine Woods.
    A large Alliance of characters Level 60+ will be needed to defeat Biskra.
    Biskra presents an immense challenge but not without great rewards.
    Mounts: REX

    A new means of transportation, REX, has been added. REX helps players move over long distances faster.
    REX can be obtained via quest and will be stored in your bag. It will be able to travel with you anywhere.
    REX can only be used when out of combat. If attacked while REX is activated, this can cause player to be dismounted.
    Speeds defer depending REX type.

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