Where'd your handle/nickname/MB name come from...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alderon, Sep 7, 2010.

Where'd your handle/nickname/MB name come from...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alderon, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Patrinell

    Patrinell Veteran Member

    I had an accident once or twice...

    I've actually used PB4UGo2Bed for along time now . Originally it was used way back when during my old Aol time..that was ba k when you paid by the minute abd boy was my grandfather unhappy with that bill my cousin and myself racked up. Now I use it for various games that allow those charaters and I use it for my xbox live tag. Now for those games.that dobt allow me to use numbers in my name I tend to fancy Patrinell (first toon in ole Eq and WoW) or Serprahyz(my ole We in warhammer).
  2. Kaidenkuran

    Kaidenkuran Veteran Member

    Well contrary to popular belief idfk what vampire knight is. and i did not re arrange kaiden from kaidan from mass effect either. Kaiden Kuran when i was younger.(talking like 10 years ago when i was 10-11) i would pretend to be a comic book artist. i was heavly influenced by anime as well so i wanted to make a name as japanese sounding as possible for my main charater (who had really spiky hair) either way after a while once i got into the online gaming with the original xbox and mechassault lone wolf. i hand named my self mechmaster78. then suddenly deciding having numbers after my name sucked. i revived my original comic book character. (i had grown attached to it over the years) and decided bam thats my new live ID. ever since it just stuck. hell my roomate who games with me in league and starcraft is guilty of reffering to me as kaiden outside of game.
  3. Kehaos

    Kehaos Member

    Kehaos is a spelling by people on a world invaded by chaos in gaunts ghosts they live in a swamp and use broken gothic so they basiclly mess up and say kehaos or something like that
  4. Prom

    Prom Veteran Member

    I first used Prom when I started playing MUD's waaayyy back in the day, I was a Soph. in H.S. and was invited to Sr. Prom by a pretty hot chick, so I was pretty stoked, and started using it as my online name.
  5. Mysticales

    Mysticales Veteran Member

    Growing up with Ad&d, I always was a "Mystic" so when Bnet days started in Diablo 1 came.. I tried it.. Taken... Tried Mystical... Taken... I really was mad and frustrated. I said FUCK IT, I added 2 random letters. +es.. It worked.. then as time went on, when I was doing laser tag and other things that needed a username.. it kinda stuck. Mysticales, been that way since the 90s. So happy times having a unique nickname cause it was random. =)
  6. Qute

    Qute Veteran Member

    In Star Trek Online, Qute was the feline companion of the omnipotent entity "Q".

    She asked Q for opposable thumbs, so he granted her wish ... by anthropomorphizing her!

    She thought that she got the better end of the deal, since it gave her a chance to learn more about the humanoids who had fascinated Q for so long.

  7. Dareath

    Dareath Veteran Member

    Dareath was a name I made up in high school when my friend and I start RP in yahoo chat rooms. We were huge fans of Anne McCaffrey and one series in particular, Dragon Riders of Pern. Just about every single dragon had a name that ended in "ath" and I wasn't overly popular in high school (obviously if I was spending time in chat rooms pretending to be a dragon), so I chose to call myself Queen Dareath (Da-ree-ath) as in a gold dragon from Pern (what a looser huh!?)

    Anyway, that's how it came about... I was a loner at school who pretended to be a dragon.
  8. evilin

    evilin Veteran Member

    He man ftw i figured evil sorceress y not
  9. Herkyman

    Herkyman Veteran Member

    I flew C-130 Hercules cargo airplanes for 10 years in the US Air Force. Plane is affectionately known as the Herky... so yeah... I'm Herkyman!
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  10. Circe

    Circe Officer

    There's a reason PernMUSH is still an active text RPG. We would've been friends in school. :)

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  11. xTuesday

    xTuesday Veteran Member

    My name in FFXIV is Tuesday Mortis. Part of it came from a song and the other from a buddies name on PSN. Tuesdays gone by Lynyrd SKynyrd. And buddies name is Thanatos Mortis. My PSN name is xbLackFridAy. The comes fro ma song call Good Mourning Black Friday by one of my favorite bands Megadeth. Commonly asked questions is that is my PSN name named after the day of the year and as you can see it is not. >.> its annoying how many people ask questions related to that day. i hate that day. other than the lower prices that day blows.
  12. Anopheles gambiae

    Anopheles gambiae Division Leader

    I'm a medical entomologist with the US Army APMC. Anopheles gambiae is a mosquito, as well as the premier vector for malaria. It vectors the most deadly form of malaria called Plasmodium falciparum. Anopheles gambiae is responsible for 3-5 million deaths and 300 million infected per year in Africa alone. If you take all the deaths caused by other animals, lions, tigers, bears oh my...sharks, snakes, other insects worldwide...everything it does not total the deaths caused by one species of mosquito from one continent.....thus Anopheles gambiae is the most dangerous animal in the world.
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  13. Death_Sled

    Death_Sled Veteran Member

    My first car back in high school was a 1994 ford thunderbird v6. For anyone that is unfamiliar with that car it was a pretty long car with rear wheel drive. I grew up in ohio where it snows so the car handled very poorly in snow and even in rain. For example, I was meeting a few friends after hours in a parking lot that was covered in snow when I turned in I merely tapped the accelerator and I slid easily 50 feet sideways next to them. At some point during owning the car I said that it handled like a death sled. My car got the nick name and I carried it over to gaming.
  14. Siberion

    Siberion Officer

    mine came from the military i have a love of white tigers and was born year of the tiger and i tend to acually growl when mad so i was called siberion for siberian white tigers
  15. pea'ches

    pea'ches Veteran Member

    I watched Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs one too many times with my minions.
  16. rivett

    rivett Officer

    I was a machinist/welder/fabricator in the USAF. I love structural aircraft work, and have been known to shoot people with CherryMax rivets when in the shop. On one occasion, I shot a steel oversized -8 rivet at my boss during safety meeting. Rivet guns are not exactly accurate, so I ended up ricocheting it off the bench grinder and it hit me in the center of the forehead, giving me the nickname Rivethead around the maintenance squadron. So many people called me this, I just carried it into gaming with the squadron's WoW guild. I typically shorten it to Rivett when possible.
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  17. Signal Warden

    Signal Warden Officer

    I changed mine around the time Serenity came out. I loved the idea of "You can't stop the signal" (so sayeth my signature) but knew Signal would be too generic. While trying to come up with something related I saw a character called The Warden in a comic (I think it was Runaways) and thought it worked. Lo and behold it's NEVER taken. I've gotten my name in every single game since, so I stuck with it.
  18. Arcfire

    Arcfire Guild Admin Staff Member

    Arcfire is often taken, so I fave been falling back on Gorlocke more and more lately. Names are fickle, silly things.
  19. CobraDirector

    CobraDirector Member

    I actually have 2 names. CobraDirector came from when I was the director of a faction in Perfect World International. The leader at the time asked me what I wanted as a title which is basically a nik shown in the faction info. I said cobra commander but the title was only 4 characters long. I ended up being ccom for while. Eventually it became CobraDirector because I was the director even after I became leader of the faction.

    The actual name I use in PWI is RalDrizeyl. I like being rangers/archers in games so I've been using that name alot in other games I play. I made it using some male drow name generator.
  20. Noltrach

    Noltrach Member

    My turn to join in the fun. In typical fashion of "He who should not be named" I rewrote the letters in my name to create something unique enough to be usable everywhere. I started playing WoW around 2005 and wanted to make sure it stuck forever. Last name is Charlton, pronounced like Charlton Hesston. Wrote it several ways but kept coming back to just backwards. Notlrahc didn't sound right when pronounced. Switched a few letters and Noltrach(Nol-track) has lived through many games since!!

    My brother introduced me to some co-workers of his Via Xbox Live and they all had three "I" in front of there name. I followed suit as we played together so, IIINoltrach was spawned Marvel Symbiot style. He is my backup if my name is taken, which it never is. So I make IIINoltrach my alts names.

    WoW, Xbox Live, GW, GW2, SWOR, Skyforge and now Star Citizen. All Have me as me. Only stupid pirates of the Caribbean had my name taken, I played as IIINoltrach and tried to find that scurvy dog that stole my name....they were never on after beta. Such resentment.
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