Why I Uninstalled Origin, Don't play BF3, and Won't Buy SimCity

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mynameismonkey, Feb 28, 2013.

Why I Uninstalled Origin, Don't play BF3, and Won't Buy SimCity

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mynameismonkey, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. mynameismonkey

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    Maybe I'm a crusty old fart who remembers the unadulterated joy of PC gaming on Amiga and Atari computers. Maybe I am deluding myself that there remains a way to play the top tier games on top tier equipment in a way that allows the industry to make money and allows me to enjoy my games freely. Maybe I just don't get it.

    I've played countless games. Thousands. I grew up on arcades, dabbled with early consoles, spent years on PCs many of you wouldn't recognise and may not have heard of. I've swapped floppy disks with strangers, bought hobby magazines to get the demos, and generally lived in a world where the industry and the consumer were close, communicating, a community of hobbyists around the world sharing the joy of technology and entertainment.

    I played the first SimCity. The first Battlefield. And all of the sequels. These were golden times. You could _smell_ the effort placed in games by developers. They wanted you to have fun.

    Now I'm not one to cut my nose off to spite my face. I buy games from companies I don't particularly admire. And I'm not a hipster indie games guy either. I buy the games I want to play and I pay the money the sellers want me to pay. I spend plenty of money on my hobby, so please understand that my dissatisfaction is not based on price points or the desire of corporations to make money.

    I railed against Steam when it arrived. It was of the Devil himself. I have joined the rest of you in grudgingly admitting they did a damn fine job. So maybe I'm just running through the same shit with EA and Origin.

    But I don't think so.

    I think Valve gives a shit. I think gaben gives a shit. I think almost every member of staff at Valve gives a shit about their reputation, the community they serve. They are everything we crusty farts grew up with in terms of spirit, motivation, desire, glee and joy found at the heart of the PC gaming universe.

    So I use Steam. I have trouble playing offline sometimes, and that irks me, but in general, they got it right. And I believe they got it right because they give a shit.

    So why the hate for EA? Shouldn't I just wait for them to sort their shit out and treat me like the well-paying gaming enthusiast they want to sell to?

    - - -

    I recently took the decision to remove Origin, which in turn meant I could no longer play one of my all time favourite games: Battlefield. BF 1942 and the Desert Combat mod represent two of the best FPS experiences I've had in the past 20 years since Wolfenstein and Doom, eclipsed only by Quake 2. So it was a big decision for me.

    SimCity? I absolutely LOVE that game. Not only does the game bring me entertainment and pleasure, it is part of my history. I know where I lived for each version that was released. The people I played with. The all night sessions trying to race to arbitrary mayoral approval ratings.

    Many of my best personal memories are mapped out by the games I was playing. I've moved many times in my life, lived in four countries. But I can pretty much pinpoint faces and places by thinking back to various games.

    There was once a spirit of togetherness in the games industry. A club-like feeling of community powered by our collective technological prowess and hacker sentiment. Hell, we even enjoyed the bugs because we all knew this shit is hard and we weren't paying $100 or more to the developer over the lifetime of the game. One of the saddest things that has happened to gaming is the consumer demand for perfection based on high prices. Sell me $20 games and I will not only not complain about the bugs in the game, I will have bags of fun finding them and exploiting them.

    - - -

    I'm happy that games have become mainstream. But I'm sad they have become so goddam commercialised to the point that the fun, the joy, the holy-shit-did-you-SEE-that moments have been almost completely removed.

    This is EA:

    - How to develop games based on revenue models, not entertainment value. http://www.develop-online.net/news/43388/EA-taking-microtransactions-in-house

    - How to sell games to people who want to wait for the next console. http://www.develop-online.net/news/43251/EA-next-gen-RD-under-100m

    - How to capture personal details of children who use third-party services. http://www.ea.com/privacy-policy (See Section V)

    - How to be the Chief Financial Officer of a video games company, but not know how much you sell games for: http://www.gamespot.com/news/ea-undecided-on-next-gen-pricing-6404527

    - How to coerce people into using your service by giving rewards for the method of purchase: http://www.gamingexaminer.com/ea-releases-simcity-digital-deluxe-edition-trailer/19957/

    - How to make an entertainment company get worse ratings than a bank: http://consumerist.com/2012/04/02/w...2012-final-death-match-bank-of-america-vs-ea/

    This is what you pay for. You buy from them, they will continue.

    So, I could use this point to exhort you to stop buying from Electronic Arts. But I won't. You should buy whatever games make you happy, that's the entire point of gaming. But I _will_ ask you to evaluate your happiness, and if, upon some examination, you - like me - realise the activity isn't actually fun anymore, then get out while you can, and go find games that rekindle that spark you first had on whatever joystick, controller or keyboard you were using the first time you controlled a video game. Don't let unfounded brand or franchise loyalty drive your purchases. Don't buy something because everyone else is playing it.

    Buy the games that bring you joy, and then tell your friends about it.

    EDIT: To discuss this article without an AoA forum signup go to http://redd.it/19egbq
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  3. Awlbiste

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    I guess I only got steam in 2007, so I don't remember any early backlash. Most of my friends love it, and the chat is the only way I can talk to a lot of them anymore.

    EA is a shitty company, but if there is an EA game I really want to play, I will. Though I am and have mostly been a pure MMO player.

    Fuck you, Smoke. From my TippyTap device.
  4. Gahd

    Gahd Member

    You forgot this Monkey, which I've found out was EA's trial for everything you are talking about with microtransactions:

    Goes over the entire timeline and trials they did for microtransactions, and you can even see how it bled into things like SWTOR's transition to f2p.

    Then you have things like this: http://www.geek.com/articles/games/how-origin-ruined-my-crysis-3-review-20130221/

    I ran into the same issues every single time I've had to use Origin. I STILL have not been able to play Alice: Madness Returns, the sequel to the old American McGee's Alice.

    I pre-ordered Madness Returns through amazon. They sent me a code for it, so I plugged it into Steam and it worked. Found the game and let me download it with no issues. Launched the game and it then told me that it was not valid... and redirected me to Origin as it required that to run. I should have stopped there, but I wanted to play. I then had to put the code into Origin and download/install it all over again. A really long story short, it's about a year later and I've never played a single second of the fucking game.

    This is a joke. This is not fun, and it has nothing to do with games anymore, it has to do with ways to monetize fun to the extreme which completely negates any fun in the first place.

    I have this same issue with Ubisoft. As much as I honestly like their games, it's absolute bullshit that when their servers go down, I can't play my single player game of Assassins Creed. They did this "because of the hackers"... yet the hackers are happy as shit playing their single player game that doesn't require internet AND ubi servers being connected while paying customers get the shit end of the deal under the guise of protection.

    At least when the mob told you they were going to protect you, you didn't get hassled as much.
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  5. mynameismonkey

    mynameismonkey AoA Admin Emeritus

    I agree. I purposefully tried to steer clear of "Origin is useless nightmare and makes me want to hurt things" and instead focus on their corporate outlook and sensibility. But yes, I was going to include the Crysis 3 story you mentioned, it's a perfect example of how much WORK we have to do before we can GAME. The same shit I had to go through to get Max Payne 3 playable, with the signups and registrations and social network and I don't know what else. Good lord. I just want to play a game.
  6. nakeeta

    nakeeta Veteran Member

    and this is why i have no issues what so ever buying a game, never installing it, and downloading a hacked version to "play" ...i've done this for countless PC games and console games where the companies had gone so far out of their way to "protect" their IP that it became impossible to play the game reliably where i wanted when i wanted.
  7. Gahd

    Gahd Member

    Aye. This is why I linked to that presentation and tried to keep the Origin hell story short. If you have not seen that full presentation I linked, it's pretty exact and clear in how and why they are making such changes. It's well done... and I am not opposed to what they did, it's just not for EVERY game on their roster like they somehow think it is.

    As per the Max Payne, I went through the same shit for GTA4. Bought the GTA pack from Steam, and had no issues there downloading and installing. Then it came time to play. Needed to jump through the same hoops and setup my Rockstar Social Club account, even though I wanted nothing social from the game. I think it might have even wanted a Games for Windows Live account too, but I think I'm thinking of Batman. I simply wanted to jump into the game to add some mods and change up the game from the last time I played it. It honestly became not worth the effort to enjoy my time.

    I don't think he misspoke. I think he showed his hand at what he wants to do.
  8. HittingSmoke

    HittingSmoke AoA Emeritus

    There was a huge backlash. I used to hang out in GameSpy chat rooms back then and for what seemed like months all conversations were dominated by how shit-tastic Steam was. I waited until I just couldn't not play HL2 to jump on the wagon so by the time I did most of the launch issues people were having were resolved.

    I think it comes down to the point monkey made. Newell and Valve at large are gamers. Valve was forged by people who loved games and in turn wanted to create awesome ones. Everybody fucks up once in a while but if your intentions are good you'll eventually come out on top in the favor of the gaming community.

    Now back to EA. You'd be hard pressed to find a game I've logged more hours in than than Battlefield 2. I think it was the shining pinnacle of FPS gameplay. I had some animosity towards EA for Battlefield 3's launch but I shelved it for my fanboyish love of the Battlefield series. I also feel dirty for buying the $50 "expansion" bullshit.

    SimCity I've been playing since I was in grade school. I still install SimCity 4 pretty regularly and build up a nice city. SimCity 5 actually looks like a pretty awesome game and the Maxis devs have proven to be great guys. I'll never be buying SimCity 5 though and Origin is the least of the reasons.

    EA is no longer content with traditional DRM. They've now started crippling their games with online-only requirements that aren't just empty threats. They're actually holding your save files hostage under some bullshit guise of "cloud features!" and not allowing you to save them locally. If you get disconnected from the internet you can not play your single fucking player game not just because the shit-for-brained DRM tries to boot you out, but a core function of the game (saving) no longer operates even though it completely could if the people behind it gave half a fuck about their customers.

    I'm getting angry just typing that shit up. If someone manages to crack SC5's cloud storage horse shit I'll be glad to pirate the fuck out of it and have some serious fun playing it. I'm not going to pay for it and let EA hold my game saves hostage in the name of DRM.

    I might not even mind it quite so much (yes I would) if they'd just fucking CALL it DRM instead of telling me it's some sort of feature to store my saves "in the cloud". Listen fuckwits, I have Dropbox. If I want my saves in the cloud I can put them there my fucking self. Piss down leg, raining, etc etc.
  9. syberghost

    syberghost Social Media Manager Staff Member

    I figured this shit out months ago. Welcome aboard.
  10. Allomein

    Allomein AoA Emeritus

    Agree completely. Its at the point for me that if I can't run it independently or via STEAM I really just am not interested. STEAM does everything well - and keeps getting better and better and I don't begrudge them because they make my gaming life easier rather than harder. Origin is an annoying layer between me and a game.
  11. Gahd

    Gahd Member


    Pretty sure we've all figured this out before, and yet, EA is still in the act of making it worse...

    Unless you are talking about how you knew about their newest moves with the next gen consoles and such, of which the articles are within the last 2 days.... Your ability to figure out the current information while you were in the past is astounding. /tips hat
  12. EchoZero

    EchoZero Veteran Member

    Origin blows, but i love battlefield so i suck it up. Steam really has come a long way, when it first came out most of us wanted to shoot ourselves as it made playing games like cs more difficult at the time due to connection issues and all that fun stuff.
  13. syberghost

    syberghost Social Media Manager Staff Member

    Yeah, whatever.

    Valve had its stumbles, but their strategy (to the extent they have one; their "Gabe is not your boss" organizational model means that "strategy" is "try some shit, and if it works, convince the folks near you to help push") has clearly been "make the games that use us better than if they didn't use us, so people will want to use us", whereas EA's strategy for Origin has clearly been "force people to use Origin or else, and it doesn't matter if it's shit, 'cause they're forced". Yes, they've made things worse lately; but predicting that was like predicting a car will reach the stop sign at the end of the block when you see it passing you.

    Unless a train hits it; which would probably be a preferable experience to working at EA, to judge from what I see and hear from the EA Sports folks I run into in Wendy's and 7-11 all the time.
  14. zenix

    zenix Veteran Member

    EA used to be a small company based in Vancouver that made adventure games and hockey games. After the EASports games picked up they started building their empire and now shit on the plebs who blindly buy from them. Origin is garbage. We all know it. EA knows it but they love it. I seem to recall a story came out that Origin was reading files on your pc without your knowledge at one point. People really disliked Steam when it launched because of connection and setup issues with games like CS, but Origin is a whole different type of hate. Origin adds NOTHING positive to the games it holds hostage. The chat is mediocre at best and I haven't seen anyone use it yet. You can't even take screenshots with Origin. I love BF3 and Origin opening and re-opening after closing is terribly annoying, even their customer support don't care about that sort of thing. As for Sim City 5, it is a singleplayer game with mandatory online DRM. Simply put, fuck that. People cracked Asscreed's bulshit DRM and Max Payne's bs DRM. Their will be a crack for SC5 within 1 week of release. /rant
  15. HittingSmoke

    HittingSmoke AoA Emeritus

    You're grossly oversimplifying that. Go try to find a fully functional cracked version of Diablo 3. I'll wait.

    Nothing? I see. That's because Diablo 3 has "cloud features!" which rely on server-side content to function. Granted with D3 there is a marketplace and shit that requires server-side loot tables and the like.

    SimCity 5 doesn't have "online-only DRM" as you're spelling it out. Instead EA saw fit to force all game saves (including single player) to be hosted server side. That means you won't be able to just crack the game and start playing. Someone will have to find a way to hack the game to force it to store saves on your HDD. It could go even further to require someone to build a server emulator to run in the background along side the SC5 client to capture the saves and put them on the HDD, then feed them back to the client when you want to load something.

    So yeah, you're not giving EA's douchebaggery enough credit.

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