WildStar Online

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by syberghost, Nov 20, 2011.

WildStar Online

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by syberghost, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

  2. Rhyus

    Rhyus Veteran Member

    Nice quirky intro there. Seems to have some potential, but that intro is probably nothing like the game.
  3. stat

    stat Division Leader

    Wait, there are intro videos that are like the actual gameplay now?
  4. Sudoshred

    Sudoshred Veteran Member

    Necro post I know, but I figured I'd start this back up. The combat mechanics seem like they're going to be very interesting and very functional. Also the classes are pretty unique, they can actually affect the world. There's also puzzles and platforming. I also like the graphic style they're going for. Wildstar was a game I had written off, but it looks like it's shaping up pretty well.

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  5. Ballzz

    Ballzz Veteran Member

    What kind of game is this? Console? PC? Single player or what?
  6. Austok

    Austok Division Leader

    Saw this last year at PAX. It's an MMO and I believe it is solely for the PC. Looks like they have added quite a bit in the last year.
  7. Ballzz

    Ballzz Veteran Member

    Interesting looking MMO. Strange that I couldn't find anything on the website that stated it was an MMO.
  8. Gahd

    Gahd Member


    Me thinks you were looking to hard....

    Also, here's a screengrab from the video, this aspect seems really intriguing...

  9. Ballzz

    Ballzz Veteran Member

    It still took me a minute to see that because I was looking at the address bar not the tab. It's still strange that the game description on the site doesn't explain or mention that it's an MMO!
  10. MrBrock

    MrBrock Veteran Member

    We starting a group on this game?
  11. Ballzz

    Ballzz Veteran Member


    *My statements do not reflect the feelings, thoughts or plans of any AoA mucky mucks...or anyone really.
  12. Gahd

    Gahd Member

  13. Sudoshred

    Sudoshred Veteran Member

    I'm definitely going to check it out, but I doubt it'd be a main game. I have heard very little about it though.
  14. HittingSmoke

    HittingSmoke AoA Emeritus

    I would. I totally would.

  15. Circe

    Circe Officer

    I heard from some folks I know who played it at PAX East that it's very addicting. Going to sign up for beta.

    Also, beware. Today a beta phishing scheme went out from some site - no keys are being "given away" per their official Twitter @Team_WildStar.

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  16. EchoZero

    EchoZero Veteran Member

    So took the time to play it at pax. Its not horrible, but it needs some work. The concept is great, the world pretty well designed. Combat left something to be desired and i was pretty absent minded as to what the lore was or what i was really supposed to be doing aside from what one of the developers explained to me (yes i read quests and what not but eh)

    I got to try the rogue type stealth class and the gunslinger ranged/magic dps. Gunslinger was significantly more fun, but my issue with combat is it cant decide what it wants to be. Its not the standard target and spam keys combat or the fluid skill based combat that tera used. Its an odd mix of both. I found myself becoming a bit frustrated trying to alternate between skill shots (some could be done in the move others you had to stop and cast) and click and target abilities (again some could be done on the move and some you had to be stationary.

    Questing was the pretty standard MMO questing go to npc with exclamation poiny get quest, do quest, turn in. Finding quest mobs though and the stuff to complete challenges was difficult because the mobs we rather sparsely populated and even with just the like 30 of us playing 2 or 3 were hoarding the quest mobs.

    The game does have potential though but i dont think it will get over its identity crisis for combat. After inquiring about why i was told they wanted skill based combat and half my abilities reflected standard mmo combat the guy got rather nasty with me and pretty much left it at well i just dont get it. It will be worth a look when beta goes live to see how they have improved it (particularly what they do with end game) but, i personally found it a worthwhile distraction but not something id play longterm (based only on this limited sampling of about an hour of play time)
  17. Gahd

    Gahd Member

    One thing you should note about the questing/combat/world is that there will be.... not sure how to describe it curtly... "perspective instancing". Basically, if you get up to a part where you have to blow up a spaceship, then the ship will be up on the landing pad for you. Over the course of the quest, you'll blow it up in a spectacular fashion. Next person who runs up will see the ship there as they have not blown it up yet, but it will be wreckage on your screen. You'll still be visible to each other and can stand next to each other, but will see two different ships, one whole while the other is in pieces.

    It's a mixed bag, and one I have not seen in action. Part of me doesn't like the idea of not seeing the same thing, and the other part is thrilled to hear that someone is allowing a dynamic world that feels more real and interactable to each and every individual. I think it's something I need to experience before I can have an opinion on it.
  18. EchoZero

    EchoZero Veteran Member

    I hadnt noticed this in the demo, but this is actually kinda neat and should be interesting to see how they really utilize it.
  19. Gahd

    Gahd Member

    Trying to look up the video, but it's a fucking hell of a day at work.

    Might be in either of these two, I don't remember cause I've watched quite a few in the last few years, so I'll leave these here and go back later to watch them and see if I can remember what part of what video I heard them say it... Either way, first is an in depth look at gameplay, but is old. Second is a lot of explanations.

    Other info off hand that I caught in a brief jump through the video (around 13 minute mark of second video)... There are (I think) 4 different "roles", like explorer/soldier/scientist/settler (again, I think those are the names, and there could be more, wtf you want, remembering this shit from 2 years ago). What these do though is change up aspects of gameplay. Example being, an Explorer and a Soldier walk up to a mountain. Soldier sees nothing but a rock, while the explorer sees a notch. Looking at the exploration point more unlocks some steps leading up the mountain that will lead to some added shit for that person that is based on their playstyle choice. Like to fight shit? Be a soldier. Like to just explore? You get the point...

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  20. syberghost

    syberghost Guild Admin Staff Member

    That actually sounds fantastic to me. Not sufficiently fantastic to give money to NCSoft, but fantastic. Hopefully other games will adopt this. As long as it's reserved for a reasonable number of events, it's manageable, and should have a huge psychological impact.

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