Win 10, more like Lose 10.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Arcfire, Oct 21, 2015.

Win 10, more like Lose 10.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Arcfire, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. Arcfire

    Arcfire Guild Admin Staff Member

    Windows 10 seems to have done nothing but make my life harder since installing it a few months ago...

    Point the first: Nvidia. For all this excitement about DX12 and how it is going to revolutionize gaming performance, I have had multiple issues wherein nividia drivers are not playing nice with Win 10 updates. On day one, it's wouldn't detect my graphics card. Today I woke up after an OS update to find that I no longer had a graphics driver at all, and had been reverted to one monitor at the default 800x600.

    Point the second: Bloat. Granted, I installed onto an optical drive vs an SSD, but I can only imagine that my startup routine would be much snappier if I weren't laden with all this tablet/mobile integration crap that insists on sitting in my background processes, never being used, but using my memory. Whatever update broke last night was hanging my startup routine so badly that I couldn't even navigate a browser to re-download my video driver.

    Point the third: Security. Apparently since Win 8, Security Essentials has be rebranded/rolled back/reverted/whathaveyou into Defender. And it seems to be utter crap. I got some browser redirect rootkit/trojan about a month ago, and nothing I do seems to get rid of it. I suspect It might take some safe mode digging to be rid of it for good, but at this point I'm pretty much ready to dump the installation and go back to 7.

    Point the last: DX12. As far as I know, there is still yet no game out there utilizing it. So really, there seems to be absolutely no reason to have 10 yet. So yeah, I'm going back to 7 until next summer, when this Redstone update comes out, and possibly fixes things. Maybe by then there will actually be some DX12 software to play with.

    Or, even better, Vulkan might actually be a thing by then, and we can all tell Win 10 and it's DX12 exclusivity to go fuck, right, off.

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  2. Fell

    Fell Guild Admin Staff Member

    I have to say my experience hasn't been as bad as yours, i've found Win 10 to be very stable, and transition of my games, drivers and etc. 100% seamless. Of course i came from Win 8.1 which i suppose could make a difference. I haven't had to do a single intervention on anything except to reinstall some stuff that i inadvertently had on my SSD (which i chose to wipe and start clean) - shit like teamspeak and i had to reinstall star citizen as i run that off my SSD.
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  3. stat

    stat Division Leader

    I went from 7 to 10 and I haven't had any issues either. I haven't noticed any bloat with it nor have I had any problems with Nvidia drivers.

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  4. Arcfire

    Arcfire Guild Admin Staff Member

    That's the thing with 10 though, no one seems to be able to pin down why some people have zero problems and some have endless problems. Makes it kind of hard to diagnose when things break...
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  5. HittingSmoke

    HittingSmoke AoA Emeritus

    I'm loving Windows 10 for the most part. I mainly use it on my work laptop which is a convertible Fujitsu Lifebook so the tablet features are critical. My main huge gripe with Win 10 Home is the updates. I keep it installed on my desktop for gaming. Planetside 2, Elite, and Saints Row.

    Now, I don't game that often these days and when I do I've got Borderlands, Counter Strike, Cities Skylines, and more on Linux so I don't always have to use Windows.

    Since I boot into Windows about once a week or two I have an update EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME! And since it's Home I can't disable updates even temporarily. So here's my routine every time I

    1. Reboot into Windows.
    2. Wait for Windows to configure updates from last fucking time I shut it down.
    3. Twenty minutes later, game for a while.
    4. Decide to reboot back into Linux to get some work done or watch Netflix.
    5. Oh, another buttfucking update downloaded while I was gaming.
    6. Wait 30 minutes for update to "configure" while shutting down.
    Then we start over at step one next time I reboot. Sometimes I spend more time at the "configuring updates" screens than I do actually gaming in between them. Windows Update is fucking terrible.

    On two of your points:

    It sounds like you suffered the wrath of Windows trying to move more and more drivers into the recommended Windows Update channel. There've been a handful of issues from Windows Update pushing incorrect "updated" drivers which replace old working OEM drivers. Shortly after Windows 10 was released there was a mass outage of laptop touch pads because of a bad Synaptic driver match. Windows was trying to "update" your graphics driver and something went wrong. I can't know for sure without actually having seen it, but that's the most likely scenario based on what's been going on with 10.

    Security Essentials hasn't had a passing grade since something like 2010. Honestly you shouldn't have been using it at all. Last I check avcomparatives Panda was the top performing free AV program out there in terms of detection. I run it on my laptop because I end up plugging in shit from infected machines. I don't run any active AV on my gaming partition because I literally only download games from Steam on it.
  6. Arcfire

    Arcfire Guild Admin Staff Member

    Panda was what I ended up going with on 10, before I nuked the partition and went back to 7. Probably will put it back on 7. This is the first virus I've had to deal with in years, so I haven't really had to think about it since back when Essentials was actually decent, I guess.
  7. zefirus

    zefirus Officer

    I had an issue with it recognizing the new windows 10 driver for my Killer NIC onboard Ethernet. Once I got over that hurdle (Had to actually role back windows 10 to pre driver install) I did not have any issue. One thing I did notice that with my creative labs sound driver/programs and Logitech was that I had to uninstall and reinstall the windows 10 software because the old software said I was up to date when I was several revisions behind on driver and app.

    Other than those issues, I have had a most excellent experience and have subsequently upgraded the wife's and my laptop as well as my gaming rig. I do know some folks where having hiccups on the system. Not sure if it was hardware based but must be. My rig is fairly new with z97 board
  8. Arcfire

    Arcfire Guild Admin Staff Member

    My Sand Bridge i5 is about 5 years old now, so I suppose you could consider it old hardware. Motherboard/CPU is the oldest item in the case though.

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