Discussion in 'Lord of the Rings Online' started by Overmind, Mar 26, 2007.


Discussion in 'Lord of the Rings Online' started by Overmind, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Overmind

    Overmind Veteran Member

    Since we can create 5 characters in LOTRO, this would be a good place to post your in game names for all to see.

    I am creating 3 characters for crafting and gathering purposes..

    They will be (I hope)

  2. Wstar

    Wstar Veteran Member

    Mine would be
    W, WS (depending on name limits)
    Anything else will just be made up. I hope I can have WinterStar, I know SWG that name was pre-taken by the game because it was a 'star wars' name. LOL I don't remember anything of that nature, but I never read all the books anyways.
  3. glow

    glow AoA Emeritus

    and of course NachoMama
  4. Stigma

    Stigma Veteran Member

    OMG OMG OMG Hello all great to hear from you all. Downloaded my prerelease of LOTRO last friday and i'll be there online Friday night..

    Stigma Tism will be on he'll be a ranger or Bard
    Hokus will be my Wizzy hopfully
    there will be others just not sure of the name yet...

    What's the Server everyone will be play'n on?

    See yall friday for the Stress test ; )


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  5. Overmind

    Overmind Veteran Member

    Stig! great to see you made it back! well see you in game soon!

    well be on the Brandywine LOTRO server
  6. FrontLineR

    FrontLineR Veteran Member

    Frontliner - 15 - Loremaster - Explorer
    Frontlinered - 15 - Hunter - Woodworker
    Frontlinering - 15 - Captain - Historian
    Frontlinero - 15 - Minstrel - Tinker
  7. Overmind

    Overmind Veteran Member

    Ah you made it FrontlineR awesome another EnB vet! see you in game man!
  8. oleum

    oleum Officer

    I'm getting excited about this now ppl are starting to stand up and be counted!

    oleum - main character as usual.

    I might have an alt if they are allowed on same server with the same account
    Is an alt needed if I plan to craft?

    redbox is the alt name I have used before but not very LOTRO so I might choose a more friendly one.
  9. Overmind

    Overmind Veteran Member

    if your going to craft yeah an alt is nice.. you can have 5 on the same server.. and just email yourself crafting parts and gold ect..
  10. oleum

    oleum Officer

    do you need to level your alts to craft or can you do it from a n00b character?
  11. Overmind

    Overmind Veteran Member

    well you will want your crafters to lvl up some yes.. because some of the quests drop certain parts that are needed to make stuff.. and resources require you to be high enoughl vl to defend yourself.
  12. nevikt

    nevikt Veteran Member

    Oculan will be my main toon, an Elf Hunter. I also plan 2 other toons a human champion and a dwarf guardian. Names of those will follow when I figure out what they are.
  13. oleum

    oleum Officer

    Dammit I think alts maybe now... This game is sucking me in and its still 20 hours away...
  14. Aliaga

    Aliaga Veteran Member

    Aliaga - minstrel elf - explorer
    Barion - loremaster elf - woodsman
    Undying - guardian dwarf - armourer
    Judgegabranth - champion man - armsman
    Meimei - burglar hobbit - tinker

    yes i have the two nice names, Undying and Judgegabranth. I have a feeling that a GM will go after me someday. *panic mode*
  15. oleum

    oleum Officer

    OK so far..

    oleum Dwarf Guardian Tinker
    hunny female Human Loremaster
    honeytrap female Elf Minstrel

    When the game gets back up I am going to create a Hobbit Burglar - probably female
  16. Mellerik

    Mellerik Veteran Member


    Hey all just posting up my names.

    Mellerik- Lore master- lvl 7
    Towjamm_ hobbit hunter- lvl 7

    Triel- champion ( not in guild yet ) -lvl 11

    Having a grand time in LOTRO, hope to see you all ingame
  17. glow

    glow AoA Emeritus

    Funny how your highest level character is the one NOT in the guild :)
  18. Vorodor

    Vorodor Veteran Member

    Vorodor hobbit burglar main
    Verolaythe human hunter lv 9
    Khazume dwarf guardian lv 10 not in guild
  19. Monis

    Monis Veteran Member

    Monis- Man Champion
    I'll probably end up rolling a guardian as well just to see if I like it. I've always been a tank so I have to at least give the tanking class a shot.
  20. Mellerik

    Mellerik Veteran Member

    Treil-12 champion woman-Bree area

    Felwin-12 hunter elf- elf/dwarf startign area

    others too but these two or mains :)

    CST look me up for some extra damage if needed

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